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PDP Official Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 Wired Controller Review

War. What is it good for? Video games, apparently. And when these EA stablemates somewhat controversially went head to head in a crowded autumn release window, they were both winners. Critically, Titanfall 2 has the edge, but it was close. Less close has been the battle for sales, where by all accounts Titanfall 2 took an undeserved beating from Battlefield 1. So this battle of the controllers takes on a little extra frisson – who will win in this rematch? Actually, that’s a bit misleading. Both the PDP Official Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 Wired Controllers are functionally identical – … Read More »

PDP Talon Media Remote Review

Xbox One. The One Xbox for all your entertainment needs. Games, TV, movies, music… this is one box that can do it all – including Ultra-HD Blu-Ray playback at full 4K resolution and HDR. Ooh, look, pretty… Microsoft may have upset much of its audience at launch with a pitch that seemed to place gaming as a secondary feature. Yeah, that was never gonna fly – and the team have done a great job erasing much of the damage that disastrous launch caused. But even the hardcore gamer can’t deny that the Xbox under their TV is pretty darn good … Read More »

Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 PC Headset Review

The unboxing of a new piece of Razer kit is an experience that borders on the religious, for some. The peripheral manufacturer is held in high regard in the PC gaming scene (and, increasingly, console owners, too, though this product is PC only. Check out the Razer Man O’ War 7.1 Wireless Headset for – stereo only – Xbox One compatibility) and the distinctive black kit sporting the green Razer logo is a mark of quality. Every piece of Razer kit ships with a note from the company’s founder, Min-Liang Tan, with the message “Congratulations, there is no turning back.” … Read More »

Xbox One Elite Controller: Gears of War Component Kit Review

The Elite Controller is – in our words – the best video game controller ever offered by a console manufacturer. We awarded this £119.99 accessory a perfect five stars, and we’ve yet to find any controller that beats it – it’s easy to see why on release it sold out faster than a doughnut stand next to Chief Wiggum’s patrol car. With replaceable parts a feature of the Elite – thumbsticks, d-pad and paddles can all be swapped out – we thought there would be a market for aftermarket parts – but actually these have been pretty thin on the ground. PowerA stepped up, … Read More »

LucidSound LS20 Amplified Headset Review

Two hours into my Furi play session, the music is pounding through the LS20 LucidSound Amplified Headset, my eyes fixated on the screen in attempt to conquer the challenges that lie ahead. The headphones have immersed me so much that I fail to notice my mother entering my room to tap me on the shoulder… Looks like I need a new pair of pants to go with this headset. The LS20 is the latest headset to come from the recently formed LucidSound. We’ve reviewed their other product, the LS30, and we were rather fond of it. So hopes were high … Read More »

AData HD650X External Hard Drive Review

It’s thought that the human brain has an infinite capacity for memory. We cannot fill it up. We can forget – memories can be lost to us unless we’ve the right method of recollection – but that’s not because our brain has run out of storage. An Xbox One, on the other hand, very much has finite storage. Enter the HD650X External Hard Drive with its spacious 2 terabytes, compatible for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Except it isn’t 2TB’s worth of storage, it’s “only” 1.8TB. As with most devices the number on the box isn’t what you get in reality due to … Read More »

Turtle Beach Stealth 420X+ Review

Turtle Beach has earned a reputation in the gaming market for great audio performance – they are one of the most trusted brands around, and whatever your budget, there’ll be a Turtle Beach headset to match. Back in July 2015 we were fortunate to take a look at the Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 420X – one of the first fully wireless headsets for Xbox One. We were impressed enough to award it 4.5 stars, and it became the headset of choice for several amongst the Xbox One UK team. A new year brings an upgraded headset in the form of the Turtle Beach Stealth 420X+. But … Read More »

Turtle Beach Stream Mic Review

Turtle Beach have a long and varied history – forming as an audio software company back in 1985, in recent years the company is known for its gaming headsets more than any other product – and rightly so. We awarded their flagship Elite Pro Tournament Pack a coveted five stars. Renowned audio experts that they are, Turtle Beach have diversified their catalogue once again, launching the Turtle Beach Stream Mic – the first product of its kind from the San Diego headquartered company. The Stream Mic is a professional-quality desktop microphone created for gamers livestreaming from their consoles. Livestreaming has … Read More »

Venom Xbox One Twin Docking Station: Camo Edition Review

The time has come and gone thankfully when we had to keep buying new batteries for our controllers – we recently tested one charging solution from Venom – the Venom Rechargeable Battery Twin Pack – which offered charging while you play, thanks to Venom’s rechargeable battery pack and USB cable. The Twin Docking Station takes a different approach. Rather than charging on the fly the Docking Station charges your controllers while you’re not using them. And it does so pretty rapidly, too. Once you’ve inserted the Venom battery pack, which replaces both the batteries and the battery hatch cover on your … Read More »

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