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Testicles will be exploding in slow-motion once again............ Remaking last-gen games for the next generation consoles is pretty common these day's, But how about re-releasing a next-gen game, on the same console a year after release, That's right, Sniper Elite 3 will be coming back, with all DLC bundles. due for release March 10th, Here's the official press release.......... 505 Games and Rebellion today announced the upcoming release of The Sniper Elite 3 ‘Ultimate Edition’ including the award-winning tactical shooter plus additional DLC content in one explosive package. This expanded experience is designed to give players everything they need to ... Read More »
One question I see on a daily basis, is what External hard-drive should I get. So here's a few tips on what to look for. Firstly you MUST ensure the hard drive ....... Has capacity of 256 GB or more Uses USB 3.0. Anything that isn't is fine for storage & media, but the above is required to use for "Games & Apps" where your Xbox will treat it as an Xbox drive, and allow you to store your full game installs. So, you need a USB3 External Hard drive that's at least 256gb, as a guide HDD size - ... Read More »
A quick step by step guide and FAQ page for game sharing on the Xbox One. First, some very basic information. Hopefully everyone knows all of the following: Xbox One games on disc cannot be played without it and therefore cannot be simultaneously shared. If you want to share your disc games, you'll have to share your disc and make do without that game for a while. However, the Xbox One can also play games downloaded directly and this is where the magic happens. These can be purchased on the Xbox One store, or download codes can be purchased from other retailers (see ... Read More »
Metro Redux is the compilation of Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light, digital buyers have the option of buying 2033, Last Light or the bundle of both games which are what's also found on the retail disk. At a budget price of £29.99 for both titles, it's the best value package available from the ever increasing line-up of next-gen remakes. Both games where released on the current-gen consoles (PS3/360) and while both where classed as great games, they where somewhat underachievers and never quite got the recognition and sales many felt they deserved. Firstly in 2033, playing as the protagonist ... Read More »
It's been 23 years since Another World was originally released and over the last few decades it's been seen on just about every system I can think of. Unlike Many I haven't touched Another World since the early 90's on a Super Nintendo. So maybe the nostalgia had a little more of an effect than those who have played elsewhere or indeed this exact version on PC over the last few years. You Control Lester, a Scientist working on a Particle Accelerator, when a bolt of Lightning hits the lab and shifts Lester to an alien planet. Initially you're armed ... Read More »
Zombie Driver was first released back in 2009, and has been tearing up the PC, Android tegra devices, ouya, PS3, 360 and now Xbox One thanks to the ID @ XBOX program. The Current gen release “Zombie Driver HD” was console gamers first view of the zombie infested streets and while not a must have title, it was a worthy purchase for fans of vehicular combat, and draws more than a few comparisons to titles like the original grand theft auto, as well as various top down racing games going as far back as super skidmarks, and micro machines. You ... Read More »
Terraria.   Genre : Survival/crafting - by 505 games Available : Out now Price : £15.19 Size: 476.27 MB If you ask people what Indie game outsold Portal 2 & The Witcher 2 just weeks after their release, many wouldn't be sure, proceed to tell them it's a game about crafting and survival and the first guess would probably be Minecraft. But for the last 3 years, there's been more than one survival crafting title, and while it's never quite reached the heights of Mojangs masterpiece, Terraria sold 200,000 copies in it's first week of release back in May 2011, ... Read More »
The title originally penned as Project Totem, has had a name change to Kalimba, and while I'm not sure what an ancient African finger piano has to do with Totems, it did mean we got our sweaty palms around the forthcoming puzzle platformer. You control two pieces of a totem simultaneously, when you move or press jump, both Totem pieces move, at the same time, So variations between the top and bottom route mean that it's far more than simply jumping over a gap, you'll be throwing your attention down the screen and back again, quicker than you can imagine, ... Read More »
Geometry Wars 3 : Dimensions Review Publsher : Activision / Sierra Developer : Lucid Games Size : 205.61 MB Release date : 26/11/14 (Out Now) Price : £13.99 As a youngster Smash TV was one of my favorite games on the Super Nintendo, and while I'd tasted titles like Robotron before that It was Smash TV that captured my attention, Over the years, there's been far too many similar style games to play, but it was the evolution of control pads and twin-sticks that really saw the genre boom, as the 'Twin-Stick Shooter' was born. One game that initially caught ... Read More »

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