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A listening on Amazon Japan has revealed pre-order bonuses for the upcoming Arkham Knight. Although these bonuses may be exclusive to Japan, they do give us an idea of some of the abilities available to Batman and players in the new game.   While Explosive Gel takedowns are nothing new to the series, the Aerial Juggle move hasn’t been seen in combat before and nor has the ability to throw Batarangs while gliding, confirmed new for this game. There’s an upgrade to the Batmobile’s main gun, too; does this mean that, to begin with, you may wish to dodge some enemies instead … Read More »

Rocksteady recently released another video taking a look at the upcoming Batmnan: Arkham Knight, this time featuring commentated gameplay of the new “Dual Play” mechanic between Bats himself and Dick Grayson, a.k.a Nightwing. There’s a question and answer session at the end for a few more tantalising details of what to expect in Batman: Arkham Knight when it launches on 23rd June. For Arkham Insider #1, see here. If you’re curious about the voice cast for Arkham Knight, you’ll want to check this out; if it’s Season Pass details, you’ll want to be over here; or, if you want to watch … Read More »

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