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Welcome back to Xbox One UK’s regular reflection; where we take a look at the list of Xbox 360 titles that became backwards compatible in the last month, and try to point out a couple of highlights. September was a pretty active month for the BC program, providing gamers with lots of titles across multiple genres. Yes, we’re still waiting on Skate 3, but September did offer something for everyone. First, the honourable mentions: Call of Duty: World at War Call of Duty’s last foray into WW2 shooters was the game to thank/blame for the insistence of Zombies in most … Read More »

We all know how the Call of Duty franchise works.  November comes around and one of the now three developers puts out the latest Call of Duty game.  We see many different variations of the game sold, bundled with knick knacks and other cool toys that appeal to the most hardcore of fans.  They are great side items and usually accent a part of the new main game.  But what if the gamers would rather just have the add on instead of the actual game? One of our editors, Brian, spoke yesterday about how Activision is bundling its next game … Read More »

It can’t have escaped many gamers attention that one of the biggest gaming franchises in history is about to have a new addition. November, as has become tradition, sees the launch of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare developed by the Infinity Ward Studio. As part of the Legacy editions, the game is also shipping with a remastered version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – a game originally released in 2007 that propelled Call of Duty to the top of the FPS market, a game that changed the FPS landscape and arguably pushed online gaming to the mainstream. So … Read More »

So Rise of Iron is almost 2 weeks old but thanks to long periods of content droughts guardians are already wondering what will be next.  We would like to take some time and look at the hints that have been dropped in Rise of Iron and even previous DLC’s to see where the Destiny storyline will take us next. Rise of Iron introduced to the SIVA plague that the Fallen House of Devils and their splicers harnessed and used to transform themselves into a high tech race of Fallen.  After defeating their leader and cutting off the SIVA source, SIVA … Read More »

You ever played an old game that you thought was too ahead of its time for the technology available? What if we could take previous games and juice them up a little bit? Keep the core gameplay but turn the dial up to 11… Here are some examples of games and the improvements we’d make that we’ve come up with. State of Emergency Riots are fun. At least, they are in games. Lots of independent NPCs interacting with large environments to create chaos. That was the vision for the PS2/Xbox game State of Emergency. Unfortunately, the NPCs were mostly headless … Read More »

If you’ve been a gamer long enough, we’ve all had that dream.  Sitting and playing your favorite game and getting paid to do it.  Who wouldn’t want to get paid a great wage for doing what they love?  I’ve grown up under the mindset of “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”  If you get a job doing something you love – it’ll never feel like work.  We can’t all be so lucky but gamers all over the world have had their eyes opened wide thanks to the growing popularity of eSports.  Thanks … Read More »

Back in October 2009, Gearbox gave the world its vision of a RPG style first person shooter that gave us all an original IP in a style never seen.  Borderlands gave fans of multiple genres a way to spend 1,000’s of hours of our lives in the world of Pandora and it’s millions of weapons and loot.  Borderlands over the next couple years has been followed up with a sequel – as well as a pre-sequel.  With Borderlands: The Pre-sequel being the most recent but also least enjoyed game in the series, fans have been getting eager hoping for Borderlands 3. … Read More »

Welcome back to Xbox One UK’s regular reflection; where we take a look at the list of Xbox 360 titles that became backwards compatible in the last month, and try to point out a couple of highlights. With only 10 releases for the month of August, you’d be forgiven for think there wasn’t anything worth mentioning. You’d be wrong. Allow us to show you the error of your ways. Honourable Mentions Forza Horizon The brother to the original Motorsport series, there’s a case to be made that the Forza Horizon games are more enjoyable. The idea of a car and … Read More »

With Destiny: Rise of Iron less than 3 weeks away, the hype of Bungie’s latest expansions for guardians is almost at its peak.  Other than purchase the DLC, what else do you really need to do to prepare.  Honestly nothing!  You can go into Rise of Iron a clean slate and just play the game.  Some of us however are looking to get as high of a light level as possible since the raid Wrath of the Machine launches just 3 days later and since the initial light level cap is 385 – we all have some work to do to … Read More »

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