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Yesterday the latest patch for COD: WW2 launched. Patch 1.08 has been presented slightly differently to most of the patches we get these days for one very specific reason. No patch notes have been released. Maybe this is because the changes made are so slight that the developer didn't think any were needed. Patch 1.08 mainly just removes the Winter Siege event. It also adds Kill Confirmed to the Hardcore playlist, this been the result of fans requesting this so much. The developer announced these changes in a tweet yesterday. In addition to the game update pushed this morning to ... Read More »
For some out there The Elder Scrolls Online has become something of a second life where events and relationships really matter. For others the MMORPG has become a nice place to visit and quest with friends from the comfort of your living room. For both groups however there has felt like there is something missing, something absent from this world. For some this thing has always been dragons. Well the wait may well be over. Very soon Update 17 will be landing in the game as well as the Dragon Bones DLC pack. In a tweet the developer gave us ... Read More »
The new year is upon us and so is the new season of competitive play in Overwatch. This time around the developer has made a few changes to the ranking system and who you are matched with meaning that games should be a little more balanced. This time around the difference between the highest and lowest ranked players in a match will be much smaller. This means that you will be playing against people of a much similar skill level to yours than you have been in previous seasons. The difference in ranking will now fall to between these ranges: ... Read More »
Kodi, the free and open source media platform has announced that following high demand their platform will be available on Xbox One through Windows and Xbox Store. Those of you who had the original Xbox may well remember the Xbox Media Centre, (a third party, non-Microsoft product built for the console). Well, Xbox Media Centre was renamed Kodi in 2014 and became available to a wide range of non-console platforms including Android, macOS, Linux, and Windows. The platform has been surrounded by controversy since it's launch due to the fact that while the app contains no content, it does offer the ... Read More »
Everybody likes a good scare. The thrilling feeling emotion of a jump scare without having your life actually at risk gets the blood flowing and causes the unique feeling for players. Dynamic Pixels has attempted to do just that with Hello Neighbor inviting players to be a small child being hunted down by a creepy neighbour that you've decided to break in the house of. However, with the look of a childrens cartoon and no real suspense build up, Hello Neighbor falls short of what it ultimately wants to achieve. Being a small nameless child, you witness a neighbour up to some suspicious acts ... Read More »
Last month Warhammer: Vermintide was the offering through the Games With Gold program and now the developer, Fatshark, have announced that they are working on the sequel for the Xbox One. "Although speculations have been correct all along, today we are happy to start talking more console specifics as the Xbox One and Playstation versions has been confirmed," said Martin Wahlund, the top man at Fatshark. So this means that in the coming months we will be hearing much more about this game. As of yet we have no official release date for Warhammer: Vermintide 2 but we can probably ... Read More »
Let's be honest, Curse of Osiris for Destiny 2 wasn't that great.  Mercury was beautiful and the raid lair was amazing but both of the new strikes are just repeats of the story missions and the story did nothing to really develop characters or really make you feel an real emotion on the security of Earth. With that though The Dawning is live and data miners have had a look through the update and we may have some good info on what the next expansion may bring us.  Let's also remember that these leaks are just speculation without any confirmation ... Read More »
The Witcher 3, the popular action-rpg from CD Projekt Red has become the latest game to receive an opportunity to shine on the Xbox One X. Players who download the 550mb Xbox One X patch can expect to receive improved 4k graphics, HDR support and performance enhancement, (players will get two options; increased performance or better visuals). Performance mode will allow you to play at 60fps at a min of 1080p, the improved visual mode will bring the game to life in 4k with improved texture mapping, enhanced shadows and of course, 4k gameplay. CD Projekt RED’s Jakub Kutrzuba recently told Xbox ... Read More »
Here are the Xbox One UK Charts for the week beginning 18th December. With it being the last charts before Christmas comes around, this make the below chart with the top spot officially becoming Christmas number one. And what better way for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to come swooping in and taking top spot on entrance, knocking Call of Duty: WWII off its streak since launch. CONGRATULATIONS PLAYERUNKNOWN'S  BATTLEGROUNDS!! You can check out the full Christmas charts below: LW TW Title Age Rating Publisher   1 PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS PEGI 16+ MICROSOFT 1 2 CALL OF DUTY: WWII PEGI 18+ ACTIVISION BLIZZARD 4 ... Read More »

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