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Play Every Assassin’s Creed Game On Your Xbox One

Yesterday Microsoft announced that Assassin’s Creed: Liberation was now available to play through the backwards compatibility program. This now means that you can play all of the Assassin’s Creed games that were released on the Xbox 360 on the Xbox One. So far there has been fourteen Assassin’s Creed games released onto an Xbox, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will be the fifteenth. So now you can play all the way through from the start of the saga with the original Assassin’s Creed game that was released in 2007 and conclude your adventure in October with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The full list … Read More »

Shenmue 1 & 2 Releasing August

First announced during the Sega Fes fan event earlier this year, Shenmue I & II collection combines both the Dreamcast classics into one neat little package. The games come with a handful of improvements, such as enhanced graphics, the choice between modern and classic control schemes, an updated user interface, scalable screen resolution, and both English and Japanese voiceovers. The combo pack will launch Xbox One on the 21st of August and will retail for £25. If you would like to stay up to date with all the latest Xbox One news, reviews, competitions and information, make sure you like our Facebook … Read More »

Todd Howard Has Been Talking Fallout 76

The head of Bethesda Todd Howard has been talking all about Fallout 76 recently and we learned a few things that are sure to reassure players that they won’t just end up been frustrated by the game. During an interview with Howard was asked if Fallout 76 will have fast travel and he replied with a one word answer “yes”. This could be very helpful as apparently the world is four times the size of that in Fallout 4 and will have six very distinct regions meaning that there will be a long way for people to travel. As … Read More »

Next Purchase?

Wow! What an epic E3 showcase for Xbox. Our team of machines, sorry writers have been tirelessly working over the E3 period to bring you as much news as possible and cover as many announcements, titles, games and studio information as they could manage without starting a world wide coffee shortage. A round of applause for those unsung heroes of the XboxOne UK team (don’t worry if you clap quietly they can still hear it and appreciate it, or add #XBOUKHi5) The dust has settled, our Wows! Oohs! and Ahhhs! have subsided, we have breathed in, settled our minds, hearts … Read More »

July Games With Gold

It’s already the 2nd of July, (where did the year go?) and that means that this months Games with Gold are already here. Available from July 1st for Xbox One Assault Android Cactus is a classic twin-stick shooter of the hyperactive variety, perfect if you like your coffee as a triple espresso and your music of the Happy Hardcore variety. It will be available for free to Gold members until July 31st Available from July 1st for Xbox 360 Virtua Fighter 5  is the fifth installment of the Virtua Fighter series and was originally released back in 2007! Virtua Fighter 5 … Read More »

Upcoming Games And Their Pre-Order Bonuses

This year see’s the release of a lot of big titles on the Xbox One. With this been said we decided that now was the time to let you know exactly what you will be getting if you pre-order these games like the publishers want you to. Kingdom Hearts 3: The Deluxe Edition comes with a steelbook case, an artbook, and collectible pin featuring Sora with the Kingdom Hearts 3 logo. There is however no extra in-game content. FIFA 19: Five jumbo premium gold packs. The Deluxe Edition will include a steelbook case, artbook, and collectible pin featuring Sora with … Read More »

New Games Coming This Week

There are some unique titles releasing this week with something for everyone to get their teeth into, check them out below.   Red Faction Guerilla: Re-Mars-tered Edition – 3rd July Jump back into the boots of Alec Mason as he assists the Red Faction to overthrow the oppressive Earth Defense Force (EDF) on Mars. It will include graphical upgrades, and support 4K resolutions. What the Box? – 4th July What The Box? is an online multiplayer shooter in which players control living boxes hiding among regular boxes while trying to destroy each other. Run around with your trusty box cutter in hand or stand still … Read More »

Speed Up Your Apocalypse With The State Of Decay 2 Independence Pack

Sometimes the zombie apocalypse can be a bit of a grind. If only there was some way to speed it up a little bit. Well now there is in the form of the State of Decay 2 Independence Pack. This is the first DLC pack for State of Decay 2 and it contains a whole host of goodies including new vehicles, melee weapons, noise makers and some brand new forms of explosives. This been said, of course what most people are most excited about is the three new vehicles. The Pyrohawk is a car that lets you shoot fireworks, the … Read More »

MXGP Pro Review

Sometimes it’s good to get a little dirt on us, even if it is in video games. Motocross is a game where there is more than a little mud and MXGP Pro is sure to show you it in the finest of details. The first thing that hits you when you load up MXGP Pro is the loading time for the initial menu to appear. This is a problem that doesn’t get any better with time. Any time you go to or from a race you will have this wait time inflicted upon you. At times it can take down … Read More »

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Xbox One UK Elgato HD60s Competition

Thanks to our sponsor Elgato Gaming, we have a fantastic HD60s Capture Card which will be won by one lucky Xbox One UK visitor.