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After a success with a particular game, sometimes other developers take notes and develop a similar title hoping to reach success with their 'adaptive' title. Take Portal for instance. That changed the puzzle genre, offering unique ways to change up the puzzle dynamic, using physics to its advantage along with a thought-provoking story to go with it. This year saw a game released that has clearly been inspired by Portal, but remains a unique game in its own right - ChromaGun by developer Pixel Maniacs. ChromaGun loosely follows a similar story to Portal - You arrive at an abandoned facility ... Read More »
This generation of console gaming has sparked many free to play titles, specifically many MMO titles such as DC Universe, Warframe and Neverwinter. Recently, Marvel Heroes has closed its servers of its free to play Diablo-like MMO, despite the common formula of paying for extra content should you wish to purchase them. Now comes an epic MMO called Skyforge, where you take on the role of an immortal on your journey to becoming a God, but how does it fair? Now before we get started, the problem with Skyforge is that it gradually introduces the mechanics throughout the first few ... Read More »
Having been inundated with huge open world games over the last couple of decades, some repetitive (Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs) with others offering fun and varied gameplay (Saints Row the Third), there has to be that one game that started it all. Outcast: Second Contact is a HD remake of the original game Outcast that was released on PC back in 1999, which defined open world adventure games that we know today, but how does it hold up eighteen years later? It's 1999 and the government - along with top scientists, are experimenting with fringe science. New discoveries have been ... Read More »
Having taken a year out from the series in order to make some fundamental changes, not to mention the release of the movie last year, Ubisoft have brought a new chapter in the historic timey-wimey series with Assassin's Creed Origins, this time going back to where it all started, but how does it compare to previous entrants in the series? This time, the focus is on Bayek of Siwa, the last of the Medjay's; those sworn to protect the Pharaoh of Egypt as he struggles to come to terms with the loss of his son and hell-bent on avenging those ... Read More »
In a world where Mages are feared, a young girl named Zia learns of her mage abilities after an unfortunate event and sets off to discover a safe haven full of mages where she can learn to control her abilities in Mages of Mystralia, developed by Borealys Games. Shortly before arriving at Haven, Zia stumbles upon a spell book, where she learns basic four basic spells: Immedi - instantaneous melee attacks and explosions, Actus - ability to create projectiles and mines, also known as 'conditional duration' spells, Creo - the ability to create spells and adjust the terrain around her, ... Read More »
Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is the latest installment in the Wolfenstein franchise and it starts exactly where the last game left off. Both with the story and the gameplay. This is a game that turns up the excitement of the previous games all the way up to eleven and then some. The gameplay style is exactly what you would expect. There is no exploration here, this is a linear shooter that does what it does incredibly well. The first thing that you notice is that the story carries on from the exact point that the last game left off, ... Read More »
Developer Ghost Games brings the next title in their arcade racer series in the form of Need for Speed Payback, which provides a cinematic high-octane experience in an open-world Las Vegas-esque city, but does it really feel the need for speed? Immediately as you begin the game, you're thrown into the action and behind the wheel of the three protagonists of the game: Tyler Morgan - one of the best street racers in the city, Sean McAlister - a brit living the American dream and Jessica Miller - the 'runner' of the crew who helps the others get out of ... Read More »
What if two classic games from the days of yesteryear were combined to create something new? Imagine if the format and mechanics of Fantastic Dizzy had a baby with the art style of Yoshi's Island/ Story, then you would get Wuppo. I'm not sure if the developers Knuist & Perzik had that intention in mind, but that's what this title reminded me of. You play the role of a Wum; one of the four races living in the land and also the most intelligent of all the races. This particular Wum who lives in the WumHouse - a huge building ... Read More »
Although Microsoft has never had a lot of success with its Kinect peripheral, Ubisoft has been taking great advantage of the device over the last few years for people to enjoy with friends dancing away to popular tunes from current top charts all the way from classic hits.  Just Dance 2018 continues that fun but still suffers from the same issues that caused the Kinect itself to be a noticeably unsuccessful accessory for the Xbox One.  For those familiar with the series already or know that they have what it takes to make it all work, the friends that want ... Read More »

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