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Halo Wars 2 - the next entry in the sprawling Halo Universe saga - lands on 21st February, but from today eager Spartans will get the chance to test themselves in battle in the open Blitz Beta. Running from 20 - 30 January, the Blitz Beta showcases an entirely new way to play Halo Wars. Part Real Time Strategy title, part card strategy game, Blitz promises fast paced action where your deck of cards represents the troops and units at your disposal. Timing is key - the right card is no good if played at the wrong time, against the wrong ... Read More »
If you play Halo 5 this weekend - that's 26-27 November - you'll be the lucky recipient of an exclusive in-game emblem, Thanks Given. The emblem, revealed on the official Halo Twitter channel, looks a bit like Foghorn Leghorn's been crammed into a Spartan helmet. We like it. We also like the idea of poor, defenceless, tasty birds donning armour and equipping Designated Marksmen Rifles whenever the Bernard Matthews truck rolls around... https://twitter.com/Halo/status/801848114453905411 Of course, us Europeans can hang onto this emblem for now, and display it proudly on 25 December, which is THE CORRECT DATE FOR EATING TURKEY. Make sure ... Read More »
Halo has and probably always will be a staple of the Xbox gaming community having been around as long as the platform itself, it's hard to imagine an Xbox generation not having the ability to play a Halo game. Halo started as little more than a neatly packed trilogy ending in 2007 but since then it has exploded into a universe of diverse story telling in the form of novels, secret websites and even new games. Halo Wars (Released February 2009) was the first game to show us a taste of the new and improved Haloverse that was to come, no longer ... Read More »
Yes you heard that right folks those lucky enough to be going to the upcoming E3 event will have the chance to play on the much-anticipated Halo Wars 2. Halo Wars 2 will be developed by the Creative Assembly in association with 343 Industries. Halo Wars 2 may have gone a little under the radar for some as Microsoft prepares for the upcoming launch of Gears of War 4 but the promise of gameplay footage of the strategy game may get some of the Halo fans excited after the launch of Halo 5 last year. In a blog post which ... Read More »
We take our helmets of to the guys at 343 Industries who have delivered a steady stream of new content for Halo 5: Guardians since launch. The latest installment - Ghosts of Meridian - is now live. If your console is set to instant-on the chances are your update is already installed. If not - get right on that, Spartan! Alongside the new maps - Tyrant (Arena) and Skirmish at Darkstar (a fabulously compact Warzone map) there are a whole host of new Reqs to enjoy, and a bunch of tweaks across Forge, multiplayer, campaign and the UI. The dates ... Read More »
It's been eagerly anticipated, now it's available for you to enjoy Calling all guardians, calling all guardians - the wait is over and the time is now. The 'Cartographer's Gift' is now available for download, weighing in at 3.8GB it's clear we are getting a lot of content for the epic 'HALO 5: Guardians'. So what are we getting for free in this latest update, let's take a look courtesy of (and credit to) the official HALO Waypoint notes: New Features And Content Forge is now available! Added a basic implementation of File Browser. Players can now bookmark and share ... Read More »

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