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Another music streaming app, Pandora, will play background music on Xbox One, joining others including Microsoft’s own Groove Music. That’s according to Xbox don, Mike Ybarra, who announced that over the next 24 hours the Pandora app will receive an update that allows background music. Pandora will update over the next 24 hours to include background music on Xbox One functionality! #Xbox — ♏️ike Ybarra (@XboxQwik) August 29, 2016 This means that users of the service will be able to listen to their own music collections while they game (Try trash metal Minecraft, for instance). When they rolled out the … Read More »

Today on Twitter Mike Ybarra has confirmed that an unknown Developer has set up access for using background music from your USB. Nice one to the ninja dev for making this happen, here’s how to do it: Go to store, Apps and search for background to find it. It’s as simple as that! Let us know what you think about this app in the comments below. Also check out the article around UWP. For more news, reviews, competitions and interviews, join Xbox One UK’sFacebook Group, Like our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter. Plus, if videos are your thing, check … Read More »

Microsoft’s monster Anniversary Update is heading our way on Tuesday (which isn’t really Windows 10’s anniversary, but we’ll let that slide). But it seems Xboxers are getting the August update a little earlier than that. Some gamers have already reported getting the update on their machines, and now Microsoft have revealed precisely what to expect once it rolls out for every Xbox One owner. In addition to a handy video that gives you the lowdown on what’s heading to the console – including the much-anticipated Background Music and Cortana integration – the Xbox Support site has also listed everything else … Read More »

Mike Ybarra, Director of Program Management at Xbox has Tweeted today that he will be testing Background Music tonight. The Reddit community in particular has taken this as a sign that Background Music is coming to preview programme members as soon as this weekend. Testing out background music tonight. 🙂 #Xbox — ♏️ike Ybarra (@XboxQwik) July 23, 2016 Mike’s a tease – we all know this. And while he rampant speculation may be adding one and one together and getting six teraflops, Mike has form, here.  Background music has been a feature the community have been shouting about for a while, now, … Read More »

Background Music has been a fan favourite from the good old days of the Xbox 360, unfortunately due to the software limitations and putting other updates first due to priority it has taken some time, but the feature is coming very soon, August 2nd in fact. A new image has emerged showing this awesome feature will be used from the guide, this location makes sense of course because of its ease of use, check out the pic: Looks good right? There will hopefully be enough apps to stream your music direct to your Xbox, of course you can use a … Read More »

As part of an update coming next month we will finally be getting the ability to play background music on the Xbox One. As of yet however we are unsure how this is going to work, whether you will need to have the music on your hard drive or if you’ll be able to use a USB drive? You may also be able to play music from some streaming sites. One of these sites won’t be Spotify however. In a tweet they confirmed that they will be continuing with there exclusive partnership with another company (and we all know who … Read More »

Summer is coming, let’s dust off those jams and prepare for some background headbanging while taking on COD. Thanks to the power of Windows 10 cross-platform play on August 2nd (windows 10’s anniversary) we will finally get one of the fans favourite apps from the almighty Xbox 360! Xbox 360 for years has allowed users to stream music off hard drives or external mp3 players while playing games but it’s never been an option on Xbox One. Xbox director of program management Mike Ybarra said back in November 2015 that Microsoft wanted to implement the much-requested feature “in a way … Read More »

This summer will see Microsoft roll out the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to all Windows 10 customers, for free. Of course, as with all Windows 10 updates, we scoured the announcement for the most exciting and relevant Xbox One improvements. It seems as though Microsoft really are taking fans comments and suggestions seriously recently, first this week saw Left 4 Dead 2 find it’s way to Backwards Compatibility (as reported here) and now this update has more information sure to get Xbox One fans excited. Firstly, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will see back ground music reappear on a Microsoft console … Read More »

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox and collector of indie developer T-shirts, has been tweeting with fans about some upcoming Xbox developments and games. First up, if you have been waiting for background music to be a thing on Xbox One, you have a little while to wait. Background music won’t feature until at least the summer. @TheEjderha83 Won't be before summer sorry to say. — Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) January 14, 2016 We are a little disappointed that one of the most asked-for features might still be some way away. We are consoling ourselves that it’s likely to hit preview members … Read More »

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