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The Division 1.4 Patch To Bring Back Balance To New York

The Divisions latest Patch has finally been given the green light and a solid release date it is set to be rolled out across the world on October 25th and will be ready to play in the UK at 11:30 am. This means the game world will be down for maintenance and Ubisoft have announced that they estimate that it will take roughly three hours to complete the maintenance required for this massive update. Maintenance will begin in the UK promptly at 8:30 am. With a patch this size Ubisoft decided to kindly break down the patch information into three keys … Read More »

The Division Update 1.4 To Overhaul Core Gameplay

It appears that Ubisoft are doubling down on fixing The Division before they release the DLC, as during a State of the Game address during some scheduled server maintenance revealed Ubisoft’s plans going forward. The main talking point was the changes coming to Update 1.4, which includes better loot drops, making higher level enemies harder to kill, and other “quality of life” changes like weapon skins not taking up inventory slots. The news of higher level enemies going down easier is music to many an agents ears. Some of those guys just refused to die… Ubisoft are also look for … Read More »

The Division DLC 1: Underground Patch Notes

The first of The Division’s expansion packs has been released today. Below are the patch notes for the Underground Expansion, including bug fixes, tweaks and new additions. Lots of items in the list below Underground There is a secret war going on in the uncharted and claustrophobic depths of Manhattan. Root out the threat and earn unique rewards. Explore the Underground of New York in solo play or up to four player co-op. Operations: Experience randomly generated levels with all new environmental hazards and traps. Directives: Add a unique twist to your gameplay experience by changing the rules of engagement … Read More »

Big Changes For The Division’s Weapons

Update 1.3 is due for release next week and with it will be some big weapon balances. Ubisoft have shared the specifics on what’s being changed and why. The developer said an SMG and Marksman Rifle is the most sought-after popular weapon combination in the game right now and this “had led to an unequal spread of weapon usage among players” Within the SMG family, the AUG, Vector, and MP5 are the three most-used weapons. Ubisoft said this is likely because these guns can be acquired through Dark Zone blueprints. Additionally, the AUG and Vector are overall the most powerful … Read More »

Ubisoft Launch The Division Survival DLC Teaser

At E3 Ubisoft showcased their future plans for The Division In the DLC Expansion II: Survival, SHD agents have run out of supplies in the middle of a harsh Manhattan winter and will have to survive as long as possible in a very hostile environment. Watch the Teaser Trailer below and let us know what you think. Don’t forget, you can always like our Facebook Page, join our Facebook Group and follow us on Twitter for all the latest Xbox One news, reviews and competitions!

The Division Daily Reset | 11th June 2016

Need another reason to drop into the plague-ravaged NYC of Ubisoft’s The Division. Well, here’s what’s shaping up in there today… Daily Missions |5 pm|6 pm|7 pm|8 pm|1 am|2 am|3 am|10 am|12 am HARD: General Assembly 10 PxC, Blue Crafting Material HARD: Police Academy 10 PxC, Blue Crafting Material CHALLENGE: WarrenGate Power Plant 20 PxC, Yellow Crafting Material   Daily Assignments |5 pm|6 pm|7 pm|8 pm|1 am|2 am|3 am|10 am|12 am Combat: 3 Elite Enemies Eliminated 10 PxC Crafting: 3 Weapon Conversion Completed 1 D-Tech Dark Zone: 10 LMB Eliminated 7,500 Dz XP   Daily HVT Officer |5 pm|6 pm|7 pm|8 … Read More »

The Division Servers Down For Maintenance

The Division servers are down for maintenance today so they can add the Clear Sky Challenge mode. Ubisoft has brought The Division servers down across all platforms. The scheduled maintenance brings fixes to a couple of issues. The biggest chance, though, is the addition of Challenge Mode for the Clear Sky incursion. This downtime will last approximately three hours, so you should see servers going back up around 12pm CEST / 3am EDT / 12am PDT. Here are the changes: Fixed instances of players being teleported automatically to the Safehouse/Checkpoint in some areas of the DZ06 and an electronic store … Read More »

The Division Daily Reset | 6th June 2016

Looking for the latest updates on The Division? Here’s what you can look forward to today, with The Division’s Daily Reset…   Daily Missions |5 pm|6 pm|7 pm|8 pm|1 am|2 am|3 am|10 am|12 am HARD: Rooftop Comm Relay 10 PxC, Blue Crafting Material HARD: Queen’s Tunnel Camp 10 PxC, Blue Crafting Material CHALLENGE: Russian Consulate 20 PxC, Yellow Crafting Material   Daily Assignments |5 pm|6 pm|7 pm|8 pm|1 am|2 am|3 am|10 am|12 am Combat: 10 Headshot Kills 10 PxC Crafting: 5 Weapon Parts Collected 1 D-Tech Dark Zone: 3 Contaminated Items Exctracted 7,500 Dz XP   Daily HVT Officer |5 … Read More »

Division Expansion Rumoured For 28th June Release

It seems that after the initial updates you either love or hate this game. Like Destiny before it you either love it or you hate it. It still has a massive fan base though and they will be pleased to hear some progress along the lines of DLC. There has been a slight leak from Amazon (which seems to be happening with alarming regularity) of the release date of the first expansion pack for The Division. Here is the leak which first appeared on the German Amazon website. As you can see, the first expansion pack is called Underground; which … Read More »

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