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Developer Frictional Games have finally released their game SOMA on Xbox One, so comes with it a new set of achievements which have now been revealed. There are a total of 10 achievements, all of which are secret and can be viewed after the image below. Secret Achievements Answering the Call (55 points) Talked to Catherine Chun   Chasing Catherine (105 points) Discovered Lambda   Stranded (105 points) Crash-landed on peak Delta   The DUNBAT (105 points) Discovered Theta   Plan B (105 points) Failed at acquiring the DUNBAT   Killed the Dream I Dreamed (105 points) Escaped Theta   ... Read More »
Having taken a year out from the series in order to make some fundamental changes, not to mention the release of the movie last year, Ubisoft have brought a new chapter in the historic timey-wimey series with Assassin's Creed Origins, this time going back to where it all started, but how does it compare to previous entrants in the series? This time, the focus is on Bayek of Siwa, the last of the Medjay's; those sworn to protect the Pharaoh of Egypt as he struggles to come to terms with the loss of his son and hell-bent on avenging those ... Read More »
In a world where Mages are feared, a young girl named Zia learns of her mage abilities after an unfortunate event and sets off to discover a safe haven full of mages where she can learn to control her abilities in Mages of Mystralia, developed by Borealys Games. Shortly before arriving at Haven, Zia stumbles upon a spell book, where she learns basic four basic spells: Immedi - instantaneous melee attacks and explosions, Actus - ability to create projectiles and mines, also known as 'conditional duration' spells, Creo - the ability to create spells and adjust the terrain around her, ... Read More »
It's that time of the year where shoppers go crazy fighting over the last toaster or television in hopes of grabbing that bargain, but never fear, as you don't have to leave the comfort of your own home to find the best deals in this Xbox Digital Black Friday sale. These deals span across Xbox 360 and Xbox One and are all live now. Xbox Live Gold subscribers get exclusive access to these deals through to 20th November, with the 21st November being the date where these deals are available to everybody else. For a limited time, you can get ... Read More »
It's the 16th of the month - which means the next batch of free games for Xbox Live Gold Subscribers is available. You can now download the complete season of Tales from the Borderlands and Deadfall Adventures on Xbox One, with the latter being an Xbox 360 title. Nights is no longer available to download however, you still have until the 30th to download Trackmania. Tales from the Borderlands is available through to 15th December, whereas Deadfall Adventures will only be available to download for free until 30th November. So what are you waiting for? Time to grab your freebies. ... Read More »
Developer Ghost Games brings the next title in their arcade racer series in the form of Need for Speed Payback, which provides a cinematic high-octane experience in an open-world Las Vegas-esque city, but does it really feel the need for speed? Immediately as you begin the game, you're thrown into the action and behind the wheel of the three protagonists of the game: Tyler Morgan - one of the best street racers in the city, Sean McAlister - a brit living the American dream and Jessica Miller - the 'runner' of the crew who helps the others get out of ... Read More »
Ubisoft has recently announced that their attack and defend title Rainbow Six Siege will be free to play this weekend for Xbox Live Gold Subscribers. With their imminent release of Operation White Noise, their final chapter for Season 2 before the third season starts early next year, they felt it was fitting to bring us a trailer that incorporates both pieces of news into one. You can check out the trailer here: The free weekend starts today (16th November) and runs through to Sunday 19th November, where you'll also get up to 60% off the game next week, should ... Read More »
What if two classic games from the days of yesteryear were combined to create something new? Imagine if the format and mechanics of Fantastic Dizzy had a baby with the art style of Yoshi's Island/ Story, then you would get Wuppo. I'm not sure if the developers Knuist & Perzik had that intention in mind, but that's what this title reminded me of. You play the role of a Wum; one of the four races living in the land and also the most intelligent of all the races. This particular Wum who lives in the WumHouse - a huge building ... Read More »
It's another week of sales this week as Major Nelson has announced what's on offer this time around. There's some whopping discounts on Deadpool, WRC 5 & Flockers; each having 80% off its original price. Some half price Sonic discounts on Xbox 360 this week from the likes of Sonic Generations and Sonic Unleashed, amongst others. Also, Friday 17th November sees the start of the Black Friday sale, exclusive to Gold Subscribers, where next week will see the sale open to all. We'll be sure to give you a run down as soon as we learn which titles will be ... Read More »

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