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I'm a Dad to my daughter and my dog, a gamer since I was born and a TV nut since I could open my eyes! Like my taste in music, I have a wide variety of genres of games that I play. My preference would have to be RPG though. Gamertag: Stevee

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Rockstar are forever holding various events and offering bonuses to players of GTA Online, and this week sees them doubling the dosh and respect you'll receive for taking part in select events. The four modes that count for doubling GTA$ and RP: Juggernaut Resurrection Rockstar Created Stunts Special Vehicle Races You have until Thursday 25th May to rake in that extra cash and RP and whether you prefer racing or gunning down your foes, there's something for all to enjoy and earn. Also, during the event, you can grab yourself 25% off any vehicle within the Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle ... Read More »
Seasons after Fall is French developers Swing Swing Submarine's third title, this time producing a beautiful hand-drawn 2D adventure, but was the effort really worth it? In Seasons after Fall, you take the role of a wild fox that has just been given some mystical powers, and has been randomly chosen to find the four guardians of the seasons and wake them from their slumber. Each guardian you find on your quest will grant you new powers allowing you to manipulate the four seasons to your advantage in order to uncover new paths or access areas that were previously unreachable. ... Read More »
Earlier this year, Microsoft attended GDC 2017 in which they announced its Xbox Live Creators Program, meaning that developers can incorporate Xbox live functionality such as achievements and multiplayer into their already-existing games that are across Windows devices. With that, to make it easier to port across these games to Xbox, Microsoft announced today at Build 2017 that keyboard and mouse support functionality will come to Xbox One. The news that hardcore gamers have been waiting for. Microsoft's senior program manager for games developers Andrew Parsons did say at the conference however, that initially only a handful of mice will ... Read More »
It's no surprise that Blizzard's Arena Shooter Overwatch was given the game of the year award in December last year. With millions of active players across all formats and developers dishing out constant updates to the game to keep things fresh, not to mention its still expensive, even second hand, Blizzard knows how to make great addictive games - just look at their other titles such as Warcraft, Diablo and Hearthstone (still waiting for a console release Blizzard!). According to TrueAchievements, Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition is coming at the end of the month and here's what you get ... Read More »
LucidSound, developers of gaming headsets across all formats have recently announced that its new headset, the LS35X, will support a direct connection to the Xbox One and Project Scorpio; once released, without the need for an external dongle. Basically this headset acts the same way as it would with your Xbox One controller. Just sync it up to your Xbox One and every time you want to use it, just turn it on and you're ready to start blasting out some 'pew pew' through this gorgeous headset. What's more, is that this is compatible with any Windows 10 device including ... Read More »
There are few games that try to do things differently, especially ones that succeed and become smash hits (Rocket League for example), but developers Team Reptile has touted Lethal League as a competitive projectile fighting game, which you can understand where they are coming from, but on the other hand, this plays and feels more like a table tennis/ dodgeball hybrid. In Lethal League, the aim of the game is to strike a ball towards your opponent(s) hoping to hit them before they have a chance to strike back. But with each hit, the speed of the ball increases making ... Read More »
It's about time a title like Jump Stars entered our midst. It's the first of its kind on Xbox One, but certainly not an Xbox first. Some of you may remember the classic original Xbox title Fuzion Frenzy? Or maybe its sequel on the Xbox 360? This is the nearest you will get to it on Xbox One, and this title sure is a blast. Set out in a wacky TV Show style, up to four players control little lovable blockheads jumping, pushing and dropping your way across a series of frantic mini-games to become the TV show champ and ... Read More »
Microsoft are always looking at different ways for you to earn some freebies if you've signed up with their rewards scheme, and this time they've made it easier for you to rack up those points. Starting now, right through to 30th June, you can download and play a variety of free-to-play titles and start earning. In fact, ANY title that is free-to-play from the Xbox store are all effective. Whether you're purchasing new pets in Fallout Shelter or new fighters in Killer Instinct, anything that is a purchasable add-on in any of these free-to-play titles will get you your rewards: ... Read More »
Developer Rain Games' second game World To The West is set in the same universe as their previous game Teslagrad, offering some similar mechanics but experimenting with a whole different perspective, making it more of a 3D action adventure title as opposed to a 2D puzzle platformer. This title doesn't hold your hand, aside from the initial pop ups that display the buttons and what they do, but right from the moment you hit new game on that menu screen, the story kicks in and throws you straight into it, controlling the first of four characters you will play as - ... Read More »

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