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Xbox Game Pass; December Update Brings In Gears Of War 4 And More

The Xbox Game Pass programme currently grants its subscribers access to over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 games encompassing classic family favourites such as Banjo-Kazooie to gritty dark post apocalyptic shooters like Metro: Last Light Redux and with this December’s update as the list only gets bigger since Microsoft have unveiled they will be adding a few new titles. Subscribers to the Xbox One Game Pass will have already been given access to Epic Games / the Coalition’s iconic hit trilogy Gears of War, Gears of War Judgement as well as the trilogy’s Xbox One ultimate edition and now as of December you’ll be given access to the first entrance … Read More »

Planet Of The Apes: Last Frontier

Planet Of The Apes is a franchise that has already successfully weathered 54 years, starting its franchise as a french novel entitled “La Planète des Singes” or Monkey Planet in it’s UK printing back in 1963 before making the move into being made into the 5 original films that hit cult classic status pretty soon. These were followed then by a television series or two before that terrible 2001 remake with Matt Damon and then the recent successful rebooted trilogy and it seems now that Planet Of The Apes is ready to hit our screens through a different medium than … Read More »

Ark: Fear Evolved Returns This October

Ark: Survival Evolved fans can start preparing for Halloween a day early on Monday the 30th October. Survive the Ark announced in their Community Crunch 108 & Ark Digest 52, that the annual Fear Evolved event would once again return to Ark bringing along with it’s signature longer nights and shorter days as well as the well known underground cave creatures such as bats and spiders temporarily spawning above ground. It hasn’t been confirmed yet if WildCard will follow suit with the previous two Fear Evolved events and revive the hunt for the elusive DodoRex, DodoWyvern or the fear inducing army of … Read More »

Xbox Gifting Begins Rolling Out To Insiders

Xbox Insiders, it was announced today via Mike Ybarra’s, Corporate Vice President of Xbox Program Management at Microsoft, Twitter Feed that Xbox Insiders would gain access to the long anticipated Game Gifting feature. Game gifting has been a highly requested feature from as early as the Xbox One’s original release and now finally Alpha Ring Insiders will have this coveted ability to finally send a copy of their favourite game to their friend, regardless how far away they may live! New features coming, #Xbox Insiders. Game gifting from Store will be available today in Preview, others coming soon. #Xbox — … Read More »

ARK: Survival Evolved Twitch-Con Announcements

Twitch-Con 2017 may be over but Ark: Survival Evolved fans are still revelling in all the exciting announcements made by developer WildCard this weekend. Ark: Survival Evolved has been recently moving towards releasing it’s second story based DLC continuing on the story of Ark for survivors so after you’ve defeated the four bosses, slaughtered and sacrificed through the dreaded ascension cave and defeated that dreaded overboss AI you’ll find yourself ascending into an Ark like no other, a beautiful subterranean nightmare filled with poisonous gas, deadly sun rays, noxious gas, psychedelic mushrooms and even earthquakes, you just know you’re going to … Read More »

Xbox Countdown Daily Deals: 27th December

Major Nelson tweeted this Holiday season’s latest daily countdown deal todays delightful treat tweet came in the form of a rather heavily discounted Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 4 bundle shooting down from £24.99 all the way down to  £12.50 with a hefty 50% discount. The Prototype: Biohazard bundle is also getting infected with the 50% off treatment with the package, containing both the original Prototype as well as it’s sequel Prototype 2, going from £39.99 down to just £20.00. These countdown deals are available to Xbox Live Gold members only and are only available for a limited period and will … Read More »

Titanfall 2: Free Play Weekend.

Titanfall 2 will get the free play weekend treatment this weekend allowing us to dive head first into some mech-piloted multiplayer action and we can get a real taste of what Respawn have developed for us without having to buy the full game first. Those of us who have Xbox live gold will be able to download the game from Friday the 2nd of December so make sure you’ve cleared some space on that hard-drive of yours because the download is roughly going to be a hefty 43Gb. The free weekend will then be available for trailers to play up … Read More »

Steep: Made in the Alps: Tricks

Mountaineering sport sim Steep: Made in the Alps has been making waves through the gaming community with its recent Beta test. Ubisoft describe the game as the first of a brand new breed of open world extreme sports games. In Steep players are no longer forced to simply select a course to attempt, no instead Steep offers players the challenge of forging their own in a open world environment suitable for a plethora of extreme sports from Snowboarding to Wingsuiting with each new pathway forged having the ability to be shared with friends and the larger community. A major part of any … Read More »

Her Majesty’s Spiffing: The Empire Staggers Back.

Tally-ho old boy! Do you enjoy all things quintessentially British? The Queen? A well buttered crumpet? What about a rather thirst quenching cup of delicious Earl or Lady Grey? How about traversing the stars in the name of Queen and country? If any of these tickle your fancy then maybe Billy Goat Entertainments “Her Majesty’s SPIFFING” is a game that you, yes you, should be casting those eyes of yours upon. This fine specimen of a game is the very embodiment of Britishness it truly is what would occur if you put Big Ben, The London Eye and The Queen into a blender and hard pressed … Read More »

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