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Seems like the gaming juggernaut that is Rocket League is about to be bolstered by the arrival of one Caped Crusader… Well, his car anyway. Yes, Psyonix have announced that the Batmobile shall be hitting the pitches of Rocket League as part of a partnership with the upcoming film Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, and will be available to download from March 8th for the low low price of $2, which should be about £1.50 for us. Check out the official picture and trailer below. Also, from today, players will be able to compete in the “Snow Days” playlist, which is … Read More »

  If you have an Arkham season pass you will be able to download the 1989 Movie pack next week, it includes the Batman skin and Batmobile from the 1989 batman film. The Batmobile will only be playable in the two new race tracks which are heavily inspired by the events of the Tim Burton Batman films. If you don’t already have the season pass for this game is this latest DLC enough to tempt you into buying it? Make sure you keep up to date on all the latest Xbox news at our Facebook and Twitter pages  to always stay in the loop.

Today Warner Brothers Studios have announced what is in store for the August DLC pack, safe to say I already know what skin I would like to use (that sounded a-bit twisted). Season pass holders will be able to download two DLC’s this august allowing you to have fun with your favourite caped crusader in a retro style. The first of the two is the ability to drive around Gotham in the Classic 1989 Batmobile with the hero’s skin also available. The second suitably old school pack will give you guys the ability to use three more skins for batman and … Read More »

It’s that time, once again, to put my deep voice on, dust off my cape and squeeze into my extremely tight and uncomfortable leather pants (a hero’s real sacrifice). It’s also time to save Gotham City from the constant wave of Villains who want to take The Dark Knight out, not to dinner, but once and for all!! If anything can be said about Rocksteady’s adaptation of the caped crusader it’s that it’s bloody awesome! There has been an ever growing struggle to make a superhero game in this day and age that not only works, but keeps you coming back for … Read More »

E3 has been on all week and the news has been constantly pouring out with amazing new games and experiences. However if you look outside the E3 media cloud you will find that not everything is as amazing as it seems. Earlier today Warner Brother’s games decided to cancel the release of the Batman Arkham Knight: Batmobile Edition which would have come with a model of the Dark Knight’s Batmobile from the game. Yesterday morning people who Pre Ordered the game from Game in the UK received a message telling them that due to quality concerns the Batmobile edition has been … Read More »

Rocksteady studios have again released another gameplay clip today, this time showcasing a bit more of the batmobile and the infamous Riddler and his race tracks! This epsiode of Arkham insider shows us a real life model of the batmobile that is full scale as well as these new Riddle tracks. It also shows off some cool new features of the batmobile including an emp device for disabling enemy tanks. Additionally to this there is also a “drone virus” device which will allow players to corrupt the Arkham Knight’s drones and turn them onto Batman’s side. Check out the video … Read More »

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