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When it was released in 2009 James Cameron's Avatar quickly became the highest grossing movie of all time. In fact it is reported to have made at least $2,787,965,087 worldwide which you have to agree, isn't a small amount of change. Now it has been revealed that Massive Entertainment are working on a game that will fit in with the franchise. It is been speculated that this game is been created to generate renewed interest in the franchise which apparently has up to four sequels in the works. The game will be developed using the Snowdrop engine which is the ... Read More »
THEY'RRREEEEEEE GREAT!... I'll show myself out. In perhaps one of the slightly stranger additions to the Xbox Avatar store ('member Avatars?!), you can now dress up your digital representation in a variety of Kellogg's themed garb. If you ever had the compulsion to wear clothes based on the Rice Krispies, or wear a long sleeved t-shirt with "POP TARTS" emblazoned on the chest, you can. Of course, you can also wear a Tony the Tiger mask, making this a great day. Fortunately, all of this stuff is available for free, and you can check it out via this link. What famous breakfast cereal ... Read More »
Remember the Xbox Onesies? We all wanted one - we really did. So did you. Admit it.  However these weren't available in the UK (they were in Australia, though. If ever there's a country that doesn't need a snuggly onesie, it's Australia). The Xbox Onesies had pockets for your Xbox Pad and Xbox Media Remote, an arm pouch for your mobile, rollable arms and legs and forearm grips. You could even have your gamertag embroidered on too. Australia? Seriously? There's not even pocket for your Fosters. Why didn't these come to the UK? "When the Xbox Onesie was revealed a few months ... Read More »
Most folks will be at least aware of the Xbox App - the companion app to our favourite console that's available on just about every device out there (no love for OSX yet, but you never know). If you're a Windows 10 user, though, you're in for a special treat if you pick up the Xbox Beta App from the store (the Beta App runs happily alongside the standard one, if you are worried about relying on beta software) as it's just received a rather excellent new update. We've been running the Xbox Beta App since day one (September 2015) ... Read More »
Phil Spencer, today, confirmed that the Xbox team have no only looked at the possibility of including wheelchairs for Xbox Avatars, but hinted that its release might be sooner than you think. Gaming is a pretty inclusive hobby, and while Xbox’s avatars – first seen on the Xbox 360 – have included different genders, races heights and sizes, there's always been something missing: Disabled players haven’t had a chance to simulate themselves on-screen, since every avatar is bipedal. That looks set to change, after Spencer, Xbox’s top dog, confirmed that they’ve heard requests for wheelchairs to be included in the ... Read More »
You may have noticed an Overwatch trailer on your Xbox home screen of late. What you may not have realised is that is that there is a freebie available in the avatar store! We are not sure for how long this offer will last but if you like to dress up your avatar and don't like spending a fortune on it this is the deal for you whether you like/have Overwatch or not. You can get this freebie by going through the Xbox store in your browser and searching Overwatch. You should find Mercy wings prop and Free next to ... Read More »

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