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Epic Games have released some patch notes of a new update for Fortnite that brings plenty of quality-of-life adjustments for both the Save the World campaign and Battle Royale mode. You can check out the patch notes below. Battle Royale Gameplay You can now switch between teammates while spectating. Fixed an issue which caused enemy players to instantaneously appear once they emerged from behind an object. This issue occurred frequently if shadows were disabled in the game options. Fixed a bug which allowed players to jump indefinitely. Fixed an issue which caused DBNO (Down, But Not Out) to trigger jump ... Read More »
As launch date draws closer, new information regarding Sonic Forces' surrounding the customisable character, as SEGA releases not one, but two new videos showcasing the new 'Rental Avatars' and a new stage - Space Port. The first video shows gameplay footage of a customised character that looks like a bird of some sort, as the character uses the drill wispon to fend off enemies. The second trailer showcases a battle between Infinite and one of the rental avatars available in the game, but only briefly. What's interesting is that the character starts out as a cat-like character and then ... Read More »
Fans of Codemasters F1 2017 will be pleased to hear that the latest patch has been released. Called v1.9, this latest update has been released following demand by players for the latest liveries, (because who wants to play a realistic racing game with cars that don't look like the real deal?) and also includes an updated Spectator mode and the addition of a Photo mode. Photo mode allows you to capture your best gaming moments and was previously only available on PC. Full patch notes below: New Features New Spectator UI has been added to game. LAN Mode has been ... Read More »
Mass Effect: Andromeda received a lot of criticism when it launched but with the help of several patches most of the issues have been fixed, even the infamous ones involving some rather strange facial animations. This means that now might be the time to give this latest installment in the Mass Effect franchise a go. If you haven't already got your hands on Mass Effect: Andromeda then you may well be pleased to find out that today it was added to the EA Access Vault. This means that if you have a subscription for EA Access you can play the ... Read More »
Star Wars Battlefront 2 has been receiving a lot of negative press recently but it looks like finally there's something positive coming out. Although it seems like even this good news is slightly tainted. It has been noticed that Microsoft are rewarding the top 1000 Players from the Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta. The rewards range from Xbox Live subscriptions to gift cards. There is a leaderboard available for you to check to see if you made the cut. You can check out the leaderboard here. It seems like the leaderboard is made up of a mix of time spent ... Read More »
Achievements for the 'Metroidvania' title The Mummy Demastered have been released. There are a total of 37 achievements, with 19 of them being secret. You can check out the full list below, where the secret achievements are shown further down. Achievements     My Enemy, Myself (5 points) Die and be resurrected again by Ahmanet     Bandage Your Wounds (15 points) Collect a Health Pack     Lock and Load (15 points) Collect a Bandoleer   Not a Tomb, But a Prison (5 points) Collect the Rappel Gear   Prodigium Protection (25 points) Collect the Ring of Wadjet   ... Read More »
Major Nelson has revealed this weeks discounts and whilst some of the titles can be had at a bargain, they are also relatively older titles. But there should at least be something for everyone in this weeks deals. This weeks Deals with Gold includes a couple of discounts on classic board game titles such as Battleship and RISK. A couple of sports titles can be had for over 30% off, but most notably is a half-price discount on The Witcher 3. The Spotlight sale sees the focus on all things Fallout, including over 30% off Fallout 4 and all its ... Read More »
After much testing, Microsoft has now released the Fall update to all owners of a Xbox One console.  The new update is a huge overhaul of the visual interface as well as new features to help navigate and find what's important to you as well as features to prepare for the launch of Xbox One X in the upcoming weeks. The home screen is fully customizable allowing you to add friends, games and any other service you might be interested in.  You will be able to easily see who is online and what they are doing right from the home screen. ... Read More »
Ubisoft have released the achievements to the South park sequel, South Park: The Fractured But Whole. There are a total of 35 achievements, with 14 of them being secret. You can check out the full list of achievements below. Secret achievements are shown at the bottom. Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000227 EndHTML:000012077 StartFragment:000002022 EndFragment:000012029 StartSelection:000002062 EndSelection:000012019 SourceURL: Park: The Fractured But Whole Achievements (Printable)// // // Achievements   Stop, Drop and Roll (15 points) Win a combat by using TimeFart Pause to kill all remaining enemies at once before time resumes   The Token Experience (85 points) Create a Black character and complete ... Read More »

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