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Grab The Alan Wake DLC Now For Free!

That’s right dear readers both of the Alan Wake DLC’s are currently free. That means you can nab yourself a copy of The Signal and The Writer for the low, low price of nothing. This is presumably to coincide with the release of developer Remedy’s blockbuster game Quantum Break (read our review here) as they were also the masterminds behind the psychological thriller that is Alan Wake. You can follow these links to find your way to the DLC: The Signal The Writer   Are you excited to replay the critically acclaimed Alan Wake? Or has the free DLC inspired you to … Read More »

New Backwards Compatible Titles Announced!

Today Major Nelson tweeted the announcement of three new backwards compatible titles that are available to play right now. The Tweet, seen below, signals the arrival of Alan Wake, Castlevania: SOTN and the classic Pac-Man into the Backwards Compatibility Programme. Alan Wake, Castlevania: SOTN & PAC-MAN are now available on Xbox One Backward Compatibility https://t.co/qPMRNrLoTQ pic.twitter.com/A55On4TWIY — Larry Hryb (@majornelson) March 17, 2016 Will you be playing any of these titles? What would you like to see next on backwards compatibility? Let us know in the comments. As always keep up with us, for all our news, reviews and opinion piece by joining … Read More »

Alan Wake in Quantum Break

The trademark registered by Remedy is apparently just a fulfillment of  the regular trademarking and legalities process. Alan Wake’s Return will be a mini tv-series will take place inside of the in-game live-action Quantum Break series.  The ‘games software’ label still applies, which means Alan Wake will not have a sequel as of yet. During the Holiday season, Remedy was shooting the live action Easter Egg about Alan Wake: While the the Wake franchise isn’t officially back just yet, there is a glimmer of hope for us Alan Wake fans. Remedy is currently tossing ideas back and forth and concepting some different ideas … Read More »

What’s next for Remedy after Quantum Break?

Quantum Break is now available on the Xbox Store for preorder – and what a game it’s shaping up to be. I managed to get my hands on it during its beta play at EGX 2014 which seems ages ago now (it is nearly two years ago) and the short time I had with the game really pulled me into the story. The time manipulation during combat was particularly fascinating – bringing back subtle memories of the Matrix game and how cool it was to dodge bullets in ‘bullet time’. Although I have not managed to play any Quantum Break since that time, by all … Read More »

FOUR new Backward Compatible titles available RIGHT NOW

When Microsoft announced that the monthly release schedule of Backwards Compatible titles would be shelved and games would just appear when they were ready, we wondered exactly how this would work. Would Major Nelson announce every newly compatible title, or would we have to find out for ourselves? Well, today, two new games have landed in our “Ready to Install” sections – ragdoll mototrbike game Trials HD and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. Interestingly, neither game has featured in the Games with Gold programme yet, although today Remedy, developers of the Alan Wake games and now Quantum Break, announced that Alan … Read More »

Quantum Break Finally Gets a Release Date

It’s about time, and no, that isn’t a pun based on the time-bending elements of the game. Quantum Break finally has a release date of April 5th 2016. Not only that, we have a new trailer entitled “The Cemetery”, which sees a Swat Team hunting Iceman… I mean, erm… Jack Joyce, and some cool time bending footage. You can check it out for yourself below. From the makers of Max Payne & Alan Wake, @RemedyGames presents #QuantumBreak: https://t.co/NLS1ETuHJEhttps://t.co/5bc7hoZrrd — Xbox UK (@xboxuk) February 11, 2016 Lastly, the game is available to pre-download right now on the Microsoft Store, and doing … Read More »

Alan Wake Remastering Might Be In The Works

In news that would address another one of my many backwards compatibility wishes, a remastering of cult horror title Alan Wake might be on the cards. According to reddit user DrGreenThumb_NZ, Microsoft are conducting a survey relating to upcoming Remedy Entertainment exclusive Quantum Break, the latest game from the Alan Wake developers: “Microsoft sent an Xbox Live survey to gamers, asking if they would be interested in playing a remastered version of Alan Wake on the Xbox One. Specifically, the survey asks players if they would be willing to purchase the rerelease for Xbox One, and if they would recommend … Read More »

Microsoft And Remedy Discussing Alan Wake For Xbox One

Talks are in progress over potentially remastering the popular thriller for the Xbox One Last month we posted news speculating whether the Xbox 360 game was in the pipeline to be released for the Xbox One and now some interesting words have come from both Microsoft and the games’ developer, Remedy. A Microsoft Spokesperson provided the following in a recent interview: “‘Alan Wake’ was one of the most engrossing and cinematic games of the Xbox 360 generation and it would be interesting to see what Remedy Entertainment would do if they decided to revisit the IP again. However, right now our … Read More »

Alan Wake coming to Xbox One

Were you a fan of Alan Wake on 360 or did you not get around to playing it? Alan Wake is a physiological action thiller. When the wife of the best-selling writer Alan Wake disappears on their vacation, his search turns up pages from a thriller he doesn’t even remember writing. A dark presence stalks the small town of Bright Falls, pushing Wake to the brink of sanity in his fight to unravel the mystery and save his love. The player controls the protagonist Alan Wake. In the game, a darkness is taking over humans, animals and objects. These enemies, … Read More »

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