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What's in store this weekend with Xur in Destiny 2, and where is he located this time? This week, he can be found on Io in the Giants Scar region, inside a cave. Here's what he has to offer for us this weekend: Merciless (Fusion Rifle) - 29 Legendary Shards Lucky Pants (Hunter Class Legs) - 23 Legendary Shards Mask of the Quiet One (Titan Class Helmet) - 23 Legendary Shards Starfire Protocol (Warlock Class Robes) - 23 Legendary Shards For what it's worth, the Merciless rifle is worth getting, especially for those who like beasting through Nightfall's and Strikes ... Read More »
Decembers offerings in the Games with Gold program have been revealed. These games are free for anyone with an Xbox Live Gold Subscription. From 1st-31st of December you will be able to download Warhammer: End Times- Vermintide. Then from December 16th to January 15th you will be able to download Back to the Future: The Game- 30th Anniversary Edition. For the Xbox 360 you will be able to download Child Of Eden from 1st-15th December and Marlow Briggs and the Mask of the Death from 16th-31st December. Both of these games are available to play on your Xbox One ... Read More »
Update: GAME - Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus For those who aren't sure where to look, we've compiled a small list of some of the UK's biggest retailers (both online and physical stores) to help you in your search of the best bargain during the next 24 hours. Some of these deals are already live, whereas others don't start until midnight tonight, and of course if you want to visit your local retailer, you might want to check their opening times. But either way, we suggest you hurry with these deals before stock runs out. Microsoft Store Xbox Design Lab ... Read More »
With players getting even more eager for new experiences in Destiny 2, Bungie is definitely driving the hype train with their weekly streams showing more and more of what players can expect in the first expansion called Curse of Osiris. This most recent livestream showed off Mercury and what players can expect out of end game content. We have already heard of the raid lairs and seen the Lighthouse but here is even more that guardians will be up against on 5 December 2017. First off Mercury is like all the other planets in that it is grand in scope ... Read More »
The Xbox Game Pass programme currently grants its subscribers access to over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 games encompassing classic family favourites such as Banjo-Kazooie to gritty dark post apocalyptic shooters like Metro: Last Light Redux and with this December's update as the list only gets bigger since Microsoft have unveiled they will be adding a few new titles. Subscribers to the Xbox One Game Pass will have already been given access to Epic Games / the Coalition's iconic hit trilogy Gears of War, Gears of War Judgement as well as the trilogy's Xbox One ultimate edition and now as of December you'll be given access to the first entrance ... Read More »
Middle Earth: Shadow of War is the sequel to 2014's Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (you can read our review here) and it has taken what was great about the first game and made it even better. Yesterday Middle Earth: Shadow of War got its first big paid for expansion as well as a whole host of other free additions. The paid for expansion is called the Slaughter Tribe Nemesis expansion and will cost you £11.99 from the Xbox Store. This expansion introduces the Slaughter tribe to Mordor and they are the most brutal band of orcs yet. They bring ... Read More »
After a success with a particular game, sometimes other developers take notes and develop a similar title hoping to reach success with their 'adaptive' title. Take Portal for instance. That changed the puzzle genre, offering unique ways to change up the puzzle dynamic, using physics to its advantage along with a thought-provoking story to go with it. This year saw a game released that has clearly been inspired by Portal, but remains a unique game in its own right - ChromaGun by developer Pixel Maniacs. ChromaGun loosely follows a similar story to Portal - You arrive at an abandoned facility ... Read More »
This generation of console gaming has sparked many free to play titles, specifically many MMO titles such as DC Universe, Warframe and Neverwinter. Recently, Marvel Heroes has closed its servers of its free to play Diablo-like MMO, despite the common formula of paying for extra content should you wish to purchase them. Now comes an epic MMO called Skyforge, where you take on the role of an immortal on your journey to becoming a God, but how does it fair? Now before we get started, the problem with Skyforge is that it gradually introduces the mechanics throughout the first few ... Read More »
It's another week of sales this week as Major Nelson has announced what's on offer this time around. This weeks Deals with Gold sees some big discounts on a couple of AAA titles including 50% Injustice 2 and 40% the month-old Middle Earth: Shadow of War, along with some discounts on indie titles. This weeks Spotlight Sale includes discount on DC Universe memberships, Rocket League DLC and ARK: Survival Evolved, along with its expansions. For now, you can check out this weeks deals below: Xbox One  Content Title Content Type Discount Notes Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden* Xbox One Game ... Read More »

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