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It was just a matter of time – now for the six people who bought ReCore, prepare to for a HDR update. The announcement came – where else? – on Twitter, where both Microsoft Studios’ Shannon Loftis and Xbox’s Mike Ybarra both confirmed that the game will get a graphical upgrade when played on Xbox One S. ReCore with HDR? Yes, it's coming. https://t.co/Ku07ZBj3MD — Mike Ybarra ? (@XboxQwik) November 28, 2016 HDR – high dynamic range – gives greater colour and contrast to images, essentially making them a whole lot richer and pleasing on the eye. The downside? You’ll … Read More »

Late yesterday Hanger 13 and 2K Studios released a new video that gave us a look at a new family in the Mafia universe. Studio Head and Game Director, Hanaden Blackman, and his team give us a brief introduction to the Marcano family and what we can expect from them in the new game. It is clear from this trailer that the Marcanos are going to be a big part of the new game, having run the criminal underground of New Bordeaux (a fictionalised version of New Orleans) for decades. With the ruthless Don Sal Marcanos at it’s helm. A highlight from … Read More »

Happy 10th birthday Saints Row. The third-person action game has been offering players murderous madcappery and decidedly dodgy soundtracks for a decade– and it looks like developer Volition will be celebrating the series’ anniversary in style. Every day next week Saints Row will be streaming tons of unseen footage, behind the scenes vids, details about other projects, and tales from the studio that built the cities of Stilwater and Steelport. You can check out all the details over on the Saints Row Facebook page right here. Saints Row first hit the Xbox 360 on 29th August 2006 and considered by … Read More »

Have you always wanted to play as a sea worm that’s been swallowed by a sea-beast, hunting for your kidnapped sea-children? Rejoice – you can fulfil that incredibly niche desire in action-adventure Into the Belly of the Beast, the inventive sea-themed sort-of side-scroller from indie developer Lucky Brograms. The game kicks off without much of an introduction, just a 30-second cut-scene that sets up the entire premise of the game, with your character, Sploosh, watching his babies sucked into the mouth of the titular beast. Initially we were concerned, since the blocky cut-scene graphics reminded us more of a Nintendo 64 … Read More »

Playing Lost Sea, there’s something reminiscent of being 6-years-old again, sitting cross-legged in front of the screen jostling with the joypad of the Mega Drive/N64/Playstation (delete according to age). There’s almost a sense of child-like naivety in just how simple this sea-faring adventure is. Lost Sea comes from indie developer eastasiasoft, with a pretty experienced and talented team behind it. And boy, can you tell. A number of indie titles suffer quirky controls to niggling graphics – and you accept, or even embrace, that it’s the nature of a budding and ambitious small studio. None of that is present in Lost … Read More »

The sequel to action-RPG The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing will be coming to Xbox One on 1st July, developer NeocoreGames has announced. Van Helsing’s incredible adventures in the original game might not have been everyone’s cup of tea, but thanks to its howcasing during one of Microsoft’s free Games with Gold games, it got the wide audience exposure it needed. The top-down isometric action-adventure game won plenty of fans thanks to its gothic art style and Monkey Island-wannabe humour. Little surprise, then, that Budapest developers NeocoreGames will be released the next game in the series at the start of … Read More »

Watch out! Game developers have this new habbit of making announcments about bigger announcements –  the most recent of these is the tease for Watch Dogs 2 by Ubisoft, the message can be seen on the Xbox dashboard, Twitter, YouTube and the official website. On Xbox One, it simply states ‘Discover the future of Watch Dogs’. Watch the #WatchDogs2 World Premiere on June 8 on >> https://t.co/wdUpp5UJbu || pic.twitter.com/KOnckvpToU — Ubisoft (@Ubisoft) June 6, 2016 It will take place on June 8th at 4pm – You can catch it on the official site www.watchdogs.com. Confirmed information about the sequel is minimal as of right … Read More »

You’d be forgiven for thinking, that with Star Wars Battlefront releasing at the tail end of 2015, EA may take a step back from the franchise to develop some of their other titles. Well, it would appear that simply isn’t the case judging from a press release today from Patrick Söderlund, Executive Vice President of EA Studios. The press release (which can be seen below) details, very briefly, an exciting new game concept they’re currently working on at EA. At EA right now, we have multiple studios building a variety of great Star Wars games spanning different genres. We are all united by … Read More »

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is now available to pre-order on the Xbox One Marketplace. The game weighs in at 40.2GB, which is about the same as last years entry Assassin’s Creed Unity. The standard edition is available for £54.99, and the Gold Edition for £69.99. The Gold Edition includes the season pass, and some additional day one DLC. For additional information on the Gold Edition, please click here. (Official Xbox Store) Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is set 1868 London during the Industrial Revolution, with the story following twins Jacob and Evie Frye as they fight against the organized crime of the Victorian period. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate will launch on … Read More »

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