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When I first booted up Sine Mora EX, all I expected was some solid shoot ‘em up action, and I got that. What I wasn't expecting was a story concerned with blackmail, rape and genocide. There's a time and a place for narratives like that, and perhaps a side scrolling shooter isn't one of them. Sine Mora EX is the re-release of a little known shoot ‘em up from the previous generation that many might have missed out on, myself included. It's a fairly typical shoot ‘em up for the most part; defeat a few waves of enemies before tackling ... Read More »
When a good book is written, it tends to eventually be adapted in all forms of media, but rarely video games. Developers Daedelic Entertainment have taken the plunge in adapting Ken Follett's classic book: The Pillars of the Earth, and created an interactive novel/ point and click adventure; a genre that the developers are renowned for, but how well has it been adapted? The original book has 21 chapters, so if you're going to adapt a book - and want to get it right, you're going to want to include all the chapters. The developers did just this and took ... Read More »
Agents of Mayhem is the spiritual successor to the Saints Row series and boy can you tell. From the colour schemes, to the general craziness of the characters and storyline and from the constant use of innuendo, to the use of the 3rd Street Saints emblem. There is even the inclusion of the one and only Johnny Gat. But let us make one thing clear, this may be a game that revels in the past but it is also a game of the future, it takes what Saints Row built and improves upon it ten-fold. Agents of Mayhem is set ... Read More »
The renaissance of the RPG genre in more of a retro fashion has gone from strength to strength over the last few years. This brings us to Moon Hunters by indie developers Kitfox Games, which first launched via Steam in 2016 and garnered somewhat of a comparison to the Diablo series, albeit a much more relaxed version. The game itself is a self proclaimed RPG mythology building game with what also seems to be the latest trend -procedurally generated levels. But does the moon shine bright? Or will you be left in an eclipse? The premise to Moon Hunters starts ... Read More »
Before you ask, no, Mr. Shifty isn't about that guy lurking around the corner of a secluded street nor is it a nickname given to a secondary school teacher. It's in fact the title of the character you play, who so happens to have forgotten how to use his legs at all and decides to teleport everywhere. And I mean everywhere...which in theory, isn't necessarily a bad idea for a title such as this. But is it worthwhile? Granted, some of us are hoping for some form of solo Nightcrawler game - he is quite an underrated superhero with amazing ... Read More »
Have you ever wanted to call somebody a "cheeky bastard" over Xbox Live and not get penalised for it due to Microsoft's Terms and Conditions? Ever wanted to hurt someone deep down using words but can never come up with something witty and clever? Well now you can with Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator - a hilarious fighting game where words will always hurt them but not sticks and stones. But does it get stale after a while? Taking obvious inspiration from the likes of Monty Python, Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator sees you throwing insults at your opponent in hopes of ... Read More »
Initially released back in 1997, Constructor saw us building our own town with a twist - you play the role of a crime lord property tycoon and it's up to you whether you want to play by the books or just fleece every resident and business for all they have. Twenty years on, have developers System 3 managed to re-capture your inside villain? Voiced by what can only be described as Boycie from Only Fools and Horses; your guide in Constructor HD will help you when in need. After a very informative and lengthy tutorial, Boycie will send you on ... Read More »
With an influx of adventure games calling themselves 'point and click', it's easy to throw COWCAT's adventure game Demtrios - The BIG Cynical Adventure under the same category. Demetrios is more of an interactive novel; a true point and click adventure, but does it capture the charm of point and click adventures of long ago? The premise is simple: you play as Bjorn Thonen, the lazy son of an antiques dealer who lives in Paris. When he mysteriously becomes unconscious, he soon realises his apartment was broken into and has stolen a tablet from an ancient statue that so happens ... Read More »
There are three things certain in life: death, taxes, and mini golf is awesome. It's all the skill and precision of real golf but without the god awful clothing and the inherent snobbery that surrounds a clubhouse. Who cares about etiquette when you can have a few drinks, play a few holes and enjoy yourself? This has been a party political broadcast paid for by The Mini Golf For All Foundation. Joking aside, mini golf is an enjoyable activity for all ages, and one that appears to be making a resurgence in the gaming world. The last DLC for Dead ... Read More »

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