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The history of surfing video games stretches further back and wider than I ever realised. With more extreme sports titles becoming mainstream at the back end of the 90's thanks to the likes of Tony Hawk and the late Dave Mirra, it is the surfing genre that may not have only passed me by, but you too. Previous entries in the surfing world include Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer and TransWorld Surf, of which the latter was a launch title for the original Xbox in 2001. But the last decade has proved relatively quiet for wave goers. Until Surf World Series ... Read More »
Developer Three Fields Entertainment have released the achievements for Danger Zone; a spiritual successor to Burnout's crash mode. Half of the achievements require you to accomplish a task for the first time, where others will see you grinding it out for platinum medals. There are no secret achievements and the full list can be viewed below. Name Description Gamerscore Trionfo Score a medal on every simulation 150 Platinum Score 10 platinum medals 150 Off To A Great Start Complete Tier 1 100 Tier 2 Complete Complete Tier 2 100 Bringing Home The Money Complete Tier 3 100 Tier 4 Complete ... Read More »
Last month Agents of Mayhem was released (you can read our review here) and it seems like it has spelt trouble for the developer Volition. It turns out that this week they have had to lay off over 30 people. There has been no official word from from their parent company, Deep Silver but apparently they have been unhappy with the low sales of Agents of Mayhem. It is believed that they expected the game to be a big hit due to the success of the Saints Row series. Agents of Mayhem is set in the same universe as the ... Read More »
The Evil Within 2 is a game that is filled with mysteries. One of the biggest mysteries of all is the enigma that is the righteous priest known as Father Theodore. He is a man on a mission and that mission is pure evil. Father Theodore is one of the many human monsters that you will meet in The Evil Within 2 and he wishes to rid the world of all that he views as sinful in his twisted mind. To do this he has taken control of the minds of The Guardian and Obscura, flamethrower wielding maniacs who exist ... Read More »
It's that time of the month again, no not that time of the month, but the time when Major Nelson reveals what's in store for Games with Gold for the upcoming month. The most notable game on there is The Turing Test which I believe is quite underrated. For fans of the Portal titles, this is the next best thing and it comes with a thought-provoking story too! Will you be picking up any of these titles? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.  If you would like to stay up to date with all ... Read More »
Developer Tuatara Games have revealed the achievements for their survival game Let Them Come. It looks as though these may be fairly easy to obtain just by completing the levels. Having said that, this may be a difficult game. There are no secrets to this title and you view the full list of achievements below. Name Description Gamerscore Combat Ready Complete the game tutorial. 40 Level 1 Completed Complete Level 1 40 Level 2 Completed Complete Level 2 40 Level 3 Completed Complete Level 3 40 Level 4 Completed Complete Level 4 40 Campaign Completed Complete Level 5 50 Trophy ... Read More »
Having released the custom character trailer for Sonic Forces just last week showing off some of the modern stages the game has to offer, Sega has decided it's time to tease us with a story mode trailer and one of the classic Sonic stages the game has to offer. First up, we have the story mode trailer which gives you an idea of what the Sonic team is up against come release day. Secondly, we have a trailer that shows off Casino Forest Zone, which is heavily inspired from Casino Night Zone from the Mega Drive classic Sonic 3. ... Read More »
There's always that old argument between gamers who play football games, and has been the case for as long as I can remember: Which is better? Pro Evo or FIFA? I've had friends who switch every few years or so between the two. But up until recently with last years iteration, Konami had scored some great goals and improved the game immensely and brought life back into the game, but has there been any improvements to Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 to keep their player base from switching to the 'dark side'? The first thing you'll notice about PES 2018 over ... Read More »
Developer Realmforge Studios have revealed the achievements for their upcoming game Dungeons 3, an RPG adventure in the same vein as Diablo. There are no secret achievements for this title, but you can check out the list of achievements below. Name Description Gamerscore The Shadow strikes Successfully complete the mission “The Shadow of Absolute Evil”. 15 Death and destruction! Destroy 9 Heroes with Thalya's “Fire Bomb” in the mission “The Shadow of Absolute Evil”. 15 Shadow hunter Don’t let the Shadow take any damage from light in the mission “The Shadow of Absolute Evil”. 20 Twistram is devastated Complete the ... Read More »

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