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A few days ago, Studio Wildcard delivered some good news to the Ark Xbox community, Fear Evolved has been confirmed for console and will be brought in on the v744 patch which will be released on Friday 28th October. Players will get the opportunity to collect new Halloween themed items, fight new monsters and even become monsters themselves. Those on the Scorched Earth will get the opportunity to face the brand new and very ferocious DodoWyvern. Players on the centre and Island maps will be able to take on the infamous DodoRex. Those on the Centre and Island maps will … Read More »

As Gamers we are a divisive lot. We have very differing views on a great many things and are not adverse to a little friendly discussion. There is one thing however that unites nearly all of us, and that is our dislike of cheaters. Those who people who use little (or large) tricks and fiddles to get around the restrictions of the game to gain an unfair advantage on us that work hard, playing the game properly are the scourge of many an online game. This is something that the people at Wildcard Studios have struggled with on their game … Read More »

Last week, Studio Wildcard surprised us all with an expansion to ARK: Survival Evolved. ARK: Scorched Earth is a fantasy (like the original Ark isn’t fantasy?) version of the original survival experience. Mixed with some of the original dinosaurs are some weird and wonderful creatures that could only exist in the fevered minds of the games creators, and many from myth and legend; Rock elementals, dragons, huge beetles, small vultures, and lots more. Just because we’re tough as nails, and have practically lived inside ARK since it joined the Game Preview programme, we explored Scorched Earth in single player mode … Read More »

It is no secret that Ark for the Xbox has always suffered with performance and a low resolution. The update which is anticipated for release on Thursday September 1st will bring with it a full 720p 3D rendering and 1080p UI performance boost, this will hopefully make the game a little easier on the eyes. I'm happy to say this week's Xbox update includes full 720p 3D rendering, & 1080p UI! Thursday gonna be crazy, sleep'll be but a memory 😀 — Jeremy Stieglitz (@arkjeremy) August 29, 2016 In other words, the game world and all the creatures will render … Read More »

Xbox One gamers still waiting for the next Ark: Survival Evolved update are going to have to keep waiting (and surviving). While their PC-gaming cousins got fresh content last week, it seems that players on console have yet to find out when the promised content will drop. Chief among the updates Xboxers are waiting for is the PrimitivePlus mod, which adds tons of new crafting items – and that’s the reason for the current delay in getting it shipped out. Jeremy Stieglitz, Lead Developer on the game, discussed the upcoming update in the SurvivetheArk forum. According to the man in … Read More »

As many people already know, Ark: Survival Evolved caught a strange bug with the last major update for the Xbox One, single player / player dedicated and none dedicated servers (and in some cases official servers) would randomly crash and force close the game, causing the game to revert to its last save. As posted previously, this week Studio Wildcard thought they fixed it, but only fixed parts of it. On their website survivetheark.com they invited players to tell them exactly what happened and received plenty of response. The good news is they think they have finally solved the problem! … Read More »

Published by Telltale Publishing and developed by The Fun Pimps, 7 Days to Die is an open-world first-person zombie survival game. Think State of Decay meets ARK: Survival Evolved and you’re on the right track, with its combat, crafting, looting, mining, exploration and character growth, and only a single objective: Survive. The resource-rich environment is vast, and entirely unique, it’s a good job it does have so many resources, too, since without that, there would be no way to complete that main objective; you’d be a lamb to the inelegant slaughter. This is a true role-playing game, whereby you’ll level … Read More »

The latest update for Ark: Survival Evolved has been released, beware it is a 12GB update! Official Xbox Servers are back online w/ 738! Notes: https://t.co/8lCm8pped4https://t.co/iAZ0VqfYms Enjoy Survivors! #playARK — ARK (@survivetheark) July 6, 2016 The update has brought in a wide variety of new items including the long awaited Redwood Biome and Titanosaur , The Redwood biome will be dropped in the middle of The Island in the Grand Peak area south of the Volcano which features giant Redwood trees that cannot be harvested, instead players can create Ewok style villages in the treetops including retractable rope ladders. The … Read More »

The ARK: Survival Evolved 736 Update went live on the Xbox One earlier today bringing a swathe of fixes and new features to the game. At a hefty 1.6 gigabytes of data this new update has patched up some bugs and given you the ability to toss certain items. The Xbox One update has fixed multiple out of control Dinosaur spawners on a map known as The Center. The out of control spawners tended to spawn an unreasonable amount of dinos and other creatures, so much so that the Xbox One console that was serving as the games server would tend … Read More »

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