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Achievement Hunters – NASCAR Heat 2

NASCAR Heat 2 achievements have been revealed and contains no secret achievements. Some nice quick and easy achievements to be had but some will have you grinding for a while such as earning 25 million dollars and winning 200 races. Check out the full list below: Name Description Gamerscore All I Do is Win Win 25 races 15 Best at All the Rest Win a race at every speedway track 30 Challenge Accomplished Complete a challenge 10 Checkered Flag Win a race 5 Endurance Champion Win a full length race 50 Established Competitor Win a race in Career 15 Force to … Read More »

This Weeks Deals With Gold And Spotlight Sale – 12th-18th September

This weeks deals brings you a wide variety of titles to choose from and includes a fairly recent release; Fortnite which sees its first time entering the sale. Regular entrant Grand Theft Auto V makes a reappearance for what seems to be the thousandth time – along with reductions on Shark Cash Cards. The Spotlight shines on Forza and FIFA this week, where the publisher sale welcomes discounts on a variety of Bandai Namco releases such as Dark Souls III and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. You can check out the full list below, which includes Xbox 360 titles or check … Read More »

Achievement Hunters – Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Achievements for Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 have been revealed, which is due to release this week. No secret achievements with this one, but there are over 50 achievements to unlock; some nice easy ones, but the majority look like they’ll take up a chunk of your time. Name Description Gamerscore My Favourite Players Registered a player to My Favourite Players in Master League 10 Final Twist Pulled off a win by scoring in stoppage time 15 Won in Master League Awarded for earning a win in [Master League] 10 Won in UEFA Champions League Awarded for defeating COM in an [UEFA Champions League] 10 … Read More »

Friday The 13th New Map Teaser

After a rocky launch on Xbox One,  Friday the 13th developers Gun Media promised plenty of patches and support but kept silent on the matter, infuriating fans and backers. Over the last month or so, their support came into fruition by fixing matchmaking bugs and providing quality of life changes, even so far as to shortening maps to provide quicker gameplay for players. The developers have recently released a teaser trailer simply titled ‘IV’ – referencing the fourth movie in the franchise. The trailer shows a new map with new weather effects and a glimpse of the Jason from the … Read More »

White Noise 2 Review

If you used to own an Xbox 360, you may remember a section of the Xbox Store aimed at independent developers with low budgets where they could release their games for the price of a cheeseburger. One in particular was Milkstone Studio’s White Noise, which could be had for a couple of quid. Fast forward several years and they have now released the sequel to the cult hit – White Noise 2. White Noise 2 is an asymmetrical horror title in the same vein as the likes of Friday the 13th or Dead by Daylight which pits four players (The … Read More »

The Escapists 2 Review

With the first title originally developed by Filthy Toof Studios, The Escapists 2 sees you taking the role of a prisoner hoping to break out using any method you can think of. Now Team 17 have taken the reigns with its sequel, but is it worth robbing the bank for? The good thing with titles like these, is that you don’t need to familiarise yourself with the prequels with regards to story and such. Yes, there is a loose story in this title, but if you don’t follow it, it’s not going to hinder your experience whilst playing. There are … Read More »

This Weeks New Releases – W/C 4th September 2017

A new week of releases, albeit only a handful this time around, with one in particular anticipated title. For many, this week has been a long time coming, but for others it may just be a standard ‘same old’ week. Either way, check out the releases below. Tuesday 5th September Don’t Knock Twice Don’t Knock Twice is a first-person horror game based on a psychologically terrifying urban legend. To save her estranged daughter, a guilt-ridden mother must uncover the frightening truth behind the urban tale of a vengeful, demonic witch. One knock to wake her from her bed, twice to … Read More »

Destiny 2 First DLC Info Leaked

With the recent live action trailer for Destiny and with just under a week to go until Guardians are reunited in the sequel, there is already reports about a leak hinting at what we will expect to see in the first DLC. Apparently, the first DLC will drop in December titled The Curse of Osiris. The DLC will include a new patrol zone and a new social space, with the story focusing on saving Osiris himself from Vex; whom still remains a mystery, but the lore has heavily mentioned this Warlock. The social space will be the Lighthouse, where die-hard … Read More »

F1 2017 Review

If there’s ever a racing game you can count on to release an iteration year after year, its the F1 titles. Developer Codemasters have created the most accurate F1 title to date with F1 2017, keeping you immersed and in line with the speedy sport. But is this absolutely necessary? This title is filled with modes with so much content, that it takes a few moments to decide where to start. And we’re not talking about the grid line-up here. No, there’s an expansive career mode with what some might call ‘RPG elements’ with skill trees and levelling up. That’s … Read More »

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