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If you'd have mentioned the Guardians of the Galaxy to most people a few years ago, you'd be greeted with looks of confusion and rightfully branded a “NEEEEERRRRDDD!”. Now, you can't move for Groot figures and Star-Lord masks. What a difference the Marvel Cinematic Universe makes. Naturally, once you've conquered Hollywood, video games are next. With Telltale at the helm for the team’s first virtual adventure together, can the transition be a successful one? Could Telltale do the team justice? After playing through Episode 1, it certainly seems that way. Taking control of Star-Lord himself, you lead the team on ... Read More »
You have nothing to fear except fear itself, or so the saying goes anyway. Well Outlast 2 is here to prove otherwise. The original game was a masterclass in the survival horror genre and this title does nothing to diminish this reputation. The start of the game sees you flying in a helicopter with your reporter wife as you film her introducing a segment about what happened to a mysterious murdered girl known only as Jane Doe. This is your role in life, you are a cameraman and the camera is the only tool at your disposal. This position doesn't ... Read More »
Just by reading the title of the game, you would expect some unusual weirdness going on - never would you expect it to heavily involve Time Travel, but The Sexy Brutale takes traditional 3D puzzle games and flips it on its head...time and time again. The initial starting sequence to this title introduces you to the mechanics of the game and gives you a little 'push' in the right direction to the way you're supposed to approach the puzzles, giving you a unique and interesting way to solve them, not seen in games of this genre before. You begin by ... Read More »
Man meets beast. Man befriends beast. Beast hunted by merciless humans. It’s an age-old adage and one that Spiral House has developed into a new promising action adventure. This time the beast takes form as the mythical Troll. But it turns out the real beast in this game is something else completely. Troll and I tells the tale of Otto, a young man whose village is in ruins from destruction and fire. In your attempt to flee to safety you encounter the fabled Troll. Long talked about through generations still considered mythical. The problem is, wealthy humans have also discovered that ... Read More »
Over the past week or so, one game might have slipped your attention: Aaero. It's not surprising really, as the game dropped with no real fanfare or promotion from developers Mad Fellows Games, but that shouldn't stop you from checking it out. Playing like an on rails rhythm-action game in the same style of Rez, with a shade of Gitaroo Man for good measure, you shoot down enemies using a lock on weapon (Rez) whilst tracing a line that follows the beat of the song (Gitaroo Man). If that sounds absurd, watch this gameplay trailer at the bottom of the ... Read More »
Developed by FrozenByte and published by GameTrust, Has-Been Heroes is quite a strange and random game. It's a weird combination of Rogue-like, RPG and strategical combat. The Has-Been Heroes are a bunch of heroes from the days of yesterday. Now forgotten about until the king sends them all on one final quest: escorting his two daughters to school. You progress through randomly-generated maps. The word 'maps' is used quite loosely in this since you just control the direction the heroes must take next rather than the heroes themselves and this is done via the map in the bottom corner of ... Read More »
Cities: Skylines first appeared on PC via Steam in 2015, developed by Colossal Order - and what a Colossal of a game this is. First thing you need to know is that this is the exact same game as the PC version, nothing is stripped down. The only thing they've changed is the control scheme and what a hefty feat Tantalus Media had been entrusted with, porting it over to Xbox One. Remarkably, Cities plays well with the Xbox controller, but it still isn't a mouse and keyboard, which these types of games are primarily designed for. The idea of ... Read More »
In the late 80’s and early 90’s, platformers were the bread and butter of gaming. Disney especially, had a great showing through the 8-Bit era. However, dependent on what console you had during the infamous Sega Vs Nintendo console war, would determine what Disney games you could get your hands on. And if you had both consoles, you were a spoilt child. There were no multi-platform releases for licensed Disney software. A practice that lasted into the 16-bit era. This led to differing games for the separate consoles. The Sega Master System had some outstanding Disney titles such as Castle ... Read More »
Genre combinations are gleaming in abundance with Rogue Stormers. Blending together action, platforming, twin stick shooter, rpg and roguelike elements in a huge mixer. It’s a bit like trying to create a new dish, but have developers Black Forest Games got the right mixture of ingredients to make this a standout title? Roguelike, is classed as a sub-genre of the fabled RPG, which involves levels being randomly generated. And that’s exactly what you’ll get from the seven main levels featured in the game. Each run through offers a different layout to test your wits against a slew of enemies. As ... Read More »

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