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Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 Now Backwards Compatible

SNAAAAAAAAKE!! Sorry just had to get that off my chest, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater have just been added to the backwards compatibility list. They’re available combined as part of the Metal Gear Solid HD Edition, originally released on Xbox 360.   If you would like to stay up to date with all the latest Xbox One news, reviews, competitions and information, make sure you like our Facebook page, join our Facebook group or subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can also follow us on Twitter.

Brutal Legend Now Backwards Compatible

Double Fine’s Rock Epic is finally backwards compatible, the studio’s best-selling game launched on Xbox One yesterday. Featuring Jack Black as Eddie Riggs the best roadie in the business. After an unfortunate death, he gets teleported to a world of heavy metal music and violence. It’s a combination between hack and slash open world adventure sprinkled with light RTS and RPG elements. The game features some absolute headbangers, just to name a few artists. Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Motorhead, and Black’s own Tenacious D, as well as 3 Inches of Blood, Skid Row, and Mastodon. Not only is the music on point but some … Read More »

Two New Backwards Compatible Games

With Splinter Cell: Conviction Hitting backwards compatible last month Ubisoft have decided to grace with the other two entries that were on the Xbox 360. Splinter Cell: Double Agent and Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Both Games should be available to install if you had the digital version on 360 or if you have a disk copy. As of this morning, both are not available to purchase through your Xbox One right now but give it some time and it should be soon.   If you would like to stay up to date with all the latest Xbox One news, reviews, competitions, and … Read More »

Fight Night Champion Has Been Added To Backwards Compatibility

Since it’s launch in 2015 the Backwards Compatibility program have been drip fed new games to make up what is now quite a large list of games. Yesterday we got the addition of one more game to that list of games already available through the program. Yesterday Harry Hryb aka Major Nelson announced that the 2011 EA boxing sim Fight Night Champion will be added to the Backwards Compatibility program. FIGHT NIGHT CHAMPION is coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility today https://t.co/qPMRNs2ZLopic.twitter.com/m2p7kbHOEE — [ 💬 Larry Hryb ] (@majornelson) May 15, 2018 This is the most recent installment in the … Read More »

Another Title Added to Backwards Compatibility Today

It’s Tuesday and that means another addition to the ever-growing library of Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles playable on Xbox One. This weeks addition is a highly-requested title, with fans fearing (for the most part) that it will never arrive due to licensing issues. But alas, it is here. Major Nelson has just announced that that title is in fact Burnout Revenge, an XBOUK favourite. Burnout Revenge is coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility today https://t.co/qPMRNs2ZLo pic.twitter.com/0VPmCspt7z — [ 💬 Larry Hryb ] (@majornelson) May 8, 2018 What other titles would you like to see added to the collection? … Read More »

New Addition to Xbox One Backwards Compatible Library Today

The Xbox One backwards compatible library just keeps on growing! Dust off your purple threads and get them on! Xbox have announced popular Xbox360 game,  Saints Row 2 as the latest title that is now backwards compatible and available to paly on Xbox One! Saints Row 2 was released back in 2008 on Xbox360.  It was an alternative to Grand Theft Auto, being open world with customisation, bigger stories, better graphics, giving you even more freedom to immerse yourself in the game. Set in Stillwater, 7 years after the original game went down, you get to style up a new … Read More »

Inside Xbox: Episode 2 – XBOUK News Roundup

After the successful return of Inside Xbox last week; a show that was popular back in the Xbox 360 days, Larry Hyrb aka Major Nelson, has returned for the monthly live broadcast of the show, and comes with some exciting new announcements. As you may have already heard, they teased some ‘surprises’ last week over the internet where most speculated avatars and new original Xbox games becoming backwards compatible. Well, a list of five backwards compatible titles was announced earlier today which includes: Destroy All Humans Full Spectrum Warrior Morrowind MX Unleashed Panzer Elite Action But that’s not all they … Read More »

Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Comes To Backwards Compatibility

Cast your mind back to 2016 and one of the biggest debacles of recent years occurred. Activision and Infinity Ward announced and then released a remastered version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare bundled to the mediocre Infinite Warfare, that years installment in the Call of Duty Franchise. Now Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is back in the news but this time for more savoury reasons. Yesterday Larry Hryb, more commonly known as Major Nelson announced that the game was been added to the backwards compatibility program. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is coming to Xbox One … Read More »

Ubisoft Classic Added To Backwards Compatibility List

Splinter Cell has always been notorious for it’s stealth gameplay and rewarding players for eliminating enemies through an easier experience by doing so.  Splinter Cell: Conviction kind of broke away from the traditional Splinter Cell titles by introducing Sam Fisher in a very personal dilemma where his family is in trouble.  This gives players a look into the more human side of him where Sam is more desperate and in your face. For those who never experienced this Splinter Cell title, well today is your lucky day as Conviction is now available as part of the backwards compatibility program.  Fortunately … Read More »

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