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By now we are used to games getting special editions and remastered releases. The latest game to get this treatment is Final Fantasy XV. Square Enix have announced that Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition will be released soon. Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition will be released with all of the downloadable content and also a whole host of brand new features as well. This content and features will include: Expanded Map: Insomnia City Ruins – all-new side quests and enemies such as Cerberus and Omega will be available through the expanded map of the Crown City of Insomnia. Players will ... Read More »
Major Nelson has revealed what's on offer this week through the Xbox Store. The Spotlight Sale focuses on 'artistic adventures' with some great discounts off the likes of Another World, Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty and Limbo - to name a few. Deals with Gold discounts include Grand Theft Auto V, along with various Shark Bundles and L.A. Noire. You can check out the full deals below: Xbox One Content Title Content Type Discount Notes AER – Memories of Old Xbox One Game 33% Spotlight Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition Xbox One Game 80% Spotlight Aritana and the Harpy’s Feather ... Read More »
Here at Xbox One UK, we are pleased to announce that we are reviewing another product from Venom. Last time, we reviewed the Venom Maurauder 7.1 Surround Sound Headset, but this time we bring you the hardware review for the Venom Twin Docking Station for Xbox One. If you're anything like me, and you play on your Xbox regularly, you'll find yourself needing to charge that controller of yours quite often. You may have multiple controllers, because you know, your friends like to come round and give you a beating on FIFA, or your significant other might decide they want ... Read More »
It's the New Year and EA have a little treat for all the Battlefield 1 players of the world. From January 16th and January 22nd there will be a few trials going on for players to sink there teeth into. During this time players will be able to storm the Gallipoli peninsula. This will be included in the Battlefield 1: Turning Tides- Gallipoli trial. But if you are a base game player then this is not all that is in store for you. During this trial period you will also be able to experience the expansions In The Name Of ... Read More »
After having some holiday time, we're back on track bringing you this weeks charts for the week beginning 15th January. Despite Call of Duty: WWII knocking off PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds last week, PUBG has come back with a vengeance and reclaimed the top spot it achieved during the festive period. Surprisingly, Grand Theft Auto V has managed to bump its way back third place whilst FIFA 18 and Star Wars Battlefront II have taken drops in the charts. You can check out the full charts below: LW TW Title Age Rating Publisher 3 1 PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS PEGI 16+ MICROSOFT 1 2 ... Read More »
Let Them Come is a 2-D shooter that is a little different to most games in the genre. Normally in a title like this, you would move through a level and encounter enemies on the way. In Let Them Come, you are stationary and the enemies come to you, hence the name. You play as the last surviving member of the crew of a spaceship that has been overrun by a whole host of alien species. When this happens to you what do you do? You set up a turret and shoot for all your life is worth. There is ... Read More »
As the Battle Royale genre continues to grow on Xbox One, Fortnite continues it's push to be the most dominate with it's newest addition of content and fixes.  Epic is adding in the Cozy Campfire to help heal between firefights. Cozy Campfire It’s cold outside! Gather around the fire with friends and heal up before your next battle. This healing trap must be placed on a floor and persists for 25 seconds. Heals 2 HP per second Blue rarity Can be found anywhere Also along side this is patch 2.1.0 which introduces a bunch of changes and fixes.  Here are ... Read More »
There's nothing worse than when you're enjoying a single player game than getting loads of messages or game and party invites from your friends is there? If only there was some way for you to show them that you don't want to play with them without appearing offline. Well fear not fellow gamers. Soon Microsoft will be launching something that will help you out. There is a feature currently being tested on the Insider Program that gives you a virtual "Do Not Disturb" sign. Soon, hopefully, this will be launching for the rest of us as well. In an official ... Read More »
By some, last year was called the year of the loot boxes. As 2017 progressed the controversy surrounding the inclusion of loot boxes in video games gained momentum and some went as far as to call it gambling and to say that the inclusion of these loot boxes in major video games could promote gambling to children. A report has come out that seems to suggest that Microsoft is looking into overhauling the achievement system on the Xbox One. The report says that Microsoft are testing a system that they are calling "careers". This system will allow players to level ... Read More »

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