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Halo studio 343 Industries has a new Studio Head. Chris Lee, who has a long history with both Microsoft and the Halo series has been appointed to the position. He previously served as Senior Lead Producer on Halo 4, and then Executive Producer on Halo 5: Guardians. He replaces Dan Ayoub, who has been moved to Microsoft’s Mixed Reality team. Dan had been involved with the Halo series ever since Halo: Reach, which released in 2009. A statement from 343 said: “Over the years, Dan has helped us work with amazing studios and partners from literally every corner of the globe. They, … Read More »

Halo on Twitter today announced a big update coming just in time for the holiday season.  There is a bunch of new stuff coming to Halo 5: Guardians and what makes it even sweeter is it’s FREE!  The full description from the link in the tweet describes the update in great detail.  343 Industries states: Well folks, the hour has finally come. It’s no surprise that this time of year exudes a spirit of gift-giving, and we couldn’t be more excited to help you unwrap a very special present from us to you: Monitor’s Bounty. Halo 5’s latest content release is an … Read More »

The latest update for Halo 5, entitled Hog Wild is now live. As we reported here, the update features a lot of great items. Including, but not limited too: Armour, Weapon Skins, Warthogs and more! With there being a new update it of course makes sense that you receive a free Preview REQ Pack, as confirmed in the below Tweet from the official Halo Twitter account. New REQs have arrived. Jump into Halo 5 to grab your free Hog Wild Preview REQ Pack! pic.twitter.com/5hqCFgVR6u — Halo (@Halo) May 31, 2016   So make sure you log in to Halo to get … Read More »

It’s been eagerly anticipated, now it’s available for you to enjoy Calling all guardians, calling all guardians – the wait is over and the time is now. The ‘Cartographer’s Gift’ is now available for download, weighing in at 3.8GB it’s clear we are getting a lot of content for the epic ‘HALO 5: Guardians’. So what are we getting for free in this latest update, let’s take a look courtesy of (and credit to) the official HALO Waypoint notes: New Features And Content Forge is now available! Added a basic implementation of File Browser. Players can now bookmark and share … Read More »

Last month, we saw the first content update for Halo 5: Guardians, despite the game only being released on the 27th of October. The November update added Big Team Battle, amongst other things. But yesterday, at The Video Game Awards, the next content update coming to Halo 5: Guardians this month was revealed with a trailer. Titled “Cartographer’s Gift” the update promises to add a lot of new content, but a release date wasn’t confirmed and 343 Industries were reluctant to expand on any of the details of the content update. See the trailer here: However, what we do know is that the Cartographer’s Gift … Read More »

Halo 5 is a huge franchise that most gamers know and love, after some criticism that Halo 5’s story was a beautifully crafted “play it safe” for 343 Frank O’Connor Halo’s franchise director spoke to Time in regards to this, heres what he had to say: It’s totally a fair conversation to have, and I can’t disagree with how you felt about the game, you felt the way you felt,” says O’Connor, responding to my critique of Master Chief, the series’ icon, as an emotionally blank cipher for players. “It’s a tension that we’ve had, and something I’ve spoken about many times in … Read More »

Tonight’s six-hour, New Year’s Eve-style “Halo 5: Live” event is already packed with cool-sounding stuff like selfies from the edge of space and people playing the game from a helicopter. But the event may have news beyond just Halo, according to recent comments from an Xbox higher-up. Xbox engineering boss Mike Ybarra writes on Twitter: “I encourage everyone to watch Halo 5: Live. You might hear about things beyond Halo.” He ended this tweet with a winky face–read into that however you want. Another fan asked Xbox marketing executive Aaron Greenberg if fans can expect announcements tonight about things outside … Read More »

Earlier today we told you about Halo’s new matchmaking and it’s Competitive Skill Rating (CSR) system. This is a feature designed to make multiplayer games more enjoyable (you can read all about it here) and it isn’t the only one. 343 Industries have also told us about what kind of behaviours it will take to get a player banned. According to the developer their system is “engineered to detect and track” bad behaviour in all Arena playlists. Some of these behaviours are the following: Quitting matches. Team killing. Idling. Intentional suicides. Excessive disconnects. The bans that will be handed out … Read More »

In the Halo 5:Guardians tournament that took place at this years Gamescom, the matches were played with a Bo3, 50 kills team slayer style match-up. First match up was Optic Gaming(NA) vs Supremacy(EU). After some technical difficulties during the first match, which was played on the Empire map, Supremacy won the first round 50-44. Second round, played on the new map Fathom, Supremacy started up with a 6-0 lead but then was even all the way up to 35 where Optic pulled ahead with some really big plays, using the new spartan abilities to the fullest, ending with a close … Read More »

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