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Venom Rechargeable Battery Twin Pack Review

It comes a time in life after you buy an Xbox One you need that super-all important controller charger right? After all, no-one likes having to replace batteries all the time. Over the past few months the market has been flooded with a variety of charging options – some good, some less so. We thought we would put the Venom Rechargeable Battery Twin Pack to the ultimate test. Chargers come in different styles – play n’ charge, docking station for your controller, or traditional battery charger. The Venom Rechargeable Battery Twin Pack are play n’ charge style – you charge them via micro … Read More »

HyperX CloudX Revolver Gears of War Review

HyperX are back with another headset for Xbox One – the HyperX CloudX Revolver Gears of War. Recently we reviewed their CloudX headset and said we was really impressed and wanted to see what they could do next so let’s find out. This Gears of War themed headset was co-designed with Microsoft and The Coalition, and straight away you can certainly tell. The headset features an exclusive Gears of War custom design and looks fantastic from the first moment you see it. It also complements the Xbox One S GoW Special Edition console perfectly, and the Crimson Omen Elite Controller, so if you … Read More »

Astro A40 and MixAmp TR Review

When you think of Astro you think quality, you think expensive, and of course, you get what you pay for in every sense. The wired A40 and wireless A50 headsets have been around in some form for years, and they remain highly regarded for team-based competitive gaming. They’re also very pricey compared to nearly every other gaming headset on the market. The latest version of the Astro A40, the A40 TR + MixAmp Pro TR, is a wired headset with a separate amp/mixer and an RRP of £200 price tag. The Astro A40s are the epitome of quality, comfort, and style. Even … Read More »

Horipad Pro Controller Review

It’s not often that you’ll stumble across third party hardware products that have been officially licensed by Xbox, with the traditional green Xbox One banner emblazoned on the packaging, but the Horipad Pro For Xbox One is one such controller. As such you’d expect that this product would be of the highest quality, and live up to the high quality standards that Microsoft themselves set for their gaming accessories. Unfortunately, first impressions of the Horipad Pro are not exactly stellar ones. The initial unboxing is when the trepidation first sets in. The controller is extremely light; in fact, if you are an Xbox One … Read More »

Logitech G231 Prodigy Headset Review

Headsets have become a vital piece of a gamer’s kit – as anyone who remembers the furore when Microsoft announced they wouldn’t be including a chat headset in the box from day one (they quickly relented) will understand. For many, the flimsy but serviceable Xbox One Chat headset will be all they ever need; useful for both chatting with team mates and shouting at Cortana, it does the job. There are benefits, though, to be gained from stepping a rung or two up the headset ladder, and opting for a stereo gaming headset that delivers both chat and game audio straight to … Read More »

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Pack Review

A few weeks ago Turtle Beach announced the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Pack – a single bundle that contains the Elite Pro Tournament Headset, Tactical Audio Controller and the Tournament Noise Cancelling Microphone. You might already be familiar with the Elite Pro Headset – its journey began way back in 2013 as a performance headset aimed squarely at the eSports scene, where precision audio is key. Although this headset is aimed at professional e-Sports gamers, it’s actually a brilliant headset for any gamer – or at least any gamer who can afford it. If you’re a multi-platform gamer the heft of that price tag … Read More »

LucidSound LS-30 Universal Gaming Headset Review

LucidSound are a brand new company with a mission statement that includes the line ‘providing gamers with the ultimate experience in sound by creating high-end audio products.’ The ultimate experience. Sounds pretty uppity from a new company until you understand the pedigree of the people behind the name. LucidSound founders Chris Von Huben and Aaron Smith have serious audio form. Von Huben founded Tritton, and Smith was that company’s Project Manager and Developer. Tritton, if you are unaware, make some of the best high-end gaming headsets around, used by pro teams and serious streamers the world over. With such a … Read More »

SCUF Infinity1 Controller Review

There’s something fundamentally joyful about picking up a controller and settling down to play a game. We might shout “Xbox On” while we hunt for our Red Dead Redemption disc, but the game only begins when we pick up that controller, and it nestles into our palms. We’re an Xbox website (you may have noticed) but we play across all consoles and PC and, for us, the standard Xbox One controller is just about perfect. But we play a lot of games, and spend a lot of time with a controller in our hands, so we – like many others – have … Read More »

HyperX CloudX™ Pro Gaming Headset Review

When people say HyperX the first thing that comes to mind is their impressive memory or SSD drives. The HyperX CloudX™ Pro Gaming Headset (to give it its full title) is one of the company’s first headset designed for Xbox One. The CloudX carries the “Designed for Xbox” branding so you know it’s licensed and approved by Microsoft, and at £81 it’s certainly an affordable option for most Xbox One owners. The CloudX is designed to partner the Xbox Elite Wireless controller – aesthetically it’s a very good match – and second-gen Xbox One controllers with a 3.5mm stereo headset … Read More »

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