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I'm a Dad to my daughter and my dog, a gamer since I was born and a TV nut since I could open my eyes! Like my taste in music, I have a wide variety of genres of games that I play. My preference would have to be RPG though. Gamertag: Stevee

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Thimbleweed Park is a ‘back-to-roots’ true point and click adventure game developed by Ron Gilbert & Gary Winnick; of Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island fame, now under their new studio: Terrible Toybox. Let’s get one thing clear: This is a game about the mystery of the murder of a pillow salesman. However, there is much more going down in Thimbleweed Park than meets the eye. Full of strange, wacky and humorous characters, the town of Thimbleweed Park have strived upon technology created by the family of the towns owner: Chuck. There’s a haunted hotel - that inhabits the ghost of the ... Read More »
Announced earlier today by the man himself; Major Nelson, these two new games should be live now on Xbox One. Soltrio Solitaire and Army of Two are the first set to be added this week. Last week, we saw releases on Tuesday and Thursday, so maybe this week will be the same? We'll soon find out... You can check Major Nelson's tweet below. https://twitter.com/majornelson/status/846753824500940802 What do you guys think to the next Xbox 360 games to be playable on Xbox One? What are the titles you're waiting for? We would be happy to hear your thoughts and opinions in the ... Read More »
It's that time of the month again. No not that time of the month, but the one where people start asking "What are next months free Games with Gold?". It would seem as though there is a leak, posted over on Xbox Austria's official Facebook page, however, at the time of writing, it appears to have been taken down, adding all the more, to it's credibility. If true, it looks as if it could be one of the best months we've had, if not the best this year. Check it out below: The title that stands out most in that ... Read More »
Kitty Powers' Matchmaker was initially released back in 2014 for mobile devices and PC, but how does it fare now that it's released on Xbox One? The idea is simple: Kitty Powers; a British man in drag, full of innuendos and double entendre, has just hired you to manage her dating agency full of whimsical and bizarre clients. Your goal: Help them find love by helping them overcome certain scenarios on their dates in various restaurants. When you initially start the game, the glamourous Kitty Powers will show you the ropes and guide you through helping your first client. Once ... Read More »
From the developers of Hydro Thunder, comes Riptide GP: Renegade which expands on its Jet-ski racing formula and pushes out a new way of playing with it's futuristic setting. It was first released on iOS and android with excellent water visuals, but how does it fair now that it's released for consoles? There are multiple game modes that certainly keep replayability up including a career mode, challenges, online & split screen multiplayer. In career mode, you start the game as either Impact or Poison; male and female respectively, racing through a short tutorial that teaches you the basics of the game. You soon come to realise ... Read More »
Warner Brothers have released yet another trailer for Injustice 2. This time, showcasing the previously announced Cheetah. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a60nbqT0t_w&feature=youtu.be Cheetah is primarily a Wonder Woman villain and is also a welcoming addition to the roster. The next reveal for the roster should be announced this Thursday 23rd. As soon as we know, be sure to hear about it here. Who are you hoping to see as the next reveal? We would be happy to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments below. If you would like to stay up to date with all the latest Xbox One news, reviews, competitions and information, make sure you ... Read More »
From the creator of Alone in the Dark, comes the experimental title 2Dark, trying to redefine the horror genre. Note: trying. It somehow manages to unintentionally put its own game into a different genre altogether, failing as a horror but succeeding in adventure. You begin the game as Detective Smith in the year 1969, enjoying a nice camping holiday in Gloomywood with his wife and kids, until they decide to go on the hunt for supplies. Smith hears a scream so he scrambles into the woods to find out what has happened, only to discover his wife dead - just blood and bones on the ... Read More »
Capcom have recently announced an upcoming collection of six classic NES games, reworked with tons of goodies. The games include the following: Darkwing Duck TaleSpin DuckTales DuckTales 2 Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers Rescue Rangers 2 All games in the collection will feature full 1080p support, with the ability to tweak the games to your liking in order to reel in your nostalgia - from changing the music between modern and classic or even the graphics. There will also be new modes designed specifically for the remasters which include a Time Attack mode and Boss Rush mode. Also, if you ... Read More »
Rocket league is one of those games that stands out from the crowd for multiple reasons. One in particular, is for its continuous support; always looking for ways to improve upon it and adding new maps and modes - all for free. This month will see the addition of a whole new game mode: Dropshot, right off the heels from its Hot Wheels event. Dropshot will drop with just one map to begin with -titled 'Core 707', with more maps possibly being released for it. Reason being is that it'sin fact played on a hexagonal map, a slight deviation from ... Read More »

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