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Microsoft did exactly what it needed to do with it’s E3 press conference.  Show off the worlds most powerful console and then bombard us with a ton of games and show how much better they look on that console.  With over 40 games showed off on stage, it did truly feel like a great time to be an Xbox gamer.  However, core series titles we are more familiar with weren’t really seen outside of Crackdown 3.  Head of Xbox marketing Aaron Greenberg recently addressed concerns over what else is planned for Xbox: “It’s a fine balance of how much do … Read More »

What a way to bring in the new year than with video games.  They are always there when we need them and over time it just seems to get better and better.  How much longer do Xbox fans have to wait for that next best thing though?  It might not be very long at all. Once the new year hit, many Xbox heads went to Twitter and have been spewing out 2017 as the year of Scorpio.  Now we have been given very little information on the “most powerful console of all time” but there is reason to believe all … Read More »

Days after the release of rival console PS4 Pro, Microsoft execs have been discussing their own upcoming games machine, Project Scorpio. The console may not be due to arrive until this time next year, but that hasn’t stopped Aaron Greenberg, Head of Xbox Games Marketing, from declaring that Scorpio will be capable of delivering ‘really true 4K’. Which is a technical term, we assume. He made the statement at Mexico City’s Xbox FanFest, where he said: This will really bring the most powerful console you’ve ever seen. It will bring these really true 4K, really incredible visual games that we’ve … Read More »

For those wondering, The NPD Group provides market information and advisory services to companies looking to make the right decisions for their product. These are the guys that track the sales of products giving accurate up-to-date information to it’s clients. And Microsoft happen to be one of their clients. Aaron Greenberg, head of Xbox Games tweeted the progress of sales for Xbox One. Xbox, this month; for the fourth time in a row, is the best selling console in the US, ahead of it’s competitors, but what really brought music to our ears here at XBOUK, is that Greenberg also reported … Read More »

Recently the numbers for console sales in September came out and Microsoft is again on top for a third consecutive month.  Overall, it was reported that Xbox console sales were up 1000% overall!  That is insane and it appears that the heads of Xbox are starting to feel themselves a bit on their recent victories. Xbox marketing executive Aaron Greenberg went to Twitter to announce his appreciation to everyone who has supported Xbox and left the at the end of his tweet #DontCallitAComeback. So grateful to everyone who helped us get back on top! #DontCallitAComeback https://t.co/KTbMdT1zfr — Aaron Greenberg (@aarongreenberg) … Read More »

Project Scorpio is being touted as the next phenomenal thing to come from Microsoft, but for all we know, it could just be Skynet in disguise. You don’t know. Luckily, Mr Aaron Greenberg spoke to Engadget to alleviate our (my) fears of robot armageddon, and also about how Project Scorpio will redefine the traditional console generations. Firstly, although we were told by Phil Spencer at E3 that there won’t be any Project Scorpio exclusive games because “when you’re buying a console game from us, you know that console game will run on your original Xbox”, it appears that VR is exempt … Read More »

In a Tweet on Monday evening Head of Xbox Games Marketing, Aaron Greenberg, brought some clarity to the recent rumours that Xbox are planning to allow gamers to trade in digital copies of games. The rumour (which we originally reported on here) asked gamers whether they would be interested in a virtual trade in system which would allow them to gain a small percentage of the games value back in the form an Xbox Store credit. Many people seemed interested in the idea, with the optimists among us adopting a “Something is better than nothing” mentality. Unfortunately it appears as though the idea has been … Read More »

In recent days Aaron Greenberg, the head of Marketing at Xbox, has been talking about about what 2016 has in store for Xbox. He also talked about the boss, Phil Spencer and what he’s like, both as a person and also what he’s like to work for. “I think with Xbox One, where we are right now, I’m really proud of what we achieved in the last couple of years in particular. The team has made an incredible product, I think we have an industry leading games line-up. I think that if we look at this next year we’re gonna … Read More »

Just days in to the New Year and there is already a delay on upcoming Xbox One exclusive Scalebound, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as the game will surely be better from it. However, while speaking to Gamer Tag Radio,  Xbox Live Product Manager Aaron Greenberg said Xbox One gamers still have plenty to look forward to in 2016. Greenberg has stated previously “Our focus has been on having the best games line up anywhere and we have already shared a good preview of what our line up looks like in coming year. So I think people know that we … Read More »

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