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It has been almost ten years since Bioshock exploded onto the scene and instantly became a classic of the FPS genre. With its iconic Big Daddies and sweet as mud little sisters, it grabbed the attention of gamers and the following two games, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite have only tightened that grip. So now is the time that 2K have decided is appropriate to release a remastered collection of all three games in one neat little package – Bioshock: The Collection. The remaster debate is a sticky one. There are those who relish the chance to revisit the games that they … Read More »

With the Bioshock collection arriving on Xbox later this year it’s time to start getting excited! The collection includes Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinate. With remasters we are always wondering (and hoping) that the changes will be efficient enough to feel worthy of picking up – of course with a franchise such as this just to be able to have them on next gen consoles would be enough for some people to grab the collection but if you are wondering what changes have been made and how dramatic those changes are you are in luck as a new trailer has … Read More »

A few hours ago the British arm of 2K Games set the cat among the pigeons with a vague tweet about some possible Bioshock news later on today. Whether it’s news of the Bioshock Collection or a sequel to Infinite either way we are excited to know what it is. Our bet is on the Bioshock Collection but who knows? We can’t wait to take control of Jack again. Here is the tantalising tweet: Good morning from Booker and Elizabeth! Hope you all have a fantastic day! It’s going to be an exciting one! pic.twitter.com/8W1tvGmMCd — 2K United Kingdom (@2K_UK) April … Read More »

BioShock was one of our favourite Xbox 360 series’ of all time, it gave us a steam-punk style shooter with a very different story and backdrop, how many games can you say you played in an underwater 1960’s retro utopia? So for all you players that got your hands on BioShock previously you will be pleased to know that through a leak from The Brzail Advisory rating board has rated “BioShock: The Collection” for Xbox One and Xbox 360, the new collection no doubtfully will introduce full HD graphics for the new generation console, the collection will feature BioShock, BioShock 2 and its … Read More »

Looks like one of the greatest game series will be coming to Xbox One very soon, according to a South African retailer we’ll all be getting our hands on the Bioshock series again! South African outlet Raru.co.za has listed The Bioshock Collection for the next-gen console and has attached a November 27th release date to the supposed bundle. This release date may or may not be true, however. Whether this turns out to be true or not remains to be seen, but this retailer does have a history for leaking things ahead of time, so we’re just going to assume this … Read More »

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