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They'll be no surprises as to what is sitting at the top of Amazons best selling list this week for Xbox One. The crown goes to Mass Effect Andormeda with strong sales in both pre-orders and since launch. Elsewhere in the top 20 best sellers sees both standard and legacy editions of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare make the top ten. This is somewhat of a resurgence, likely down to the reduced price but now sees prime competitors Battlefield 1 sit below, whilst Titanfall 2 fails to make the top 20. Long term main stays Overwatch and the dog that ... Read More »
The best sellers of the week are in, direct from Amazons top ten. And a clear number one, still on pre-orders alone is swept up by Mass Effect: Andromeda which sees its official release this Thursday 23rd. Elsewhere there's a good showing for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, which surely owes its rise in the ranks to the £14.99 (as of press) price tag. Grand Theft Auto V is becoming like the friend who just won you alone at number six. Whilst no surprises in the top three which is joined by Lego Worlds and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands, ... Read More »
After Ubisoft's recent release of the Assassin's Creed movie, it seems like they have an itch for live action movies as we're treated to another live action trailer today for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands, but this time it's a trailer for...well... a live action movie, based upon the upcoming game. They've even designed a sweet movie poster for it too... War within the Cartel is the subtitle of the movie and has a big name behind it. Roberto Orci (the modern Star Trek movies and the upcoming The Mummy reboot) produces the 30-minute short; which is a promotional movie ... Read More »
Gamers are getting hyped for the next installment of the Mass Effect series.  Mass Effect has created an amazing world in space with characters you can easily grow attached to.  With that, we are excited to see the book The Art of Mass Effect: Andromeda that gives gamers a view beyond just some special edition art pieces and take a look at everything that helps build the next game in the series.  Amazon has now updated the book's page and we now have a cover and release date as well.  You can see the cover below: The North American launch ... Read More »
Many people that I have spoken to about this robust controller had nothing bad to say. I can't fault it; owning one myself, but having said that, I know of others who would. And those that do, the only complaint tends to be the hefty price tag. However, Amazon have recently put a price reduction on the controller saving you a little over £12 from its original price. It's taken almost a year since release to see some kind of price drop anywhere but now that Amazon has decreased its price, surely others will follow. You can now purchase it for £107.75, ... Read More »
Since the launch of the Xbox One S, sales have been heavy in Microsoft's favor and it may continue thanks to some great deals on console bundles. When it launched in the UK towards the beginning of last month, though, its £350 price tag wasn't exactly accessible. But today, the first One S console bundles (with FIFA 17 included) have launched, lowering the cost of entry to dangerous, impulse-buy territory. Whereas the standalone console has a 2TB HDD, the bundles include boxes with only 500GB or 1TB of storage. But if that's not a deal-breaker, then you're in for a ... Read More »
Collector’s editions are a big deal these days, coming complete with tons of goodies, like statuettes, books, and artwork that celebrate the game in question. And probably the single most important part of any good CE is… the game. But not for Battlefield 1. Amazon are offering an exclusive Battlefield 1 Collector’s Edition that comes complete a 14” statuette, exclusive steel book, playing cards, a cloth poster (in case you get caught behind enemy lines) and DLC in a carrier pigeon tube. Essentially, then, everything you’d need to enter the spirit of the game and ape trench warfare in your ... Read More »
After the announcement of the  , Microsoft has dropped the prices of the current models again. Originally the Xbox One 500gb model was $350 and dropped to $299. Now the price has dropped another twenty dollars to $279. Stores in the UK are following suit and basic 500GB bundles have dropped to £230, and down to about £254 for a 1TB. You can even get a 500GB bundled with Fifa 16 for as low as £209 on Amazon. Since the 500GB One S will start at £249, we shall see if the price will drop down even more before the release date. Are ... Read More »
Whether this be a sign of the times changing or is just a simple glitch in Amazons system is not known just yet but some Xbox titles are currently behind a paywall. If you do not have Amazon Prime at this moment in time you cannot buy certain games titles! The current (Quite bizarre) list includes Minecraft, Fifa 16, Rainbow Six Siege and Assassins Creed Syndicate. There may actually be many more that are currently blocked from normal customers and if you are wondering how much Prime membership is? 79 pounds. This is what you get if you try to ... Read More »

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