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After three weeks clinging to the top spot, the latest instalment of Call of Duty is no longer number one in the UK’s all formats chart. Publisher Activision won’t be happy with the news that their much-maligned Call of Duty isn’t hitting the record highs of previous instalments. Infinity Ward’s latest shooter dropped down to number two, despite generous Black Friday deals – while EA’s Fifa 17 nabbed the gold this week. Not a bad week for EA overall, as it goes, with their military shooter Battlefield 1 still showing strong sales almost a month after release. Their other FPS, … Read More »

So earlier (here) we covered the best console deals that we’d seen up until that point. This time around it’s the turn of the games and add ons such as Live subscriptions. Titanfall 2 – £19.99 – HMV No that isn’t a typo, if there’s a HMV near you that you’ve not yet visited then get down there ASAP as this deal is only available in store and while stocks last. Short of that head on over to Amazon where you can nab a copy for £28, which while isn’t quite as impressive as HMV’s £19.99 it’s still a monster saving … Read More »

It was always going to happen, wasn’t it? Because it’s Battlefield 1. EA and DICE’s WWI shooter has been declared as the best selling video game of October – that’s not bad going, considering the game dropped on October 21st. Here’s how the October charts look – see anything surprising? Battlefield 1 Mafia 3 Gears of War 4 FIFA 17 NBA 2K17 The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim WWE 2K17 Civilization 6 Titanfall 2 Madden NFL 17 These don’t include digital sales, but check out Xbox/W10 exclusive Gears of War 4 hitting such a high point in the charts, and beating … Read More »

It’s been revealed today that Call of Duty’s latest instalment, Infinite Warfare, has sold 48.4% less than last year’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The sci-fi shooter was always going to have a tough time once released, with fans hating its futuristic setting and the Modern Warfare rip-off, not to mention releasing just weeks after Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2. Not that you’d convince publisher Activision about that. According to a financial briefing last week, they reckoned that sales were due to be down because it’s a new sub-brand – which might be true (Black Ops is easily the … Read More »

What a time to be a gamer, two fantastic first person shooters launching within a couple of weeks of each other. Two first person shooters receiving high praise across the board. Two first person shooters giving two completely different styles of setting and gameplay. Two first person shooters….by the same publisher. I love this time of year, the ever-building presence of Christmas, dark cosy nights, crisp morning air and many of the years AAA titles bestowing themselves upon us. This year is no exception, with a jam-packed release schedule including usual suspects such as Fifa and (dare I say) Call … Read More »

Battlefield 1 is already staking a claim to be one of the best selling and most popular shooters of all time. In a time where shooters seem to have become focused on jump packs, future warfare and alien or zombie enemies Battlefield 1 has taken a step back in time to some of history’s darkest moments. The decision of the developers to go back to the era of World War 1 has proven to be an extremely prudent one, with both the campaign and multiplayer aspect garnering positive reactions across the board. In an effort to ensure that Battlefield 1’s … Read More »

The timing of the release date of Titanfall 2 has been under much scrutiny across the globe. With EA releasing Battlefield 1 just before the fluid FPS sequel, it appears that players are opting for traditional warfare than that of the beloved Titans. One Twitter user has posted current online stats for both games, with Battlefield having a peak of 427,000 players online at once across all systems. In comparison, Titanfall 2 managed 73,000. Of these figures nearly half of players on Titanfall have come from the Xbox with 36,000 in comparison to 92,000 playing Battlefield One Battlefield One clearly … Read More »

EA’s latest shooter has failed to take the UK charts by storm. That’s not, we suspect, because it’s a poor game – it’s actually a pretty decent FPS – but due to one of the strangest release date decisions we’ve seen in a while. Unsurprisingly, Battlefield 1 still dominates the charts, with a large portion of those sales going to PlayStation 4, while Titanfall 2 crawls in at number 4. The highest new entry was the remastered Skyrim, which took second place in the all-formats chart. But Titanfall 2 seems to have suffered from seriously poor timing when it comes … Read More »

To many gamer’s dismay, at 3am this morning EAs servers crashed. This resulted in FIFA 17 and Battlefield 1 (EAs top titles) going down. As you can imagine this has caused some frustration, more importantly with Battlefield 1 as its only recently released! The latest from the EA Support site on what is likely affecting the Battlefield 1 Server status and FIFA 17 servers this weekend. Our online services are having trouble connecting to accounts and online play. We’re investigating some technical problems with our online services. While we’re working on it, it’s possible that you: May have trouble connecting … Read More »

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