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Ubisoft has announced that Ghost War, the PvP mode update for Ghost Recon: Wildlands will be available to play on Xbox One from 21st September until 25th September. You will be able to preload from the 19th, even if you don't own the original, base game. Ghost War will see two groups of players pitted against each other in a four-verses-four team deathmatch across five open maps, (the full version will feature eight). Players will be able to pick a class that sits within one of three distinct categories - Assault, Marksman and Support - which will each have their own ... Read More »
Last month Agents of Mayhem was released and it definitely picked up from where its spiritual predecessor Saints Row left off. With both games been developed by Volition and Deep Silver their is no attempt to hide the fact that they are set in the same universe and that one follows on from the other. You can see what we thought of Agents of Mayhem here. This been said then it should be no surprise that some of the old favourite characters should raise their heads again. When Agents of Mayhem was announced it was also announced that fan favourite ... Read More »
Star Wars Battlefront 2 is set to be released in November so now may well be the time to dust off your blaster and jump back into the first game. If you need anymore incentive than that then EA have one for you. The season pass is currently free from the Xbox Store. This means that you can enjoy all of the content that has been released since the launch of the game for nothing. This offer does have one catch however, you must have an Xbox Live Gold account. But if you wanted to play this game you would ... Read More »
This year has seen the rise of a new genre of games that could be called the battle royale genre. This has mainly been on the PC so far but it is now starting to find its way onto the Xbox One. The latest game to announce that it will be jumping on this bandwagon is Fortnite, the co-op sandbox survival game. (You can read our review of Fortnite here.) Fortnite is currently in Early Access but has already had some updates, this latest one that will add the battle royale mode will arrive on September 26th. The game mode ... Read More »
UK indie developer and publisher VooFoo Studios announced that ‘BATTLE CARS’  - the latest downloadable content pack for its award-nominated top-down racer, Mantis Burn Racing - is now available for download. In case you aren't already familiar,  Mantis Burn Racing is a game that any racing fan should have and was a top indie find of 2016. It's a fun to play, top-down racing game with an extensive career mode,  highly competitive 4-player split-screen races, online modes for up to 8 players and an in-depth RPG-style vehicle upgrade system. You can read our review here. This new DLC  looks to add more great content ... Read More »
Capcom has announced today that their Action-Adventure classic Okami is getting another HD release. Okami HD will also support full 4K when the game releases in December, having previously having a HD release in 2012, whereas the original game first released way back in 2006. For fans of the original, you will be pleased to know that those fun mini-games from the loading screens will make a welcoming return, a feature that was eliminated from the previous HD release. Okami HD is due to release on Xbox One 21st December, just in time for Christmas. Nice. If you would like ... Read More »
Destiny 2 has launched and has, by all accounts, been a massive success. Bungie took its game down for several hours today to complete routine maintenance, and then surprised everyone by tweeting out the information below. Judging from the reactions online, this announcement has come as quite a surprise to everyone as online discussion of the gauntlets had been minimal. The gauntlets in question are a set of legendary Hunter gauntlets called "Road Complex AA1". At the moment, it's not clear whether Bungie plan on changing the design of the gauntlets or removing them from the game entirely - ... Read More »
It's that time of year again, days are getting sorter, the kids are back at school and the demo for this years iteration of the FIFA franchise, FIFA 18 has its demo going live today. There are several features to the emo available. The first is that you can play Kick Off mode with a selection of clubs and stadiums. You will also be able to get a closer look at the The Journey story mode. The clubs included are the following: Manchester United. Manchester City. Real Madrid CF. Atlético de Madrid. Juventus F.C. FC Bayern Munich. Paris Saint-Germain F.C. ... Read More »
The first ever weekly reset for Destiny 2 has happened and with it Milestones have been reset and activities have changed giving you another go at powerful gear to help level up your guardian.  Don't forget that tomorrow at 6pm UK time that the Leviathan raid will launch, as well as Trial of the Nine this Friday at 6pm in the UK as well. Vendors also have new stock including Eververse Trading Company so you can use your dust to purchase new emotes, skins, and vehicles as well. Here is what is available now in Destiny 2: Nightfall: The Inverted Spire ... Read More »

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