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In a tweet this afternoon, Bungie has revealed the latest trailer for the highly anticipated Destiny 2 - this time, the Crucible is the area of focus. The trailer takes the time to highlight the different classes and their abilities, and does a fine job of showing the chaos of the multiplayer element of the game. Eagle-eyed Destiny fans may also notice early in the trailer a rocket launcher being fired that looks rather like the fabled Dubious Volley - a weapon that has been rumoured for a long time. It looks like guardians are finally going to get ... Read More »
Ubisoft have announced that For Honor, a slash em' up all out brawler will be free to play this coming weekend. Released back in February of this year, it could be noted that the title maybe didn't reach the expectations that Ubisoft had set for the new IP. So what better ploy to get new players onboard? The free weekend also comes right before the games third season, which will no doubt entice some to make the full purchase. You can get your hands on the game from Thursday August 10th at 8am (BST) and you have right up until ... Read More »
It only seems like yesterday when we last had a double XP event for Titanfall 2, which recently celebrated the release of the popular Frontier Defense mode. But double XP has made its return already. This time in honour of the new mobile game, Titanfall Assault which releases today. Confirmed via Twitter, the chance to level up quickly will be running throughout this week. Although no end date has been given, we'll presume this will expire on Sunday. This is the perfect chance for all the new pilots to up their stats that have joined the community after Titanfall ... Read More »
The latest deals are now live in the Xbox Store and the list has been confirmed by Major Nelson as to what has got the discount treatment this week. Picks this week go to Late Shift, which we rated extremely highly in our review. The best deals however may be taken by the Xbox 360 with both Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare receiving the sale treatment. Rockstar aren't finished though as classics such as LA Noire, San Andreas and Bully feature among the others in the Spotlight Sale. Check out the full list below: Xbox One Deals CONTENT TITLE CONTENT TYPE ... Read More »
We all know Microsoft likes to change its looks from time-to-time. The Xbox 360 dashboard looked vastly different by the end of its cycle and the Xbox One has certainly changed it's layout over the last few years. And now, that time is approaching once more with the aim of bringing a speedier, sleeker looking design to the dashboard. Major Nelson has posted on his blog this evening that the new Microsoft Fluent Design for Xbox will be rolling out to Xbox Insiders tonight, but only to those that are in the Alpha preview ring. Below are the features that ... Read More »
In a recent blog post by Ubisoft, numbers for active players have been released, reporting that they have over 20 million players registered on the Rainbow Six: Siege network, with over 2.2 million active players each day. Rainbow Six: Siege originally started out with a roster of 20 operators, but now closing in on it's second year, boasts 30 operators. Ubisoft Product Director Nicolas Lefebvre vows to keep this title in gamers hands for much longer: Our community is growing and so is our ambition to make Siege a shooter that is here to stay. The next few weeks are very ... Read More »
To hardened veterans of the Battlefield franchise it came as something of a surprise when Battlefield 1 launched without perks or specialisations. Well finally it looks like they will be getting added to the game. This time the specialisations will work a little bit differently. They will be split into two categories, generic and kit specific. All players will start with three automatically, Flak, Cover and Quick Regen. After that you will have to earn your perks. It looks like you will do this by completing new service assignments. These service assignments will launch with the In the Name of the Tsar ... Read More »
It's time for another weekly round-up of what's new this week. But don't get yourselves too excited, as it's another quiet week with only a single digital release and no retail releases yet again. Tuesday 8th August Sine Mora EX Sine Mora is a side-scrolling shoot'em up that provides a unique challenge, where time is the ultimate factor. Mixing classic shooter sensibilities with contemporary presentation, Sine Mora is a gorgeous shoot'em up offering both a Story Mode that weaves an over-the-top tale and an Arcade Mode that provides deep, satisfying gameplay to challenge fans of the genre. With many ways ... Read More »
It's one action packed week after another for the Xbox One UK Stream Team as we are set to bring you another eight streams over the coming week. Kicking things off on our flagship platform, Twitch, we have the continuing adventures of Tomb Raider Underworld. Which is now part of the back compat line-up. Later in the week you can find out what Tacoma is all about. If you missed this last week, you're in for a treat. The weekend sees the return of two streaming heavyweights for all to join in with Titanfall 2 on Saturday and Overwatch on ... Read More »

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