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This week at Bungie we went to the races. The December Update is live. Everything from the sandbox to the economy in Destiny has been bumped in a new direction. Check out the Patch Notes to learn what’s new. More importantly, go play your favorite activity and tell us if you can feel the difference for yourself. While Titans and lovers of Shotguns are experimenting to see if they’re still badass, those of us who feel the need for speed are competing for glory and loot in the Sparrow Racing League. If you’re a player of The Taken King, you’re … Read More »

It’s another week, and we’re back again with more coverage of Bungie’s Weekly Update, letting you know the big changes coming to Destiny. Some big news coming from this update is the announcement that Iron Banner will return next week, and for the first time ever, it will be contested under Clash rules. No Control, just eliminate everything with a pulse. Rewards for the Iron Banner event have also been tinkered with, as you can see below: Iron Banner reputation from winning matches increased by 20% Activity completion rewards increased at all ranks, with even more significant increases at Rank … Read More »

This week Bungie are counting Passage Coins, and more. The first weekend of Trials of Osiris in Year Two is over. Whenever, wherever, and however you play Destiny, the mad scientists in Bungie User Research are watching. Every helmet you don, every weapon you wield, and every enemy you dispatch (and how) becomes a data point in our matrix of carnage and mayhem. The numbers add up to a mountain of learnings we can use to refine the player experience. Trials of Osiris is a unique opportunity to boil down the mathematical sampling in… a Crucible (bad joke confirmed – deal … Read More »

This week at Bungie they are bringing Osiris back. After much talk and anticipation, along with an unexpected delay to bring Nightstalker shenanigans under control, the battle for the Lighthouse is about to resume. By very stark contrast, if you don’t want to fight the PvP Elite, you’re still invited to dance. Festival of the Lost is upon us. Have you been to the Tower? Like what Bungie done with the place? There’s plenty to celebrate and discuss this week. Let’s unmask all the details about what is afoot in the world of Destiny Time To Try Harder Brother Vance has … Read More »

With the Hard Mode of King’s Fall hitting Destiny tomorrow at 10am Pacific time, Bungie have released their weekly update to give players some clarity on what went in to creating the raid, along with a few other details. First, let’s talk about the raid. Lead Designer Gavin Irby has written a few words about King’s Fall and what you could possibly expect: “For a long time, we play-tested internally in Hard Mode, treating it as the default experience. Once we were satisfied, we removed them to arrive at the Raid you have already played.” He goes on to say … Read More »

Here we are again with another update from Bungie regarding the near-future plans for Destiny. The headlines are as follows: Trials of Osiris is being delayed, but the King’s Fall Hard Mode raid has a solid release date. First, the good news. Mark your calendars for Friday October 23rd, as that’s when you’ll be able to play the hard version of King’s Fall. The recommended light level is 300-320, any loot gained will be between 310 and 320 and more details about the changes to the raid will be revealed over the course of the coming week. Guess I have … Read More »

This week at Bungie They began the second year of Destiny. First anniversaries are usually celebrated with offerings of paper. Instead, They delivered many GBs of data, containing sweeping changes for the world They inhabited since the launch of Destiny. That’s stranger cargo than a thoughtful card, and there was a lot of it. Ever since Update 2.0 went live, They have been monitoring the progress of the millions of Guardians who are downloading it. If you’re curious to hear from the watchmen in Destiny Player Support, scroll down to their report. They’re on the scene, walking their beat on the #Help … Read More »

Take a look below at this weeks update from Bungie, full of details from The Taken King’s first stream on Wednesday 19th August – This week at Bungie, we led a guided tour of the Tower to prepare you for Destiny Year Two. It won’t be long now before we launch Destiny: The Taken King. Only weeks remain, and we’re as anxious as you are to light this candle and see it take off across the sky. Before we synchronize the key turns and push the big red button, we’re engaged in final prep. Specifically, we’ll deploy Update 2.0 which … Read More »

Take a look below at the weekly Bungie Update – This week at Bungie we’re paving the last mile on the road to launch. Your questions are the cobblestones. Our answers are the mortar. Before The Taken King commits his Dreadnaught to an incursion into our solar system, we know you’re eager to prepare for the next series of missions. We can’t have our first and last lines of defense operating with an incomplete intelligence package. You have gear to prioritize, weapons to itemize, and maybe even a few triumphs to immortalize. It’s going to be our pleasure to bring … Read More »

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