News Feeds from Xbox One UK

News Feeds from Xbox One UK


What are News Feeds?

News feeds allow you to see when Xbox One UK has added new content – news, reviews, previews, how to guides, and anything else we write about. You get the latest news straight from us, delivered directly to you. No mess. No fuss. Just news.

Feeds are often known as RSS (Really Simple Syndication) – simply web pages that are designed to be read by computers, not people.

We provide feeds for all our different kinds or articles.

How do I use feeds?

You may be able to access our feeds using your browser – Firefox is particularly good at fidning and displaying feeds – but you’ll get best results using a dedicated feed news reader. There are desktop and mobile apps available for every platform – yes even Windows Mobile – as well as web-based news readers. We like

Our Feeds
Our master feed – all our posts in a single feed.
Xbox news.
Conversations with leading lights in the gaming and development communities.
All our game reviews. We only review complete games, so games in the Preview Programme, or which we haven’t been able to fully test (eg online multiplayer) can be found…
Game previews.
Hardware reviews.
All our indie game news and reviews in the one place – these posts will also appear in the main news and reviews feeds.
Non-news posts – for example How-To guides, tech tips etc.
Gaming culture. exploring the wider aspects of gaming, including books, game sound tracks, game streaming, and gaming communities.
Opinions. We’re full of them. Posts about the nature of gaming, the state of the industry, and ‘best of…’ lists.

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