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I'm a Dad to my daughter and my dog, a gamer since I was born and a TV nut since I could open my eyes! Like my taste in music, I have a wide variety of genres of games that I play. My preference would have to be RPG though. Gamertag: Stevee

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Achievements for RUGBY 18 have now been released. There aren't any secret achievements but you can check out the full list below. Name Description Gamerscore Community elite Win 25 online matches. 90 We've made it! Be promoted to the most prestigious division during your career. 90 Tested and approved Win 10 matches with a customised team. 90 Nothing ventured, nothing gained Successfully kick a penalty from your own half of the pitch. 90 La crème de la crème Win the Top 14. 45 The elite of the crown Win the Premiership. 30 Member of the community Play 10 online matches. ... Read More »
The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk has had its achievements released; A sequel to The Inner World which was released earlier this year on Xbox One. There are a total of 25 achievements, where 11 of those are secret. You can check out the full list below, and if you continue reading you'll reach the secret achievements.   Achievements   Blabbermouth (100 points) You talked to every possible character in Asposia at least once. And there’s quite a lot of ‘em!   Chapter 1 - Welcome to Woolington (100 points) You completed the first chapter! Thanks to Libretta you ... Read More »
This weeks UK charts sees FIFA 18 remaining at the top, with Forza Motorsport 7 entering in straight at number two, shoving the other exclusive racer Forza Horizon 3 to number three. The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game enters in at the sixth spot too. LW TW Title Age Rating Publisher 1 1 FIFA 18 PEGI 3+ ELECTRONIC ARTS   2 FORZA MOTORSPORT 7 PEGI 3+ MICROSOFT 2 3 FORZA HORIZON 3 PEGI 3+ MICROSOFT 3 4 DESTINY 2 PEGI 16+ ACTIVISION BLIZZARD 4 5 GRAND THEFT AUTO V PEGI 18+ TAKE 2   6 THE LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE VIDEOGAME ... Read More »
With word that we'll soon be expecting to play the original Xbox titles on our Xbox One's, we thought we'd take this opportunity to talk about our top five favourite Xbox titles that we would love to see get the backwards compatibility treatment. We haven't included Fuzion Frenzy or Crimson Skies on our list since we know those games are already confirmed to be making their way over to Xbox One, but they still deserve a mention. Without further ado, let's take a lot at our top five titles we'd like to see. 5. Burnout 3: Takedown The first title ... Read More »
Capcom are hard at work trying to right their wrongs when it comes to Dead Rising 4, that didn't live up to peoples expectations. Their last paid DLC outing with Mini-Golf struck gold and was probably the best part about the whole game. However, this next update will be completely free and promises to be a lot of fun. Capcom Heroes mode allows Frank to sport some cool Capcom outfits, complete with unique attacks and power-ups. The free DLC will be available 5th December, but for now you can check out the crazy trailer below. https://youtu.be/kegCuhMNIXI Will you return to ... Read More »
Developer 10tons have brought us a spin-off to their title Neon Chrome with a game called JYDGE. Yes it's with a 'Y'. In fact, the developer seems to have some obsession with turning most of the words that have the letter 'U' in it and replacing it with a 'Y'. Y? I don't know, but let's see if this title will break the law... Taking huge inspiration from Judge Dredd, which is made obvious considering the title of the game, JYDGE tasks you with controlling a cybernetically-modified 'upholder of the law' known simply as JYDGE. Break in to banks, offices ... Read More »
Developer Bitmap Buereau have released the achievements for their title Ninja Showdown. There are a total of 24 achievements, none of them are secret. You can check out the full list of achievements below. Achievements   MY BODY'S A TEMPLE (15 points) COMPLETE TEMPLE ZONE IN ARCADE MODE   DOJO MOJO (15 points) COMPLETE DOJO ZONE IN ARCADE MODE   STREETS AHEAD (30 points) COMPLETE DOWNTOWN ZONE IN ARCADE MODE   ANCIENT HISTORY (30 points) COMPLETE MUSEUM ZONE IN ARCADE MODE   SECRET BASE ACE (30 points) COMPLETE AREA 88 ZONE IN ARCADE MODE   WAY OF THE EXPLODING BOSS ... Read More »
The Culling will be exiting Game Preview this week and with it comes achievements. And those achievements have been revealed. There are no secret achievements for this title, but you can check out the full list below.  Achievements     Ropes (20 points) Complete the tutorial   Artificial (10 points) Play an offline match   Singularity (50 points) Win an offline match   Mates (10 points) Play an online Team Match   Duet (100 points) Win an online Team Match   Loner (10 points) Play an online Solo Match   Soloist (100 points) Win an online Solo Match   Survivalist ... Read More »
DeeJ, blogger for Destiny 2 has revealed that Iron Banner will be making its triumphant return next week, with a few changes this time around. What’s different? Combat will be between two teams of four players Your fighting abilities, not your power levels, will decide the outcome Bounties and Ranks have been replaced with an Iron Banner Engram How can you compete? Complete the Destiny 2 campaign – the only way to reach the Tower Visit Lord Saladin in the Tower to begin the Iron Banner Quest Fight in the Iron Banner playlist with Quickplay modes and matchmaking What’s in ... Read More »

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