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It’s the moment we’ve all be waiting for, ladies and gentlemen. Despite what you might think about the name, whether you’re Team Red Dead Redemption 2 or Team Red Dead 3, one thing can unite both sides: an awesome reveal trailer! It’s a shame that we have to wait until this time next year, but already Red Dead Redemption 2 has become one of, if not the most anticipated game of 2017. The trailer for the next instalment of Rockstar’s Western opus is now live, and you can check it out below.   Clocking in at just 70 seconds, the … Read More »

Dear Esther is an exploration game developed by The Chinese Room, and originally released back in 2012 on PC. Now that Dear Esther’s made its way onto console a whole new community can experience this ground breaking game. Dear Esther challenges all who play it to consider what a game is, offering a narrative experience that feels more like reading a book or illustrated short story, with video instead of pictures. No matter how you answer the questions playing Dear Esther asks, it’s certainly an experience you will remember. Written off with the pejorative ‘walking simulator’ by some, still others think that the way … Read More »

We’re a little bit in love with Thora. In fact, truth be told, we’re a little bit in love with the world Thunder Lotus Games has created for Jotun: Valhalla Edition. This Viking romp through Norse mythology sees our protagonist Thora – a Viking warrior who died in less than heroic circumstances – try to prove her worth to enter Valhalla. For the outset its clear that the subject matter is treated with respect, with reverence, even. The opening scenes describe Thora’s demise, narrated by our warrior herself in her native tongue. It’s moving scene that leads to our first … Read More »

For a fast-paced FPS, Valley – from indie devs Blue Isle Studios – is one of the most soothing adventures you’re ever likely to play. It’s a far cry from the studio’s last game, Slender: The Arrival, as Valley has you scouring a strange location deep in the heart of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains; a world filled with adorable forest sprites, a WWII military presence, and a focus on the symbiotic nature of mankind and the Earth. Let’s deal with a major negative before we look at what’s great about the game: Valley kicks its story off with some of the … Read More »

Universal Windows Apps are coming to Xbox as part of the summer update programme, which – alongside the Windows 10 Anniversary Update – will bring a whole host of new features to Xbox One. The Windows 10 Store hasn’t – yet – succumbed to the tidal wave of shoddy and fake apps that you might find in, for example, another company’s Play store but there are certainly a few oddities that you might be surprised to find in a Microsoft-curated store front. One of these is Win64e10 – a Nintendo 64 emulator that runs on Windows 10 PCs. Of course, the whole area … Read More »

Slender: The Arrival developer Blue Isle Entertainment announced back in April that they had been working on a new game called Valley – a first person adventure title. Valley puts you within a remote part of the rocky mountains which holds many mysteries and secrets. In the game you can acquire a L.E.A.F suit which gives you the ability to move faster and leap through the environment – it also gives the power to grant the wearer the ability to control life and death, choosing to give life or take it from any living being. The game will also feature twists such as the more you … Read More »

Full Mojo Rampage, from developer Over The Top Games, is a voodoo-themed hybrid dungeon crawling 3D top down twin stick rogue-like shooter that is almost as puzzling as the real world prospect of Voodoo Magic. Right from the off it seems that the title sets out to perplex and confuse you. A black and white opening video tells you very little, and only serves to imply that your little Voodoo Apprentice will be fine against those his own size but will struggle against anything a little bigger or badder, unless he’s granted the power of voodoo. This is a theme … Read More »

EA have announced EA Originals as a new programme; it will allow smaller game developers a chance to showcase what they can create – after announcing the new programme they let us in on the first EA Original game called ‘Fe’ from Swedish game developers ‘Zoink Games’. The game itself is based on adventure and exploration – the player is plunged into a narrative story without words but instead replaced with the link between creatures and nature, the player will have to hike through the forest which as you can imagine will come with it’s own threats – whilst on your adventure, if you wish to progress, you will have to collect … Read More »

Xbox Game Preview, Microsoft’s answer to the Early Access system on Steam, has allowed smaller developers to bring their more experimental games to the Xbox, with Ark: Survival Evolved and Elite: Dangerous being the flagship title, and the roster of titles will be bolstered even further. Developers Unknown Worlds have announced that their underwater exploration game Subnautica will become available on Xbox One via Game Preview from 12am May 17th! That’s right, anyone hankering for a deep sea expedition on an alien planet will find their needs sated with Subnautica. Subnautica has been available on Steam’s Early Access program for … Read More »

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