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Developer Bitmap Bureau seem to have something of an obsession. Now that’s not a bad thing. Some people are obsessed with their favourite sports team. Personally I’m quite obsessed with fish finger sandwiches. Bitmap Bureau’s obsession is a little stranger though. They seem to like the number eight far too much. 88 Heroes is a platforming game like none you have seen before. As the name suggests you have 88 Heroes to play with. There are also 88 levels, each of which must be completed in 88 seconds and you have 88 minutes to complete all of the levels. Oh … Read More »

Happy Monday morning fellow gamers, how are we all feeling today? The weekend has flown by far too fast as normal, but I managed to get a bit of gaming in which is also pretty epic – how about you? I think we should kick this week off in the best way that I can think of, it’s time for your brand new ‘Games Out This Week’ – what are we being treated to this time? So grab your drink and get your seat, the hype train is now ready to depart. 08/08/2016 88 Heroes At 8 minutes past 8 … Read More »

“Everybody needs a hero” that’s how the song goes. Well the people at Rising Star Games are generous folks and they don’t have just one hero for you, they have 88. There are also 88 levels for you to play through while you battle an enemy by the name of Dr. H8. Oh, and you have to complete each level in 88 seconds. Notice a theme yet? This game is 88 Heroes. Each hero has a different power or ability that he will bring to the game and it is up to you how you harness them best in this … Read More »

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Thanks to our sponsor Elgato Gaming, we have a fantastic HD60s Capture Card which will be won by one lucky Xbox One UK visitor.

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