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Today Overwatch's latest update launched and with it game a whole host of new features and the like. The main thing of note however is the launch of the festive Winter Wonderland content. This update includes the usual set of new emotes, sprays and skins and a whole new gamemode in the form of the Yeti Hunt. There is also the return of Mei's Snowball Offensive. The new gamemode, Yeti Hunt, is an asymmetrical mode that see's five Mei characters hunting down one Winston. The player playing as Winston must search the map for meat inspired power-ups that will charge ... Read More »
On the 8th December, Call Of Duty: WWII is getting an early Christmas present with a new winter community event. The event will run from the 8th December through to the 2nd January. The event will really hit the nostalgia, reintroducing our beloved Gun Game into the field. Including a wintery version of Carenton, they're bringing us double XP playlists, new weapons and also free supply drops - with new loot especially for the event - for all players. In over 5 weeks, the new addition to the popular franchise has sat upon the top spot of the Top UK ... Read More »
In Destiny 2, your Ghost is your voice - he does all your talking. However, with Amazon's Alexa, you can talk back, and give as good as you get. Publisher Activision and Amazon recently joined forces and produced the "Destiny 2 Ghost Skill" for Alexa. Now, Alexa will let you ask her questions and complete in-games tasks, with voice acting by Nolan North. Amazon is selling an optional limited-edition Ghost speaker too. While this isn't an Alexa device in itself, it will link up with your current device. When answering your questions, your device will light up, making it more ... Read More »
Hardcore Destiny 2 players have been waiting for the prestige raid to roll out with bated breath. It was due to go live today but unfortunatly players will have to wait a little longer. A week longer in fact. To give us time to fix an issue, we're delaying the start of the Prestige Raid until Oct 18 at 10AM PDT. Details: https://t.co/DSjCPlpQLM — Bungie (@Bungie) October 9, 2017 According to Bungie the delay has been caused by the discovery of an exploit which "causes encounters to be stripped of their intended challenge". No further details have been given but ... Read More »
Making some content in big games console exclusive is nothing new and can often leave players of a particular console feeling as if they have missed out just because of their choice of console. The first Destiny game had this, keeping some content exclusively for Playstation players. Xbox gamers had to wait up to a year for some of the content and some of it has stayed exclusive to Playstation. That is up until now. While most of the world has been engrossed with Destiny 2 the developer has quietly released all of the previously exclusive content onto the Xbox ... Read More »
Yesterday saw Activision releasing a handful of trailers focusing on the new characters you will see in the upcoming Call of Duty: World War II title, having took a step back in time from the futuristic stuff they've been shooting out lately. The campaign looks set to be dark, depicting realism out on the field. It will also feature a co-op campaign so you can bring your mate along and try to win the war together. Below, you can see each of the 'Meet the Squad' trailers: Ronald "Red" Daniels https://youtu.be/oQ1DkGEozOU Turner https://youtu.be/XSrPr5KrYrE Zussman https://youtu.be/sSfTPLmMUeM Pierson https://youtu.be/eoPDhVVaFeE Call of Duty: ... Read More »
Attention Guardians! It's time to relax and put your feet up at the farm. Currently the servers for both Destiny and Destiny 2 are down for maintenance. The servers went down at 3pm BST and are set to come back online at around 7pm BST. This, as far as we know, is not for the weekly reset but instead to fix a few issues that Bungie have found. The main issue that they are intending to fix is matchmaking in competitive crucible matches. According to Bungie they have found that there is a mismatch between players at the moment. This ... Read More »
With the recent live action trailer for Destiny and with just under a week to go until Guardians are reunited in the sequel, there is already reports about a leak hinting at what we will expect to see in the first DLC. Apparently, the first DLC will drop in December titled The Curse of Osiris. The DLC will include a new patrol zone and a new social space, with the story focusing on saving Osiris himself from Vex; whom still remains a mystery, but the lore has heavily mentioned this Warlock. The social space will be the Lighthouse, where die-hard ... Read More »
D.Va is one of the most popular heroes in Overwatch. Well according to a post by Principal Designer Geoff Goodman on the battle.net forums she could be getting some big changes. Posted in a thread all about change ideas for D.Va, Goodman laid out some of the big changes that the development team have been working on for the character. One of the biggest changes will be to D.Va's defense matrix. The energy drain on it will be halved. This means that players will be able to rely on it less when running and gunning. It also means that D.Va ... Read More »

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