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In news sure to depress many a gaming fan across the world, Konami have confirmed that Metal Gear Survive is still on the cards and slated for a 2017 release. In Konami’s latest financial report, Metal Gear Survive is still listed as coming out in 2017. If that’s the case, you can probably expect a big gameplay reveal for the game at this year’s E3. Despite series visionary Hideo Kojima departing from Konami around the release of MGS V: The Phantom Pain, many fans were left angry, confused and even betrayed by this use of the license. A 4 player … Read More »

Rare have released the latest trailer for the upcoming pirate fest, Sea of Thieves. Senior designers, Shelley and Andrew Preston talk through the cooperative aspects that the game will offer. The mechanics demonstrate how forming a crew to work together can be rewarding, literally when chests of treasure are involved. There’s also a sneak peak at competitive gameplay with the ability to ambush other players for there hard earned loot. Check out episode ten of the ‘Inn-Side story below: Sea of Thieves is currently in alpha testing and is slated to be given a release at some point this year. … Read More »

After the initial announcement that there will be a State of Decay sequel, Undead Labs hasn’t released much information about the game. Finally Undead Labs CEO Jeff Strain sheds some light onto the upcoming game, which will support four-player co-op. “I know SoD fans are hungry for details on number and size of maps, regions, kilometers of playable area, etc, but we’re not quite ready for that. For now, suffice it to say that the playable area is substantially larger than State of Decay.” “The millions of State of Decay players have been clear about what they want in State … Read More »

Video games have changed a lot over the years. Gone now are the days when gamers sat alone in front of their TVs challenging themselves against a game and a game alone. Even when we did used to play games with friends, we’d have to squeeze up together on the sofa and share a controller. Nowadays, we can play games with our friends no matter where in the world they may be. Xbox Live has changed our entire existence, connecting us with other gamers from across the globe. This has completely destroyed the myth that gamers are anti-social loners, although … Read More »

Y’all remember that free-to-play multiplayer brawler Happy Wars? The one with the cutesy characters beating each to a pulp? You know the one… Well, prepare to meet its younger brother. Happy Dungeons is the next free-to-play game from Toylogic that takes you and a couple of a friends on an adventure, complete with a “witty, upbeat storyline that’s never short of a surprise, all set within a bizarre world overflowing with comical characters”. Whilst the game is available for nothing, you can chuck £11.99 into a Happy Dungeons Founder’s Bundle, which grants users some extra jewels. Should makes your dungeon … Read More »

If you played Borderlands, and thought to yourself: ‘I wish this were a competitive multiplayer that was more self-aware but not quite as funny,’ then congratulations Battleborn is the game for you. And anyone else with an interest MOBAs, skilling up characters, and online split-screen gameplay. Battleborn is the latest game from Borderlands’ creators, Gearbox Software, a highly stylised first-person shooter MOBA that pits 25 badasses with variable skills against hordes of robot minions and each other. Alongside the three versus modes, there are eight story mode campaigns to play through. Let’s start with the story… The actual story of Battleborn boils … Read More »

Tripwire are hard at work with their violent gory co-op FPS game, Killing Floor 2 currently on sale through Steam Early Access. In an interview with GameReactor, TripWire VP Alan Wilson was asked about the possibility of an Xbox One version of Killing Floor 2. His response? “As for the Xbone – seems very likely to me. Just that it will have to wait until we’ve got the other versions finished first!” Killing Floor 2 is currently on sale through Steam Early Access so it makes it a good fit for Xbox’s Game Preview Program but none-the-less, as a big fan of … Read More »

During Ubisoft’s E3 press conference a gameplay demo of Tom Clancy’s The Division revealed a new multiplayer area called “The Dark Zone”. Ubisoft have since released another gameplay demo of “The Dark Zone” showing off much more of the player versus player area and what players can expect. The trailer features commentary from The Division‘s director, and shows you what happens when real players’ paths cross in the hunt for the best loot. Tom Clancy’s The Division is set to launch 8th March, 2016. If you’d like to register for the beta you can do so via the game’s website, here. For more news, … Read More »

Based upon the incredibly popular ‘The Walking Dead’ – which started life (if you’ll excuse the pun) as a comic in 2003 by Robert Kirkman –  “OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead” has acquired a publisher in 505 Games and has been given a general release date of 2016 on next-generation consoles and PC. The game will apparently deliver a co-operative experience that’s completely new to The Walking Dead-universe, while also exploring new characters and storylines.  As you can see in the trailer below, Kirkman himself is entirely behind the project.     During a Q&A session on Steam, Overkill said the game will feature ‘action, role-playing, survival … Read More »

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