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It wasn’t expected but it was a welcomed surprise to see Call of Duty 2 come as a backwards compatible title on Xbox One.  Even more of a welcomed addition is the improved frame rates the game seems to maintain on the superior Xbox One hardware. The original Call of Duty 2 on Xbox 360 and the frequency of its stutter is actually quite remarkable. Call of Duty games have always targeted a full 60fps output, but utilizes a double-buffer v-sync set-up. There’s a 16.7 million render benchmark per frame, but consistently failing to hit that target causes a 33ms … Read More »

Microsoft are besieged by requests from fans for games that they love to be made backwards compatible. Microsoft are listening, we can assure you, and every now and then the fans get a very special response from a man who is very close to our hearts. One fan recently asked Phil Spencer on Twitter if Blue dragon was going to be coming to the Xbox One via the backwards compatibility scheme. He was one of the lucky fans that uncle Phil decided to respond to personally. @Jfranklin4160 I’m not allowed to say but yes. — Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) August 4, … Read More »

Xbox One’s backwards compatible list continues to grow – seemingly by the day. And while we’re still waiting on Red Dead Redemption’s noble return, Major Nelson has revealed details of three new titles to join the back-compat revolution. You ready for this? Aqua, Anomaly Warzone Earth and Lazy Raiders are coming to Xbox One Back Compat today https://t.co/qPMRNrLoTQ pic.twitter.com/6Z2Dby2IlE — Larry Hryb (@majornelson) June 7, 2016 First up, Aqua – which is basically Waterworld meets The Hunt for Red October – is a top-down twin-stick arcade shooter that promises to deliver a steampunk story. That’s followed by Anomaly: Warzone Earth, … Read More »

Roll up, roll up, gather round everyone and bear witness to the newest Backwards Compatible game Black Ops! According to the good people on Reddit Call of Duty: Black Ops now plays on Xbox One or will sometime today very soon. Details of the screenshot  can be seen below. If you remember yesterday Mike Ybarra was teasing on twitter about something. This could have been it. ~13.5 hours. #Xbox — Mike Ybarra (@XboxQwik) May 17, 2016 So there you have it, Black Ops at last carried across from the Xbox 360 archives. Will you be playing? OR Would you rather … Read More »

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