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Welcome back to the Empire of the Isles, some fifteen years after the events of 2012’s Dishonored unfolded, when protagonist Corvo Attano fought his way through throngs of flat-faced enemies to save the slain empress’ daughter, Emily Kaldwin. Dishonored 2 opens with Emily as the Empress of the Isles – but Emily’s an altogether more formidable ruler than her mother. Over the last fifteen years, Corvo’s trained Emily to protect herself from assassins. Rapidly, though, the familiar themes of treachery and betrayal raise their heads, and Emily and Corvo find themselves on the run and having to clear their names. … Read More »

Arkane Studio’s and Bethesda’s Dishonored 2 released this past Friday, but so far sales have not lived up to those of the original, in the same time frame. Currently sitting at number four in the all format charts, this weeks crown has been retained by Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It would appear that the cerebral first person sequel is among one of the ‘Christmas rush’ casualties so far this year and only reached eleventh in the individual charts for Xbox One. This brings Dishonored 2 in with a 38% drop in sales, in the first week, compared its forefather which released … Read More »

Dishonoured 2, the very anticipated title from the team at Bethesda has a 9gb day one patch, on Xbox One at least. Its becoming a bit of a trend for developers like Arkane Studios to release these day one patches. It’s much rarer than primarily single-player experiences are released alongside such large day one patches but it’s clear the Studio wanted to make sure that the experience was as polished as possible and let’s be honest, that’s not a baf thing at all! Dishonoured 2 releases Friday 11th. Don’t forget to join our Facebook  group, like our Facebook page and follow … Read More »

One of the games that took a lot of people by surprise at this year’s E3 was Prey. The sequel to the 2006 FPS was stuck in development hell for a number of years, and many believed that a new Prey game would never see the light of day. Enter Arkane Studios, developers of the popular Dishonoured, who decided to resurrect the IP for a whole new game. In an video on the Bethesda YouTube page, Arkane President Raphael Colantonio goes into a few details about the new Prey, and what goes into making an Arkane title. Highlights include the … Read More »

Our favourite stealth or alert everyone and run like hell first person game is back with a bang (If you aren’t very stealthy!) later this year in November. The first game in the series was a critical hit but for whatever reason seemed to pass a lot of normal gamers by which Microsoft rectified somewhat by giving the game away for free on the Xbox 360 and also releasing a Definitive Edition on the Xbox One. If we had to put money on it we would say that it’s highly likely that the definitive edition will be released as a … Read More »

Dishonored 2‘s co-creative director, Harvey Smith, is on-hand in this latest video from Bethesda Softworks to give insight on what we saw in sequel’s E3 announcement trailer. Apparently Smith, and co-creative director Raphael Colantonio, stipulated the announcement trailer, much like Dishonored‘s, should only portray locations, people and actions that will be available in the game. It’s confirmed that the man behind the desk is a student of Anton Sokolov’s, the first game’s grizzly scientist;  there’s also information on the robotic enemies Emily Kaldwin fights, including how as you progress through the game there will be versions made from wood with startling bird-like heads, and that … Read More »

Yes, Sir Stabs-a-Lot – a title we became fond of calling Corvo Attano, the main character in Dishonored – will soon be returning, and to make sure you can play Dishonored Definitive Edition as soon as possible the option to pre-order and pre-download the game from the Xbox Marketplace is now available. You can find the game on the Marketplace here at the price of £29.99 or for £15 if you’ve downloaded the digital version of Dishonored on Xbox 360. Don’t despair if you only own the physical edition however, a Bethesda representative confirmed to Eurogamer that, “retailers will have trade in incentives as well. Folks should … Read More »

E3 has officially began and Bethesda has come out swinging with some great announcements and game play. One of which is Dishonored 2! Arkane Studios also revealed that you will be able to play as a male and female and is entirely your choice, The male character is returning character Corvo Attano and the female is Emily Kaldwin also a character from the first game but now she’s all grown up and with powers of her own! Emily is also revealed as Corvo’s daughter. The trailer featured the voice of the outsider who originally gave Corvo his powers The character … Read More »

Last night Bethesda accidently confirmed Dishonored 2. The team decided to run a private test twitch stream to make sure everything was ready for their first ever press conference. The stream was successful however little to Bethesda’s knowledge the stream was ‘accidentally’ made the stream view able to the public and in it some very interesting things were said. In the twitch stream a conversation can be heard between Bethesda creative director Todd Howard the head of Arkane Studios Raph Colantonio and the co-director of the original Dishonored Harvey Smith. In the conversation Colantonio is being instructed on how to carry … Read More »

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