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Downloadable Content. DLC. Three letters that are likely to strike dread or anger (or both) into the heart of cost-conscious gamers everywhere. At this point in the history of gaming, DLC is ubiquitous. DLC season passes are often sold as part of pre-order bundles, and successful triple-A games that don’t have lengthy DLC pipelines announced at the same time as the main announcement are few and far between. The Season Pass is a marketing tool, incentive, and sometimes a cautionary tale. The early days of DLC were probably the darkest and most cynical. The earliest example of DLC that many ... Read More »
Are you the generous type? Do you like making other people happy? Well, what better way to make someone's day than buying them their favorite game and it would appear you r will be able to do that on Xbox One fairly soon. Responding to a tweet that asked how far we were from getting a gifting feature,  Xbox Vice-President Mike Ybarra said, "Not Far!!" Not far! — Mike Ybarra (@XboxQwik) July 6, 2017 Where this sits in the development path in Microsoft is unclear, however, with over 5000 votes on the Xbox, "request a feature" page, we can be sure ... Read More »
Fans of Gears of War 4 will be pleased to know that the latest update to the game is available from today. With exciting new maps, events and characters there should be something to make everyone happy. Check out the new maps below.                                                                                                                   ... Read More »
Earlier this month, Xbox released a new subscription service in the vein of Netflix called Xbox Game Pass. This allows you to pay a subscription every month to gain access to a catalogue of over 100 Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles. Rather than streaming, you get to download the game in it's entirety, allowing you to play when you want - for as long as that title remains in the catalogue and providing of course, you still have an active subscription. A new month is almost upon us, and as promised, there will be several new games added to ... Read More »
When Phil Spencer announced that Xbox 360 games would be made backward compatible on the Xbox One at E3 in 2015, Xbox fans everywhere rejoiced. The desire to replay some of the older Call of Duty and Gears of War games had been voiced loudly and seemingly everywhere - from the internet to the canteen of my office. Microsoft had listened, and made it possible. From the start, the backwards compatible status of some games was all but assured - games that were still having sequels produced were obvious choices for the programme, as were those published by companies that ... Read More »
As Destiny winds down following the long metamorphosis into its final form ahead of the release of Destiny 2 in September, playing it has put me into a reflective mood. It feels like I’m saying goodbye to an old friend, one with whom I’ve had profound conversations and suffered crippling hangovers – one with whom I’ve debated and argued and occasionally fallen out, but one with whom I’ve always reconciled in the end. Now that friend is going away, and I’m going to miss it. I remember watching the E3 reveal and seeing the name Bungie attached to it and ... Read More »
Independent Developer Saber Interactive has just announced that it's officially licensed 2-on-2 basketball game NBA Playgrounds will be coming to Xbox One on the 9th May. This homage to the much revered NBA Jam lets you take to the court as both current superstars and legends such as Allen Iverson, LeBron James, Steph Curry and Shaquille O'Neal, (here's hoping for the inclusion of a Shaq-Fu shaped Easter Egg!!!). The original Shaq Fu NBA Playgrounds gameplay looks impressive, the Xbox One giving the series a polished feel without taking away from the arcade style and frenzied pace that made the original NBA Jam ... Read More »
It would appear that having looked at their back catalogue with teary-eyed nostalgia, Rockstar has decided to reboot its top-down viewpoint for the latest addition to Grand Theft Auto Online. The Original Tiny Racers brings with it seven new courses and allows for up to four players to compete to be first past the chequered flag. As you would expect from a title set in the GTA universe winning will take more than being quick around the corners. Rockets, bombs and other power-ups will be available to pick up during the race and will be vital in your quest to ... Read More »
In this feature article, we have come up with our list of what we think are the best games to spend your £20 pocket money on and we will be counting down to our favourite, providing you with the most bang for your buck. These are purely Xbox One games and based on prices from the digital Microsoft Store. Before we rustle up our top twenty, we will start off with our honourable mentions; titles we really wanted to have in the list but didn't quite make it for one reason or another. Honourable mentions Jackbox Party We couldn't decide ... Read More »

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