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  505 Games, makers of Rocket League and Terraria to name a few, have just released a new cinematic trailer of their next game Virginia – a single-player first-person thriller set in a small town with a secret. You play as graduate FBI agent Anne Tarver as she investigates the disappearance of a young boy, Lucas Fairfax, who vanished from his bedroom in Kingdom, Virginia. Along with your partner, seasoned investigator Maria Halperin, you’ll find yourself negotiating competing interests, uncovering hidden agendas and testing the patience of a community unaccustomed to uninvited scrutiny. As your investigation takes a turn for … Read More »

Assetto Corsa has finally raced on to Xbox One, after several delays – but was it worth the wait? Developed by Kunos Simulazioni, a small studio hoping to rise through the racing sim ranks, Assetto Corsa already has a strong reputation in the PC gaming world, but now it’s finally been ported over to the Xbox One, bringing with it a purely racing mentality. Need for Speed this ain’t. The game is marketed as ‘your racing simulator’, which confused us since initially we found the game to be very arcade-like in its handling and set-up. This cast doubts in our mind … Read More »

The ongoing saga of Payday 2’s console updates has took a turn for either the best or the worst, depending on your outlook. American online retailer GameStop posted a listing for Payday 2: The Big Score, to be released on Xbox One on October 11. The listing has been up for a couple of days now, but we’re still waiting for official confirmation from either Overkill or 505 Games, and there are no product details on the listing itself. Obviously, the natural conclusion to draw from this is that Overkill are releasing a new version of Payday 2 on consoles, … Read More »

Avast. Pixel Piracy is an indie side-scrolling real-time strategy video game with rogue-like elements, developed by Quadro Delta. In the game, players construct a pirate ship, hire and train a crew, and guide their crew toward notoriety as renowned pirates. Pixel Piracy is from the same team that brought you Terraria and, as you can see from the gameplay video, it the same 8bit style graphics and look. Pixel Piracy has a slight twist to it, though; unlike Terraria you don’t go mining. Instead, you set out to be the best pirate of the seas, and a pixelated one at that. Pixel Piracy offers a pirate’s booty of customisation … Read More »

505 games has this week confirmed that the Xbox One version of hardcore racing sim Assetto Corsa has been delayed to June 3rd. The title which has the potential to rival Xbox mainstay Forza was originally set for release on consoles on April 22nd. In an official statement 505 Games had this to say regarding the delay: “The delay will ensure the console release delivers the most polished experience for simulation racing fans, and deliver precision accuracy across every aspect from the meticulous car handling to the laser-measured tracks”. With the title confirmed to run at a slightly underwhelming 900p … Read More »

The rumor mill is working hard and today’s rumor is that 505 Games are currently working on bringing Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf to the Xbox One. Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf is a RPG based on the 1980’s game books created by British fantasy writer Joe Denver. With it’s non linear game play and in-game choices that will affect both gameplay and the endings that you get, Lone Wolf could be a lot of fun for any fans of the RPG genre. Set across four acts, you’ll discover what happened at Rockstarn, explore the Sunken Forest and check out the secrets … Read More »

Battle Islands the popular, free to play world war II strategy game is now available to download on Xbox One, bringing new content to the platform. Players who go to war on the Xbox One will have exclusive access to the following content. Firstly we have Ranger Mode which players can jump in to the action and take full control of their units. You will also get the chance to take your very own veteran ranger to fight alongside your troops. Next we have New Units, you will have special units you can use to attack enemy bases and seize … Read More »

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a story based on two brothers who have lives of tragedy & adventure.  Part of the story lies in what they don’t tell you. The characters don’t have dialogue, all they have is, how do I put it…well basically garble. This make things a little difficult at times when it comes to the puzzle & problem solving gameplay. Also there’s no text to go with what they discussing or pointing at. I noticed that the game’s cutscenes are very minimal so not much help is given there. This makes me think, is less … Read More »

Coming to the Xbox One during next week, August 12th, is the much beloved game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, formerly only available on the last gen consoles and PC. The August release is however only for the digital copies, the physical one won’t be out until September 4th for the European crowd, so if you want a physical copy you will have to wait a few extra weeks.   Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a beautiful, puzzle-based adventure game about two brothers, working together to save a precious person. The game is a bit special, since … Read More »

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