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E3 2018: Beyond Good And Evil 2

The first trailer of the Ubisoft conference was for the long awaited space opera Beyond Good and Evil 2. The trailer was dramatic and showed us that we will get to meet some new characters and old favourites all over again. This game is not based around one city or one world but one whole solar system. The action looks to be dramatic and moving, as well as been laced with the humour that we have come to expect. One of the most surprising things about this reveal was the announcement that the developer is going to the community for … Read More »

E3 2018: Just Cause 4

The trailer that we were shown for Just cause 4 looks as over the top as you would expect. This new adventure in the franchise sees the return of Rico and the stakes for him have never been higher. The world is filled with hidden secrets and incredible danger. It is also a world of oppression and violence. All of this you must overcome if you are to succeed. Just Cause 4 offers a whole new level of environmental destruction and physics manipulation. The environment is a dynamic one with spontaneous sandstorms and blizzards appearing. There is also a whole … Read More »

E3 2018: Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

It’s the Square Enix E3 conference and they start things off with the highly anticipated Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The opening cut scene is dramatic and shows that the Lara Croft of this game is very young, just starting her career as a tomb raider. The trailer showed us that Lara must become one with the jungle. She must take everything that the jungle can teach her and use it to defeat the wildlife and human enemies alike. In this presentation the gameplay looked slick and the environments detailed. There will be skills for you to unlock by earning … Read More »

Raging Justice – Xbox One Review

The developer MakinGames clearly has a love for what they have made and tries to remains faithful to the games that it pays homage to, but does it do the classics any justice? Raging Justice is a side-scrolling street brawler in the style of classic games such as Streets of Rage and Final Fight. There are three characters to choose from. The first being a tough-as-nails cop Rick Justice – his name screams the 90s. There is the badass ex-military Nikki Rage and swift fifteen year old Ashley King. Alone or with a local co-op partner, you are tasked with cleaning the … Read More »

E3 2018: Wolfenstein Young Blood

The Wolfenstein franchise is one of the oldest in gaming and in recent years in has seen a resurgence. But the Nazi’s aren’t yet beaten and the story rolls on. In Wolfenstein Young Blood BJ has passed on the baton to his twin daughters and the game is set in the 1980’s. Lets hope this time these young ones can beat the Nazi’s once and for all. With the characters been twin sisters this means that Wolfenstein Young Blood can be played in co-op. Wolfenstein Young Blood is set to be released sometime in 2019. Don’t forget to follow us … Read More »

E3 2018: Rage 2

Thanks to Walmart Rage 2 was probably the worst kept secret of this years E3 conferences. Rage 2 was introduced by Andrew WK and his band in bombastic fashion as they blasted out the theme song to the game. Then we got to see an extended trailer that showed us what led this world to its dystopian setting. An asteroid hit earth and 80% of the worlds population was wiped out, this led to a violent and lawless wasteland forming. This wasteland is the setting for your adventure playing as Walker, the last Ranger of the wasteland. There was also … Read More »

E3 2018: Cyberpunk 2077

After an evening packed with exciting new games, Microsoft ended their presentation with something many of us have al been waiting for: our first look at CD Projekt Red‘s sci-fi RPG Cyberpunk 2077. Though only getting a brief look at the game, we did get to see what could be the game’s protagonist, a gruff man with distain for the dystopian city the game will take place, alongside some interesting environmental pieces of storytelling, which point to Cyberpunk potentially being a vast world without a lot to see. After CD Projekt’s success with The Witcher 3, there are high expectations for the scope and scale … Read More »

E3 2018: Gears of War 5

This is a big year for the Gears of War series. Not only will we be seeing two brand new off-shoots of the franchise – Gears Pop, an adorable take of the franchise with Pop vinyl figures, and a tactical version of the game for mobile. The headline, however, was the announcement of Gears of War 5, which will see players play as Kate this time around as she uncovers the mystery of the Locus necklace she discovered at the finale of the last game. In true Gears fashion, the snippets of gameplay we see showed off a horde of gruesome creatures being killed in … Read More »

E3 2018: Battletoads

Retro gamers rejoice, Battletoads are back in a brand new game. Aside from a tongue-in-cheek trailer, the game boasts 3 player c0-0p and full 4K, hand drawn graphics. Are yo ready for battle? Make sure you like our Facebook page, join our Facebook group, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow on Twitter and Twitch for all the latest Xbox One news, reviews and competitions.

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