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We could now know precisely when Bioware’s Mass Effect: Andromeda is going to release – and we have publisher Dark Horse to thank. The accidental leak comes courtesy of a listing on Amazon for the inevitable artwork book that generally accompanies the strongly visual Mass Effect series. So here we have The Art of Mass Effect: Andromeda, published by Dark Horse. And among all the blurb about memorable characters, concept art and visceral combat is a killer line… Dark Horse will release The Art of Mass Effect: Andromeda simultaneously with the game! The book’s slated to release on 21st March … Read More »

Mass Effect Andromeda is the next instalment in the Mass Effect franchise – This time we are leaving behind Commander Shepard and heading out into space to discover a new adventure but the game seems to be forever eluding us with its postponements and game developers giving away very little key information – But what Bioware do seem to enjoy doing is teasing us. Mass Effects game developers are no strangers to posting tweets about the gaming experience and how things are coming along  – Ian S Frazier lead designer on the game tweeted ‘Reviewed a mission today that I’m so excited … Read More »

The head of Bioware Studios has hinted that there may be a Mass Effect Andromeda reveal coming this year. Fans have been eagerly awaiting further news on the latest game in the sci-fi series since it was first announced in 2015. Since then we’ve been teased with concept art and a couple of making-of trailers, showing the Bioware team hard at work crafting the fourth Mass Effect game. Those that were expecting something big at E3 were left pretty disappointed – during the EA press conference, they delivered another video of the developers, interspersed with a few quick shots of … Read More »

The world of video games is one that has been filled with controversy. In recent years one of the biggest controversies was the ending to Mass Effect 3. The ending (Spoiler Alert) seemed to take no account of really any choice that you made over the entire trilogy and boiled everything down to a choice of three distinctly different endings. The outrage was so bad that fans even petitioned developer Bioware to give them a new ending. With Mass Effect: Andromeda seemingly just around the corner fans have been asking a lot of questions and getting very few answers. The … Read More »

Mass Effect was one of the most popular franchises on the Xbox 360 and fans have been waiting with bated breath for the follow up, the rebirth of the franchise, Mass Effect Andromeda. So far details have been few and far between and the guys at Bioware seemed determined to keep it that way. But every now and then a few details do trickle down to us fans and today was one of those days. Aaryn Flynn, general manager at BioWare as given us a sneak peek at some of the things that we can expect from Mass Effect Andromeda … Read More »

Bad news for Mass Effect fans – and no, developer Bioware isn’t promising us another Mass Effect 3 ending. If you had hopes that Mass Effect Andromeda would get a 2016 release as promised during its E3 reveal, look away now. During a financial call, the franchise’s publisher, EA, revealed that the next instalment will arrive during Q1 of 2017. Or somewhere between January and March, as most people would say. This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, given that both Mass Effect 2 and its sequel came out around the same time. During the call, Blake Jorgensen, EA’s CFO, … Read More »

David Gaider has announced that he will leave his position at BioWare after 17 years. David posted on twitter “I must sadly announce that, after 17 years, today is my last day at BioWare, I’ll miss my team, and wish everyone here the best.” Some news: I must sadly announce that, after 17 years, today is my last day at BioWare. I'll miss my team, and wish everyone here the best. — David Gaider (@davidgaider) January 22, 2016 Gaider did not mention any reasons for leaving the company, and received well wished for the future from colleagues and fans. Gaider will probably … Read More »

It feels as if we’re only been drip feed news concerning the much-anticipated Bioware game Mass Effect Andromeda. Details about the project ae as yet still fairly sparse and a lot of the information with have regarding the latest entry in the Mass Effect franchise concerns members of the team working on it. Just before Christmas we found out probably the biggest bit of news to date. Taking to Twitter development director Chris Wynn announced that he was to part company with Bioware and stop work on Mass Effect Andromeda. It is with a heavy heart today to say that … Read More »

To commemorate N7 Day, EA and Bioware released a new trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda, and there was a great surprise for fans of the series: FemShep made a brief return. The key word there is brief. Don’t get your hopes up just yet. Commander Shepard is merely signing off, ushering in a new era for the franchise. The trailer, which you can find below, details the ambition of mankind to explore the farthest reaches of space, from Yuri Gagarin to Neil Armstrong, to beyond the reaches of the Milky Way and into Andromeda. While no gameplay was shown, we … Read More »

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