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Sounds like some enterprising young Guardians have found a way to break the fabric of reality within Destiny, causing some players to walk around the Crucible with infinite heavy ammo, making This Week At Bungie more loaded than usual. Let’s break it down: As mentioned, Bungie have been on a proverbial bug hunt looking for ways to eliminate the infinite heavy glitch, but in the meantime, Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner are on hold. Fair enough, really. No one wants, as Bungie puts it, “Clown Car” Rockets. Bungie’s Matchmaking Overlords (cool name) are looking into reports of longer than … Read More »

This Week At Bungie has taken on somewhat of a pugilistic theme for the most recent update, as the team have been working on fixing melee attacks that either don’t do damage or whiff entirely. Let’s take a look: Sandbox engineer Jon Cable details how these melee attack bugs actually occur, and what’s he’s doing to negate it; interesting if you want to learn about how bugs are identified and squashed. It’s worth noting two things however: melee attacks not doing damage is a network issue that can’t be fully rectified, only reduced, and this update won’t be rolling out … Read More »

Welcome to life, post-April Update. The landscape of Destiny has… slightly changed, at least. It’s certainly more neon than it was before… It’s safe to say that Bungie has been revelling in you guys discovering the new content they have unleashed, but this Update dealt with some of the problems which you might have encountered. Let’s take a look: Bungie are totally aware that the Postmaster lost the Sterling Treasure in the mail, and are working on a way to establish who was affected and reimbursing them promptly. No information as for yet, but it’s on the way. Variks and … Read More »

Here we are, the final info dump/Twitch stream from Bungie before Destiny’s April Update lands on the 12th, and while the first two streams dealt with what we’d be getting, this final stream details how the playground we already inhabit and the toys we use will be changing. Whilst the full and extensive list of balances and changes will be revealed tomorrow in the Weekly Update, a hero by the name of Apex of War on the Bungie.net forums has collated a list of what was mentioned on stream today. The list includes: Revive timers go in increments of 7 … Read More »

It’s here again, Rocket League’s very own update is arriving with some added additions, this month we go to the hoops, put on our big boy basketball shoes and slam dunk!! New Mode – “Hoops” The patch (scheduled for release late April), will bring the all-new, basketball-inspired game mode to the Rocket League community.  “Hoops” will be available in Exhibition, Private Match or new Casual Playlist that pits players against each other in a 2v2 showdown.  Look out for Hoops and its exclusive Arena, “Dunk House,” soon! Replay Quick-Saving One of the most common requests from the Psyonix community has been to … Read More »

Also known as “The One I Didn’t Write Up on Thursday Night Because I Fell Asleep”, Bungie’s weekly update gave us more information and clarification regarding the new rewards us guardians will be toying around with come April 14th. If you might have missed this week’s live stream, Bungie provided a “too long, didn’t watch” that reads as follows: The April Update will provide new Armor and Weapons for your Guardian Chroma is a new material that enables you to add a luminous glow to your character Sterling Treasure boxes are a source of new Armor, Chroma, Ships, Sparrows, and … Read More »

Guardian! The April update is looming large upon us and Bungie is dropping news and information like sweets. In today’s Twitch stream, Bungie outlined what kind of items and gear will be on offer come April, and we’ve got a lot to look forward to it seems. Let’s break it down: Infusing items will now bump your upgraded item to the level of the item you infused. Which is nice. Chroma Customisation is a new feature for select armour sets that will allow you to add coloured lighting to your armour. Perfect for anyone who fancies looking like they’ve just … Read More »

 Xbox One April system update is out today The April system update is rolling out today, bringing you another round of new features Whether you want easier access to game content, troubleshooting help with party chat or improved achievement notification, Major Nelson said they have got something for everyone this month.  Check out the full list of features rolling out below • Party chat improvements – Additional icons and notifications within the party chat experience to help you understand your connection and microphone status. The party app will help you get your microphone enabled and show you when privacy settings … Read More »

Xbox One April System Update: Voice Messages, Party Chat Updates and More Now in Preview You may have noticed a few new features that rolled out to preview over the weekend, including game hub links and more detailed achievement notifications. Now this week, we’re bringing even more features to Xbox One in Preview, making it easier to keep in touch with friends on Xbox One or Xbox 360. Check out the list below for features in the April preview update that are starting to roll out tonight: Voice messages – Xbox One preview program members will be able to compose … Read More »

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