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Developer Four Circle Interactive‘s sequel to 10 Second Ninja will make you want to pull your hair out, but with its fast gameplay, pick-up-and-play immediacy, and instantly rewarding gameplay, it will keep you coming back for more. 10 Second Ninja X hits Xbox today and brings action arcade style cartoon fun to the home console.  The game opens up in a bright and colourful world with a quick tutorial that introduces players to all of the ninja hero’s abilities before the story’s antagonist, Captain Greatbeard, makes an entrance. Players will find themselves inside an arcade style action puzzler that gives players… 10 seconds, on each level … Read More »

Well hello there you, yes I mean you reading this – how are you doing today? As another week begins to blossom I see that you have already made a very wise choice, you have chosen to stop by here for a fix of gaming news. So how about we kick the week off in some style and what better way than by checking out the games heading our way this week to expand our collections. are you ready? Grab that coffee and get your seat, all aboard the hype train. 19/07/2016 10 Second Ninja X 10 SECOND NINJA X … Read More »

Some Games are made for everyone, others are made for only a few. These games are hard in ways that stretch the imagination, these games are only for those who call themselves hardcore. 10 Second Ninja is one of these games. Luckily for those who feel themselves tough enough to face the challenge developer Four Circle Interactive and publisher Curve Digital have announced that 10 Second Ninja X will be coming to the Xbox One. You will not only get the original 40 levels, players will also be treated to 60 new levels. Each level challenges players to complete them … Read More »

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