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Time to prove how Professional you really are The non stop roller-coaster ride that is Battlefield Hardline multiplayer entails a lot of heat on central parts of the maps. But there is still room and a need for action from an over watch perspective, enter the Professional. Taking care of business with bolt-action sniper rifles and sneaky gadgets, this class is a master of long-range combat and intel gathering. Playing in the ‘Professional Class’ and mastering sniping takes a bit more fore thought than regular gunfights, but the reward of satisfaction from a perfect shot from distance is pure magic. Find your favourite … Read More »

Time to prove yourself as a worthy Enforcer in Battlefield Hardline The Battlefest Class weeks keep on coming and it’s now time to give you the 10-4 of the powerful Enforcer class. Similar to the Support in previous Battlefield games, the Enforcer is the main guy when it comes to handing out ammo, shielding teammates from enemy fire and blowing things up with explosives (we all love blowing things up with explosives). Shotguns and Battle Rifles are the characteristic guns for the Enforcer – the Light Machine Guns being Battle Pickups this time around, or maybe just chilling behind a Ballistic Shield. … Read More »

Now it’s the Mechanic’s turn As part of the Battlefest celebrations each of the four Battlefield Hardline classes will be brought into the limelight, handing out gameplay tips and in-game challenges. Second up is: Mechanic class. Mechanic Community Mission They have prepped a class-specific Community Mission for all Mechanic fans out there. They want you to collectively repair 25 million vehicles before April 20. So equip your Repair Tool, get into the vehicular action, and fix up your team’s rides. Nail this, and you’ll get a Gold Battlepack and a Mechanic-themed wallpaper. The Community Mission is active between April 14, 4PM … Read More »

Prove yourself to be best in class as ‘The Operator’ As part of the Battlefest celebrations each of the four Battlefield Hardline classes will be brought into the limelight, handing out gameplay tips and in-game challenges. First up: the Operator class. This is a solid well-rounded class specialised in both gun fights and team healing with their First Aid Packs and Defibrillators. These agents support the team in many ways  in Battlefield – truly a cop’s first choice partner or criminal’s loyal henchman. Think you are the best as ‘The Operator’, it’s time to show your worth as there is … Read More »

Time to get serious with the first Battlefest Here we go everyone, a new season of Battlefest has hit Hardline to celebrate the loyalty of their fans. Events kick off on the 26th of March with so much going to happen, time to see what we have to look forward to. If perks like double XP events, competitions and in-game revelations take your fancy then you’re in for some good times. MARCH 26th – MARCH 30th This weekend is a double XP extravaganza, get yourself levelled up faster than a high speed chase. MARCH 27th It’s a gold battlepack give … Read More »

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