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The team at Jackbox Games have been hard at work with their popular collection of games made for parties, using any device that can log on to websites. Over the last few months, they’ve been teasing and slowly revealing the list of games included in the fourth collection, with no surprise – a fan favourite is to be added; Fibbage 3. But now, they’ve finally revealed the release date for The Jackbox Party Pack 4 and it’s not that far off. So gather your friends and set up a party because Jackbox is ready to invade come 20th October. You … Read More »

A much-requested feature for the Microsoft Store, is the ability to gift a game to a friend. Now that dream has come true and is currently available to Alpha Preview Insiders. This bit of news was discovered by a reddit user, which shows Microsoft are listening to our requests and are continuously improving many aspects of the Xbox One dashboard. This gives plenty of hopes for those that are hoping for a shopping cart feature, which has been around for a long time on other platforms. The only downside to this, is that this feature doesn’t take into account any … Read More »

It’s another weekend in Destiny 2 and that can only mean one of two things: Trials of the nine starting and that Xur has chosen another secluded spot amongst the various locations in the game. This time, you’ll find him on IO around the Giant’s Scar area. Here’s what he has to offer this week: Riskrunner (Submachine Gun) — 29 Legendary Shards Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves (Hunter Class Gauntlets) — 23 Legendary Shards Hallowfire Heart (Chest Armor) — 23 Legendary Shards Transversive Steps (Warlock Class Leg Armor) — 23 Legendary Shards Will you be picking up any of these items from Xur … Read More »

Fans have been thrilled that Skyrim has made it’s way to current generation consoles but they are about to get treated to the Special Edition’s Survival Mode.  The mode will be free to download during the first week of launch in the month of October.  Survival pits you against the elements of true survival.  You will have to fight off hunger, fatigue, disease and afflictions to contend with, as well as management of your temperature.  Each region will have different climates as well as obstacles you must overcome to continue surviving.  You will be stuck also carrying a lesser amount than … Read More »

Open world driving has always been a hit.  Racing through the streets in Gran Theft Auto is even a blast and it’s not even a driving game primarily.  The folks at EA are cranking it up even higher now with Need for Speed Payback as it is slated to have the largest open world in the whole franchise.  Yesterday a new trailer was released to show off the 4 key areas you can explore. Check it out below: To better grasp the concept of the layout of Fortune Valley, here is a map to better direct you: Each of the … Read More »

Achievements for the ninja-released title Firefighters: Airport Fire Department have been released. You can view the full list of achievements below. Name Description Gamerscore Water Tanker Complete a mission in one of the water tankers, Florian 3, 4, 5, or 6. 50 Panther Complete a mission in one of the Panther trucks, Florian 9, 10, or 11. 50 Veteran Complete 5 missions. 50 Go Big or Go Home Complete a large-scale mission. 50 False Alarm Complete a mission that turns out to be a false alarm. 50 Marker Mark all holes in the fence in one shift. 50 Fireman Get … Read More »

Behemoth; of Castle Crashers and Battleblock Theatre fame, have released their next update for their game Pit People, which is currently in Game Preview on Xbox. Continuing their support the game, releasing frequent updates, new content and quality of life fixes, Behomoth likes to develop ‘for the fans’. The most notable change in this new update is the rebalancing and new level progression system that’s sure to make things simpler and easier for the regular players and newcomers alike. Below, you can see the full list of updates and changes made to the game in this update titled, Update 5: … Read More »

2-D retro inspired platformer Mystik Belle has had its achievements revealed. Only a couple of the achievements seem obtainable just through progression, where other achievements such as Sleepy Girl and What did I miss?! require multiple playthrough’s to unlock the different endings. None of these achievements are secret and you can check out the full list below. Name Description Gamerscore Sleepy Girl Complete the game with the true ending. 140 Environmentalist Discard all the fluff items. 30 I don’t even! Travel to another world. 40 Taker of things Pick up every item in the game. 100 Kind soul Give the … Read More »

You know what keeps a game feeling fresh and re-playable?  Well Psyonix does as they have just posted the patch notes for the Autumn update to Rocket League.  This is a huge update that will continue to give the millions of Rocket League fans reasons to keep coming back.  Full patch notes are listed below: THE HEADLINES ‘Farmstead’ is now available as a Seasonal Arena in all Playlists ‘Wasteland’ and ‘Starbase ARC’ have been redesigned as Standard Arenas More than 90 FREE new items added as drops and Trade-Ins ‘Accelerator Crate’ has been added Player Banners have been added as … Read More »

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