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Rockstar has given fans a glimpse at the next new features coming soon to GTA Online mode. Nightclubs Starting sometime next month, players will be able to own and operate their own nightclub in GTA Online. Rockstar hasn’t exactly explained the ins and outs of how you will run your club, but it will involve designing, staffing, and promoting it. Rockstar says. “Run your nightclub business from setup, design, staffing and promotion; the more popular the club, the faster your secure wall safe will fill up.” Between July 3-9 Rockstar outlined on its blog include: players on the guest list will get … Read More »

This weeks Xbox One UK charts have been released, and thanks to that big important world event going on to do with football, FIFA 18 has remained in top spot for another week. You can check out the full charts below. LW TW Title Age Rating Publisher 1 1 FIFA 18 PEGI 3+ ELECTRONIC ARTS 2 2 STATE OF DECAY 2 PEGI 18+ MICROSOFT 3 PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS PEGI 16+ MICROSOFT 9 4 CALL OF DUTY: WWII PEGI 18+ ACTIVISION BLIZZARD 6 5 GRAND THEFT AUTO V PEGI 18+ TAKE 2 3 6 SEA OF THIEVES PEGI 12+ MICROSOFT 5 7 … Read More »

The first DLC pack for Conan Exiles is now available and it brings with it the eastern kingdom of Khitai. The DLC , called The Imperial East Pack also gives you a whole host of new items and buildings for you to make use of. This new range of items include a range of weapons such as shield and Jian, Khitan Mace, Warclub and Khitan Quiang. All the items run along the same Khitan theme. As well as the new weapons there is also armour including Khitan Imperial armour, Officer armour and Mercenary armour. Funcom Creative Director, Joel Bylos had … Read More »

With the dust finally setting from E3, we have compiled a list of noteworthy games releasing from now all the way up to September. 25th June The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit 26th June Nier: Automata Become As Gods Edition Far Cry 3 Classic Edition Lumines Remastered 29th June The Crew 2 MXGP Pro Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy 3rd July Red Faction Guerrilla: Re-Mars-Tered 5th July Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr 10th July Shining Resonance Refrain 11th July Warhammer: Vermintide 2 13 July Earthfall 17th July Sonic Mania Plus 24th July The Banner Saga 3 Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 … Read More »

Life is Strange is finally returning for a second season, The game will release its first episode on the 27th of September. We have no details on the new storylines if any characters are returning or if it will follow the previous protagonist Max Caulfield. The only piece of info we have is that just like the previous instalment it will be divided into five episodes. Developer Dontnod says more details are coming in August. Related news, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit which takes place in the same timeline and universe as Max is set to release this Monday. Some story elements … Read More »

During the run-up to its highly anticipated release, there was a lot of debate surrounding whether or not Dark Souls Remastered was, well, enough of a remaster to be worth players’ time. Now that the game has been released for almost a month now, and whilst there are still those with valid criticisms of the overall quality of the game, the verdict is overall pretty positive; it is still very much Dark Souls – and there’s not much wrong about that. Perhaps the best thing about traversing (and constantly dying) through the labyrinthian Lordran is the mass revival of the player base. … Read More »

If you thought Microsoft couldn’t have anymore surprises after their last week’s E3 conference then you’d be mistaken as it has been announced that Microsoft have teamed up with Nintendo to allow for cross play in Minecraft between the Xbox One and Switch. Now you and your friends on Switch can revel in the blocky goodness together. See the trailer below: This revelation comes after Nintendo America tweeted Xbox asking if they wanted to “build something” now that the two consoles are now able to play together. Some have already began to speculate that this is a swipe at Sony’s controversial … Read More »

Anima: Gate of Memories – The Nameless Chronicles is not only one of the longest titles for a video game around, it is also a third person action RPG set in the fictional world of Gaia. This is a place cursed by demons after it had been ravaged by a great war. You play as the Nameless; a shadowy figure who is immortal and who’s curse is that he has been left to walk the earth until the end of time. Upon loading up the game the first thing that we noticed was how sensitive the look mechanic is. The … Read More »

At E3 this year Capcom announced that they were indeed working on a remake of Resident Evil 2, this is the game that for a lot of people was their introduction into the now legendary franchise. People at E3 were also treated to a playable demo at the Capcom booth at the event. Yesterday Capcom released a gameplay trailer which showed off the stunning 4K graphics that will be utilised in this remake. It is true to say that these new visuals make a game that was terrifying the first time around even scarier. But let this be a moment … Read More »

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