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If you believe the arcade machines of the era, the 1980's consisted of a few things: bad guys, ninjas, neon, and pastel coloured clothes. Ninja Shodown, from Bitmap Bureau makes no effort to dispel this myth, instead embracing it and squeezing it for all its worth. The result is a fast and furious arcade game that's really good fun and that knowingly nods to its audience at every opportunity. Its premise is daft - it knows, and it doesn't care. Right from the title screen, the game makes it clear that it knows exactly what it is - a homage ... Read More »
Developed by UK based Deadbeat Productions (which includes devs from Lionhead and Rockstar) and published by Square Enix, Deadbeat Heroes is a game that sees you beating and smashing your way through the worst elements of London's underworld to defeat a gang of super criminals. The Prime Sinister has defeated all the superheroes, and now he's taking over London with his evil gang of master criminals - and only Captain Justice and his team of Deadbeat Heroes can stand in the way of his despicable plans. The game sees you selecting a mission (and once you've unlocked some more, a hero) and then ... Read More »
With word that we'll soon be expecting to play the original Xbox titles on our Xbox One's, we thought we'd take this opportunity to talk about our top five favourite Xbox titles that we would love to see get the backwards compatibility treatment. We haven't included Fuzion Frenzy or Crimson Skies on our list since we know those games are already confirmed to be making their way over to Xbox One, but they still deserve a mention. Without further ado, let's take a lot at our top five titles we'd like to see. 5. Burnout 3: Takedown The first title ... Read More »
You've been tracking the deer for a little over 40 minutes. You first spotted it at the drinking pool you'd found during a lengthy and somewhat aimless wander, as it calmly lapped at the water's edge. You'd taken careful aim at that point and almost pulled the trigger - but a crack from beneath your boots in the undergrowth had spooked it at the last moment. You'd sworn under your breath and watched as it pranced off into the distance, bouncing in the air and kicking out its back legs elegantly behind it. Taking a moment, you'd weighed your options. ... Read More »
The Coma: Recut is a side scrolling exploration game with horror elements from indie developer Devespresso. The Korean development house have crafted a game that is genuinely unnerving, and at times outright scary. The Coma casts you in the shoes of Youngho, a student at Sehwa High School. He's a normal teenager, dealing with the pressures of adolescent crushes and looming exams. On arrival at school on the morning of his final exams, he's confronted with an ambulance and informed that one of his fellow students attempted suicide the night before, presumably due to the pressures of the Korean education ... Read More »
We gamers know that the end of September and the nights drawing in can mean only one thing - and that's the beginning of the annual Q4 game release schedule! A couple of the first big end-of-year games are launching this coming week, and it's only going to get more and more hectic in the run up to Christmas. Time to raid those savings accounts, guys. Tuesday 26th September Fallout 4 - Game of the Year Edition The Game Of The Year edition of Bethesda Game Studios' RPG epic drops on Tuesday, and includes the base game and all of ... Read More »
We all have them, don’t we? That list of games that we’d love to play through again, but that life and new releases just tend to get in the way of? The ones that you loved first time around for various reasons. Maybe you even still have the Xbox 360 discs kicking around – in spite of the knowledge that you’ll probably never switch your 360 on again as backward compatibility takes more and more ground from under the games on the shelf – and you keep them anyway. Well, I’m just like you. I’ve got loads of games that I’d ... Read More »
Whilst not exactly Xbox related, what we have here are officially licensed Destiny scented candles, so we thought we would share our review on these scents, just for you. There are a total of five candles in the box, each one is supposed to resemble each of the locations and materials gathered from those locations in Destiny; Earth, Moon, Venus, Mars and Dreadnaught. To give them the proper review they deserve, we decided to load up Destiny and review each candle whilst playing in their respective locations to see how well they 'compliment' the corresponding location. Each candle are about ... Read More »
Each week, one of our editors will write an article that they're (somewhat) passionate about, listing their top five favourites for anything to do with Xbox One or gaming on the Xbox One. Want to read our top five headsets? Or even top five gamer chairs? Perhaps you just want to know the top five games to avoid? We'll have them for you on a weekly basis, so there'll be something for everyone...somewhere down the line. This week, to kick things off and to celebrate the release of Destiny 2's first raid and our review, we're going to be giving ... Read More »

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