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When you’re good at video games you just know that you’re good but is it possible to be too good? According to Battlefield 1 you can be. Or to be more precise, the algorithm that controls its anti-cheating system can. Ever since Battlefield 3 EA and DICE have used a system called FairFight. This system uses an algorithm to compare the real time stats of a game with that of what it thinks an average player can achieve and if the results seem to out of the ordinary or exceptional then they can be deemed to be cheating. A flawless … Read More »

Guns, guns, guns. Without them, modern warfare would just be a lot of pushing and shoving. And Battlefield 1‘s guns are some of the meatiest, most believable around. We loved Battlefield 1 – and we think that it (more or less) nailed that delicate weapon balance in multiplayer from the off. We still hate shotguns though, and we can’t hit a barn door with the Martini-Henry. You might have a different opinion – and here’s your chance to have your say. DICE’s chief weapons designer has taken to Reddit to ask for any and all feedback about the guns of … Read More »

It’s a new year, the Xbox One is still in it’s prime and we’re in the year of the Scorpio. Despite all that there is still an overwhelming demand from Xbox fans for them to be able to play their favourite Xbox 360 games on the current gen console. It would seem that the team at Xbox are aiming to start the year with a bang as far as Backwards Compatibility goes. Today has seen Major Nelson confirm that no less than SEVEN new titles are now part of the already extensive library. The first Tweet confirmed the addition of … Read More »

This year we have had a whole host of FPS titles, many have done well but none more than Battlefield 1. This is really down taking a step back in time instead of stepping forwards like most other FPS titles. EA it seems is very aware of their new titles potential, because of this they have layed out the next 3 months of content plans today. We will soon be seeing custom games, as well as when to expect the next updates to be rolled out. January 18th we will see the launch of Bleed Out, this update brings faster … Read More »

Major Nelson tweeted this Holiday season’s latest daily countdown deal todays delightful treat tweet came in the form of a rather heavily discounted Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 4 bundle shooting down from £24.99 all the way down to  £12.50 with a hefty 50% discount. The Prototype: Biohazard bundle is also getting infected with the 50% off treatment with the package, containing both the original Prototype as well as it’s sequel Prototype 2, going from £39.99 down to just £20.00. These countdown deals are available to Xbox Live Gold members only and are only available for a limited period and will … Read More »

In certain dark places on the internet you will here it said of Battlefield that it is a tactical war simulator, and this may well be true. But sometimes, even in a tactical war simulation you need to let loose a little and just face off with people in close quarters. We understand this and so do the people at DICE. The developer has launched a new game mode for the phenomenally popular Battlefield 1. The new game mode is called Eye To Eye and its a faced paced game mode where you can only use shotguns so you can … Read More »

EA have spoken out about their future plans for the Battlefield series, and it might not be what you want to hear. Blake Jorgensen, Financial Officer for EA has said that there won’t be another Battlefield game for ‘a couple of years.’ Before confirming that the focus next year will be on the next Star Wars game, Battlefront 2. Jorgensen confirmed this by stating: ‘next year we’ll have Battlefront, the Star Wars game..’ It’s not all bad though, there will be four expansion packs for Battlefield One coming over the next year to keep you going. As for Battlefront 2, Jorgensen … Read More »

After winning the sales war with PlayStation for the last few months, Xbox sales slipped below those of the PS4 in November – but not by much. NPD sales figures show that Microsoft shifted a million units in November, just 10% behind the 1.1 million PS4s shipped by Sony. A pretty strong performance, given that PS4 sales were bolstered by the release of the brand new PS4 Pro, as well as PlayStation VR – one of the more affordable ways to get your head into VR headset. It’s great to se e that consumers are recognising the value of Xbox … Read More »

Overwatch’s Play of the Game is a neat little function that showcase the most impressive kill streak at the end of the game And that’s a problem. Because Overwatch isn’t about kill streaks and an awesome K/D ratio – a lot like Battlefield, you can earn just as many points by supporting your team. So while some POTGs are absolutely awesome, it flies in the face of Overwatch’s ethos of team play. That’s what’s inspired Blizzard to look at how POTGs currently run, and how they might be improved in a future update. Speaking to Kotaku, lead hero designer Geoff … Read More »

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