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If you’ve played Battlefield 3 or 4, you may or may not be familiar with it’s Battlelog companion app, which allowed you to keep track on a number of stats based on your soldier. Dice have now released a new companion app which replaces the old one and is a complete overhaul on pretty much everything. The app has been completely redesigned with a whole new look and includes the newly-added feature which lets you customise your loadout on-the-go. Social features remain with improved navigation allowing you to connect with your friends much more easily. What’s more, is that you’ll be able to create and customise … Read More »

There is nothing quite as horrific as war and nothing quite as glorious as a good game of Battlefield 4. As war simulators go Battlefield 4 is one of the best, both in its attention to detail and also in its immersion levels. Battlefield 4 was a launch title for the Xbox One so therefore has been around for several years now. This in no way as dented its popularity any. Fans of the franchise new and old can now, for this week only, download all of the DLC for free. That’s three DLC packs containing a handful of new … Read More »

No that title isn’t a typo nor is it simply click bait that promises something and doesn’t deliver! There really is FOUR times XP available on Battlefield 4 and Hardline this weekend. The 4x XP event was confirmed late yesterday on the official Battlefield Twitter account: Rank up like crazy this weekend with 4XP in #Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline. pic.twitter.com/4hZXI38nF7 — Battlefield (@Battlefield) August 19, 2016 With four times the experience normally procured there really is no better time to grind through Battlefield’s multiplayer ranks. Will you be taking advantage of this event? If so will you be hitting … Read More »

Fantastic news for you Battlefield fans out there and of course we’re talking about more free DLC Battlefield 4 China Rising is one of five expansion packs included in Battlefield 4 Premium but is free for Gold Members starting right now. So get ready for Everywhere to run. Nowhere to hide and Fight for dominance across the vast and majestic Chinese mainland in four massive maps, using all-new vehicles and high-tech military equipment. Ready to start that download? Here is a quick link to the Store Battlefield 4 China Rising Platform: Xbox One & Xbox 360 Price: Free (Was: USD 14.99) … Read More »

If there’s one thing that warms the heart of all gamers the world over it’s a developer supporting a game long after it’s initial release. If that warms the heart then what DICE are currently working on will absolutely set it ablaze. There is a new Battlefield user interface currently in it’s early BETA stages that aims to make the experience of playing any current gen Battlefield game, whether it be Battlefield 4, Hardline or the upcoming Battlefield 1, an all around smoother one. To learn more read the full announcement below: We’re always looking for new ways to improve your … Read More »

Thats right, Battlefield 4: Final Stand is free for everyone – but only on May 18th. As the screen shot below shows Battlefield 4: Final Stand will be free to all Gold members. Its another nice gift from Microsoft as a thanks for being a Gold member. And if you happen to be a Battlefield fan and don’t have this yet, now is the time to get it Set yourself an alarm for the 18th and take advantage of another Gold offer. Don’t forget to join our Facebook  group, like our Facebook page and follow us on twitter for more … Read More »

The second screen experience. It’s been tackled a lot of different ways – extra missions through SmartGlass in Dead Rising 3, playing Mario Kart on the Wii U controller without even needing the TV on, or moving loot to and from the vault in Destiny using your smart phone. Here are some of our favourites (excluding the Xbox App, of course!) Destiny Item Manager (Chrome Web extension) There are a number of apps and browser extensions that do the job of loot housekeeping, and do it well – in fact it’s taken a while for the official Bungie version to … Read More »

DICE has revealed the events that will be taking place in December on Battlefield 4. This includes Double XP weekends, 10 new Zodiac missions and much more. Most of the Zodiac missions are repeats, presumably to assist those that missed out their chance to acquire a dog tag earlier in the year. The list of events reads as follows. December 9 – December 15 – Zodiac Mission: Sagittarius Get 25 Kills with the QBB-95 to get the Sagittarius Dog Tag. This mission is active between December 9, 2015 9AM PT and December 15, 2015 9AM PT. December 15 – December … Read More »

EA have added a remake of Dragon Valley, the popular map from Battlefield 2, to their next Battlefield 4 map pack. Last year they asked the Battlefield community which classic map they wanted to see remade for the next gen console game, and the found that Dragon Valley was a popular choice. If you played Battlefield 2 you will likely remember this map as it was huge, with a load of capture points and destructible and repairable bridges. However , with the remake some things had to change, Battlefield 2, although a massive success had issues, the main one being … Read More »

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