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Major Nelson tweeted this Holiday season's latest daily countdown deal todays delightful treat tweet came in the form of a rather heavily discounted Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 4 bundle shooting down from £24.99 all the way down to  £12.50 with a hefty 50% discount. The Prototype: Biohazard bundle is also getting infected with the 50% off treatment with the package, containing both the original Prototype as well as it's sequel Prototype 2, going from £39.99 down to just £20.00. These countdown deals are available to Xbox Live Gold members only and are only available for a limited period and will ... Read More »
Titanfall 2 will get the free play weekend treatment this weekend allowing us to dive head first into some mech-piloted multiplayer action and we can get a real taste of what Respawn have developed for us without having to buy the full game first. Those of us who have Xbox live gold will be able to download the game from Friday the 2nd of December so make sure you've cleared some space on that hard-drive of yours because the download is roughly going to be a hefty 43Gb. The free weekend will then be available for trailers to play up ... Read More »
Mountaineering sport sim Steep: Made in the Alps has been making waves through the gaming community with its recent Beta test. Ubisoft describe the game as the first of a brand new breed of open world extreme sports games. In Steep players are no longer forced to simply select a course to attempt, no instead Steep offers players the challenge of forging their own in a open world environment suitable for a plethora of extreme sports from Snowboarding to Wingsuiting with each new pathway forged having the ability to be shared with friends and the larger community. A major part of any ... Read More »
Tally-ho old boy! Do you enjoy all things quintessentially British? The Queen? A well buttered crumpet? What about a rather thirst quenching cup of delicious Earl or Lady Grey? How about traversing the stars in the name of Queen and country? If any of these tickle your fancy then maybe Billy Goat Entertainments "Her Majesty's SPIFFING" is a game that you, yes you, should be casting those eyes of yours upon. This fine specimen of a game is the very embodiment of Britishness it truly is what would occur if you put Big Ben, The London Eye and The Queen into a blender and hard pressed ... Read More »
Tamriel is opening it's gates for Xbox Live Gold members with a free weekend available from Wednesday 23rd November to Sunday 27th November giving you plenty of time to reserve the massive 80Gb space required to download the game. Never, not since the age of Arena, has all Tamriel been quite so open and explorable with players able to walk the entire length and breadth of Tamriel from Orc kingdom of Orsinium all the the way to the Argonian homeland of the Black Marshes. Players can revisit all of the provinces and sights of previous Elder Scrolls games such as Skyrim, Oblivion, Daggerfall and Morrowind ... Read More »
The Xbox One S is the only console on the market today that can play 4K Blu-ray, 4K video streaming and features HDR and Xbox want you to know it in time for their upcoming Black Friday sale. Xbox's YouTube channel uploaded a video yesterday (Wednesday 16th November) showcasing the power of an often overlooked or misunderstood feature of the Xbox One S. That feature is HDR. HDR or High Definition Range is a technique used by cameras, TVs and the Xbox One S to give the audiences the perception of a greater range of colour and light. This results in ... Read More »
UPDATE: After this story was published we checked Watch Dogs 2 post patch and found that Ubisoft did NOT patch out the Vagina in question and confirmed on twitter that Sony has lifted Swizzasaur's ban. Watch Dogs 2 has only been on our shelves and in our disc trays for less than 48 hours and already it's become subject to some major controversy. UK Twitter user Swizzasaur, real name Adam, received his copy earlier than the official UK release date and so had the opportunity to explore the streets of San Francisco before the masses. Upon his travels around the technological wonderland ... Read More »
It's that time of year again, the dead have returned to their slumber and we begin our countdown to that magical night a certain red suited gentleman arrives with his sleigh of seasonal surprises. Of course that's not the only thing we're counting down the days for because if there's one thing every gamer loves more than Christmas, it's cheap games and cheap consoles to play them on. We here in the UK once have to wait until January for the post Christmas sales to nab ourselves a bargain but thankfully we adopted a very special tradition from our cousins across the pond; Black ... Read More »
EA's recent reboot of the Need For Speed series with Need For Speed (2015) for consoles as well as Need For Speed: No Limits for iOS and Android devices is set to continue. Evidence of a trademark was spotted having been submitted on Monday the 7th of November to the European Union Intellectual Property Office for a new Need For Speed game entitled Need For Speed: Arena. We've known that EA and Ghost have been planning a new game for consoles with hopes for a 2017 release since May however at the present moment in time there is no link ... Read More »

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