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Mass Effect: Andromeda received a lot of criticism when it launched but with the help of several patches most of the issues have been fixed, even the infamous ones involving some rather strange facial animations. This means that now might be the time to give this latest installment in the Mass Effect franchise a go. If you haven’t already got your hands on Mass Effect: Andromeda then you may well be pleased to find out that today it was added to the EA Access Vault. This means that if you have a subscription for EA Access you can play the … Read More »

In news that will surprise pretty much no-one, Bioware have announced that their next game Anthem will be getting an open beta at some point before launch. In a tweeted response to a fan, game director Jonathan Warner confirmed that a beta will be happening – although no additional information was forthcoming. Yeah we'll have a beta! #PrepareForAdventure — Jonathan Warner (@Bio_Warner) September 27, 2017 Anthem was revealed at E3 in June and rapidly rose to being the single most highly-anticipated game on the horizon. It’s a futuristic third person shooter, with strong RPG elements. You can watch the reveal … Read More »

A new update for Mass Effect: Andromeda has been launched today and although it is been touted as a small update it still comes in at around 1gb in size. This update contains nothing major but fixes quite a few bugs that have been irking players for a while now. The patch notes include the following: Veteran ranks of characters will only drop after all characters of that rarity have been unlocked to rank 10. Naladen explosion now deals damage when Cryo or Incendiary Ammo are equipped. Fixed issue where Dwindling Supplies and Empty Resupply mission modifiers would not function … Read More »

Xbox One players can dip into Bioware’s Mass Effect: Andromeda for free this weekend. The trial version of the game allows a prospective player to enjoy 10 hours of the game – and is not limited to single player or multiplayer. Instead, you’re free to play whatever you want or as much as you can. You’re just limited to ten hours. If you’ve downloaded the trial previously, you’ll be able to play up to the balance of ten hours. Any progress made will be available to transfer over into the main game if you purchase it, and it’s on sale … Read More »

Unbeknownst to us, BioWare has been working on the new action-RPG IP Anthem for five years, according to Aaron Flynn, general manager of BioWare. In an interview with CBC Radio, he spoke purely about the development of the game and some other tidbits that some may be confused about: So the mechanics are, there are shooting mechanics in it, it’s an action game, it’s a roleplaying game, it’s got a lot of those elements to it that let you just become a character and participate in this. It’s co-operative, so it’s our first game in a long time that you’re … Read More »

During Microsoft’s E3 presentation on Sunday night, Bioware revealed the first gameplay trailer for its new IP: Anthem – and it looks pretty impressive. The 7 minute gameplay trailer is below – and it’s definitely worth a watch. Anthem is set in a sci-fi future, where humanity is cowering behind a massive wall that “protects them from what lies beyond.” Players take on the role of Freelancers, and are equipped with a collection of exo suits called Javelins that they use to wage war outside the walls. According to the demo, they’re highly customisable – presumably both visually and in terms of the … Read More »

Bioware have confirmed via the Mass Effect Andromeda Twitter page that the next large patch, 1.06, will be rolling out today. You can expected around an hour for the servers to be down whilst the patch is integrated which will effect multiplayer and strike teams. This is scheduled for 4pm (GMT). What we haven’t received as of yet is full patch notes, however we do have a list of known issues Bioware are working on that could very well be included in update 1.06. These include: More options and variety for character creator General improvements to hair and appearances Improvements … Read More »

Xbox One UK has teamed up with EA Games to be able to offer our visitors a chance to win the amazing Mass Effect: Andromeda. In order to enter you need to visit our page on Facebook, (be sure to like our page to see the latest news, reviews and competitions!) and sign up to our newsletter (we will check that you have done all this!) . If you have missed the link you can sign up by clicking here. You also need to check out our review for the game. This competition is open to UK residents only. Must follow all entry … Read More »

It’s been five years since our adventures with Commander Shephard. For most, it was a disappointing affair; having spending countless amount of hours only to have been delivered an abysmal conclusion to the series. We now have BioWare’s next instalment: Mass Effect: Andromeda, set some 600 years later, so how does it fare up to its predecessor? Set in the year 2185, man (and Turian, Asarian, Salarian and Krogan) is boldly going where no man (or Turian, Asarian, Salarian or Krogan) has ever gone before – into a whole new galaxy, thanks to ancient technology discovered on Mars. We see … Read More »

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