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In the late 80’s and early 90’s, platformers were the bread and butter of gaming. Disney especially, had a great showing through the 8-Bit era. However, dependent on what console you had during the infamous Sega Vs Nintendo console war, would determine what Disney games you could get your hands on. And if you had both consoles, you were a spoilt child. There were no multi-platform releases for licensed Disney software. A practice that lasted into the 16-bit era. This led to differing games for the separate consoles. The Sega Master System had some outstanding Disney titles such as Castle ... Read More »
Who doesn't like a good RPG, especially now a days with all of their in-depth story lines and beautiful visuals. But sometimes all that gets a little too much and we won't something a little different. Well don't fret folks, developer Heart Machine have got you covered. Set for release later this month they are currently working on the retro style 8-bit RPG Hyper Light Drifter. Set in a savage land that reeks of a violent past you play as a drifter searching for forgotten knowledge, lost technologies and broken histories. Although you are a little different from the other ... Read More »
What more is there to love than Quests and Dungeons all in one game! If you made a small excited sound at the first word that only got higher in pitch and volume by the second word, this one might be for you. Let's throw some other terms and see if you faint with excitement. Class based characters: A Warrior, Wizard, Assassin (archer) and Shaman. No nonsense turn based combat. 8 Bit graphics akin to The Escapists, Gameboy Zelda or similar. Items, doors, keys, loot, vendors, bosses and more! If you haven't had a nerd overdose yet, keep reading and ... Read More »
The popular 8-bit platformer will be available on Xbox  Shovel Knight may have already appeared on Nintendo’s 3DS and Wii U systems in addition to the PC, Mac, and even Linux in 2014, but the Xbox One release won’t just be a direct port of previous versions. Several unannounced new features are promised for the Xbox One release of Shovel Knight and while the developers 'Yacht Club Games' don’t go into detail on what most of them will be, they do remind everyone that the retro BattleToads characters from the NES game of the same name will be making cameos in the game. ... Read More »

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