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Who wants more Overwatch content? Trick question, of course you do. Well, if this supposed Xbox Store leak is to be believed, Overwatch will be getting some themed Halloween content. An eagle-eyed redditor managed to grab a blurry picture of purchasable Halloween loot boxes. Whilst the blurriness might call the legitimacy into question, it does follow the same pattern of the Summer Games lootboxes. The leak also goes on to confirm that there will be more than 100 Halloween items, which works out on average to just over 5 items per character. These will include skins, intros, emotes, sprays, voice … Read More »

No one likes a cheater, we all know that. Blizzard have now come out and said that they will punish anyone who plays as a character other Lucio in the limited time gamemode Lucioball. The idea of Lucioball is that everyone plays as Lucio, a guy without a gun. He can only use the abilities that he has to push a ball into the opposing goal. This sounds simple enough and puts everyone on a level playing field. But at the moment there is the possibility that not everything will be level. Players have found a way to play as … Read More »

The first season of Overwatch’s competitive play will be ending soon and Blizzard have finally announced the rewards that you will get. And let us tell you, you shouldn’t be too disappointed at all. But first of all lets talk about what players have been complaining about the most as this will make the rewards even better. By playing the competitive mode you will earn Competitive Points (cp). You earn them at a very slow rate however, you don’t get them for playing, only wining which you have to grind out the esults to get enough points to spend on … Read More »

A gorilla scientist, a shotgun wielding Grim Reaper, a cybernetic ninja, an angel, a dwarf mechanic and the world’s most hated transforming turret walk into the Temple of Osiris. As squads go, that’s a pretty good one to aspire towards… Now, seeing a team like that in any other game might cause you to channel your inner Monty Python and say “Stop that now! It’s silly!” Overwatch, however, says that’s just a normal Tuesday afternoon. Overwatch is a first person MOBA that sees you and a team of freaks with unique traits and abilities face off against other teams of … Read More »

Today’s the day that many of us have been waiting for. Blizzard Entertainment’s long anticipated first person shooter Overwatch has finally been released. By now many of you will have been playing for hours but you may have noticed that there is a little something missing. After the Beta the developer decided to pull the competitive mode for a little while to do a little more work on it. But don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long to show off your skills to the world. Blizzard have announced that they are already looking towards the first update where they … Read More »

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the upcoming Blizzard Entertainment title Overwatch: Origins Edition and soon enough the wait will be over. Overwatch: Origins Edition is set to be released on May 24 and is now available to pre-download onto your Xbox One from the Xbox Store. Overwatch: Origins Edition will see you fighting on the battlefields of the future using a hero chosen from a selection of the greatest soldiers, scientists and adventurers that the world has to offer. Using amazing powers that will allow you to defy physics and even bend time, you will defeat your enemies … Read More »

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