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I'm a Dad to my daughter and my dog, a gamer since I was born and a TV nut since I could open my eyes! Like my taste in music, I have a wide variety of genres of games that I play. My preference would have to be RPG though. Gamertag: Stevee

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Achievements have been released for Zen Studios' Pinball FX3, which is released today. Pinball FX3 is free to play, but you can purchase tables for use within the game including licensed tables such as Marvel, Walking Dead & Family Guy. Or alternatively, if you have previously purchased these tables for Pinball FX2, you can import them to play without the need of purchase. There are no secret achievements. You can check out the full list below. Name Description Gamerscore Feel the power Unlock 3 perks on any table! 45 Nine zeros Earn 1,000,000,000 points combined on the tables! 150 Contender ... Read More »
Achievements for the futuristic racer Lightfield, have been released. Lightfield sees you driving along the road, walls, ceilings in a parkour-style racer. This looks set to set off some OCD in fellow hunters, with unusual Gamerscore rewards for accomplishing achievements. Most of the achievements will give you 51 Gamerscore each, where others will give you 114 or 199! There are no secret achievements for this title. You can check out the full list below. Name Description Gamerscore Experienced Flyer Collect enough XP to unlock the second track in the game. 51 Endurance Racer Do 20 consecutive time trial laps. Simple ... Read More »
Hot off the press from the Tokyo Game Show, Code Vein developer Bandai Namco have released a new trailer for the game, showcasing what's on offer for this anime title. Whilst it looks like it has been influenced heavily from Dark Souls, this game looks to be it's own right. You'll get to create your own character and choose from a wide range of voice-overs as you as you set about draining the enemy's life force. But judging by the trailer, it looks much more than just that, especially since it looks to have a killer story. You can see ... Read More »
Good news for fans of Final Fantasy XV. Whilst we are yet to see the next confirmed expansion Episode Ignis, Square Enix have announced their plans for the future of the game. Season pass holders were treated to the beta of it's upcoming multiplayer expansion recently and has just seen the unexpected Assassin's Creed update. But now, it looks as though we're in for a treat throughout next year. There will be more story content that focuses on characters outside of the four friends, increased capacity for hunts, Monsters of the Deep fishing expansion and more. You can check out ... Read More »
Too Kind Studio have brought to life an epic story-driven adventure platformer with a bit of metoridvania thrown in for good measure with their title Pankapu. But beneath the glorious art style, is it just another platformer we've been inundated with? Pankapu started out as an episodic adventure on PC, but now it's released on Xbox One as a fully-fledged title where you play the titular character, created by a great god to help rid the world of it's dark creatures that have manifested and invaded. Uncovering more to this land and the tales it tells will become clear as ... Read More »
Today sees the release of Fortnites's PvP Battle Royale mode go free to all. A clone of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, sees you drop in to a large map from a flying bus, fighting it out to be top dog. It's you against 99 other players, but with a Fortnite spin to it, allowing you to build your own defences against the onslaught of other players. Celebrating the release of going free-to-play, Epic Games have added some new loot, features and quality of life fixes. Most notably, they've added Squads and Duo's into the game mode so you and a partner, or ... Read More »
Here are this weeks deals with gold and spotlight sale, courtesy of Major Nelson. This week also sees another publisher sale, this time, that publisher being Activision. Some Call of Duty titles more than half price including the Xbox 360 titles. Most notably though is the half price discount on Mass Effect: Andromeda, where it can be had for under £20. Is this a sign that it could come to the EA Access vault soon? You can check out the deals below for both Xbox One and Xbox 360: Xbox One 10 Second Ninja X Xbox One Game 70% Pub ... Read More »
Developer Slightly Mad Studios released a sequel last week to their hit car simulation title, Project Cars. With a plethora of track combinations to choose from, countless customisation options and tunings for the cars and a wealth of content, it seems like the developer has kept what made the game great and expanding on that and taking note from the rough edges of the game and changing it up to develop an almost-perfect simulation title and definitely a competitor to the Forza series. Luckily, we had the opportunity to ask some burning questions about Project Cars 2, which you can ... Read More »
A new farming sim title from developer Triangle Studios, Real Farm have just had its achievements released. Most of the achievements seem relatively easy and quickly obtainable barring the Millionaire achievement which no doubt will take a lot of grinding to achieve. There is just one secret achievement available for this title. You can highlight the secret achievement in the full list below to reveal it. Name Description Gamerscore Learn the basics Finish the 'Learning the basics' job. 10 A full horse stable Own 5 vehicles. 25 Nothing without his tools Own 5 attachments. 25 Your very own farm Buy ... Read More »

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